Swagbucks: Home Chef, Signup & Receive $50 (Stack with AmEx)

Update 6/24/21: Back up to $50 now. Stack with Amex Platinum deal. Hat tip to reader ShawntheShawn

Update 2/24/21: Up to $45 now (highest ever) when doing it via Revenue Universe. Stack with $50 off $50 AmEx Offer. Hat tip to reader Matt

Update 1/17/21: Back up to $40 when doing it via Revenue Universe. Stack with $50 off $50 AmEx Offer. Hat tip to reader Matt

Update 1/10/21: At $35 now

Update 1/6/21: Back to $40

Update 1/4/21: Currently down to $20, I’d wait for the $40 bonus to return

Update 12/28/20: Available now on Revenue Universe via Swagbucks for 4,000 and $30 off you first box. Cost for first box with 2 meals for 2 ends up $18 for a $22 moneymaker. Hat tip to reader Matt

Update 11/29/20: Now 5,000 Swagbucks. Hat tip to Sheryl.

Update 11/25/20: Available now on Revenue Universe via Swagbucks for 4,050. Hat tip to reader Matt

Update 10/20/20: Available now on Revenue Universe via Swagbucks for 4,000.

Update 3/24/20: Deal has increased to 5,000 Swagbucks now ($50). Stack with Amex Offer for $10 off $45.  (Hat tip to DDG)

Update 2/19/20: Deal is back. Slightly different this time. You get 3,200 in Swagbucks and $100 off your first 4 orders. There is still an amex offer for $10 back when you spend $45+.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Get 3,000 Swagbucks with your Home Chef order.
  • Get $30 off your first order with promo code MEALS4U.
  • There’s also an Amex Offer deal for $10 off purchases $45 or higher.
  • Some people are also seeing a deal on Bank Amerideals/Chase Offers/other banks for 10% off at Home Chef. That one is a bit easier to do than the Amex deal since you don’t need to hit any $45 threshold.


Here’s how to go about this deal:

  • Choose the amount of people and meals you’d like. Minimum is 2 meals for 2 people which costs $39.80.
  • Get the $30 discount
  • Pay $10 shipping fee
  • Total paid for first week will be $19.80
  • The 3,000 earned Swagbucks will cover more than the $19.80 cost

If you spend $45, you get free shipping. Far as I can tell, the only way to push your total up to $45 is by choosing 3 meals for 2 people, that brings the total up to $59.80, but it does save the $10 shipping, for a final cost of $29.80. (Last time there was some discussion about adding extras to push it over $45.)

The Fine Print

  • Offer ends 1/24.
  • Limited to one offer redemption per household.
  • Members must be mobile verified in order to access the offer.
  • Layering other promo codes will void your ability to earn SB.
  • Use of AdBlocking programs may prevent offer from crediting

Our Verdict

Far as I know, you can cancel after the first week and get the free meals + $10 profit. Certainly a nice time to try out HomeChef if that’s something your interested in. Last time around, the Swagbucks posted instantly, and that seems to be the case this time as well.

There’s also an Amex Offer for $10 off $45. You can leave the subscription going for a second week, if you find the service useful, and trigger the Amex deal.

  • Remember to cancel before the second charge if you don’t want the service to continue. Keep in mind that the second charge hits just two days after the first, so cancel the future orders right away if you don’t want them. You can also pause delivery online before you get around to calling in and cancelling.
  • Bear in mind that some people end up having problems either with the portal tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account for reasons which aren’t clear, so keep the risks in mind.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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Only seeing 2600 here


It is now 5000 SB on Swagbucks. Chuck


As mentioned earlier by Stacy, Home Chef have a 10% military discount but this also includes others. Not sure if that’s new but I found it when I went to cancel (under Account settings>Payment Information):

Are you Military, a First Responder, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Hospital Employee, or a Teacher?
Verify with ID.me to receive a 10% discount on future orders.


I’m having issues with the shipping. I’m well over the $45 minimum and it still wants to charge me a $8 shipping fee…anyone seeing this as well?


Just did this on mypoints revu, can you repeat immediately on swagbucks revu?


If the website let’s you and doesn’t say this request cannot be completed. I think it’s usually like a 2 to 3 month delay before you can do it on another site


Chuck Free wine deal through Revu Swagbucks. Bright Cellars offering 3864SB. Total for one order comes out to $38 (4 bottles total: $30 + $8 shipping). Points posted in 2-3 hours. You can later cancel your subscription.

Technically a tiny MM but mainly if anyone is interested in free wine.

William Charles



9 hours after completing the offer, still no SwagBucks posted or pending. Submitted a ticket. Possible these won’t actually post until I am charged (Friday the 26th), even though offer says 5 minutes?


did it end up showing up? and has your CC payment gone through?


Chuck Sunbasket offer on RevU. Lowest plan I could make was for $27.96 (2 Fresh Meals for 2 people). 3858SB credited within 5 minutes so approximately a $10MM and free food.

This can also be stacked with Chase 10% offer which showed up on both my Freedom Unlimited and Freedom.


Thank you. Just did what you said. My chase also have 10% back on sun basket. Did both offer and SB awarded within 5 minutes. Very nice free 4 meals + MM (probably about $39)
Love that Sun Basket do have prepared meal, very convenience.

John W
John W

$4,500 swagbucks credited instantly.


Did not track for me. I submitted a ticket.


Swagbucks closed my ticket because it hadn’t been 24 hours. I submitted another one after 24 hours and got no response. I went ahead and cancelled my order.