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Published on March 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


Swagbucks: Munchery $8-9 Money Maker & Free Meal

Update: Being automatically added for some again.

Update: Sadly the promo code is no longer working, so marking this as expired.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Swagbucks is offering 2,000 Swagbucks (worth $20) when you sign up to Munchery. Promo code TASTY50 should be automatically added giving you 50% off. With delivery and taxes it should come to $11-$12. This should make it a $8-$9 money maker plus your meal from Munchery as well.

The Fine Print

  • Offer not available in all areas.
  • Please allow up to 32 days for SB to award.
  • Offer may only be redeemed (1) one time per user. Offer is only valid for new customers.
  • SB will be revoked if order is invalidated or cancelled prior to shipment.
  • Purchases using gift cards are not eligible for SB.
  • Offer not valid in combination with any other promotional codes, coupons, offers, or discounts

Our Verdict

Obviously there is some risk involved if Swagbucks doesn’t track correctly or there is other issues. I personally usually don’t have issues with this, but I know others do so YMMV. If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

Hat tip to reader Prateek A

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I’m not getting the TASTY50 automatically and when I try to add it, it says it’s invalid. I’m also seeing a final price of $31.95 with the automatically applied promo code.

Same here.

I get the exact same thing.

I didn’t get TASTY50 to apply either, but I ordered a side which came to only $11.62 with delivery. Got an email from Swagbucks shortly after delivery that my 2000 SB were pending and I see on the Swagbucks website they should be credited 7 days after the order was placed. For what it’s worth, the mashed potatoes I ordered were really good and the portion was very generous, even for a side. Delivery driver will even text you when he or she is on their way.

If you can’t get TASTY50 to work you could try my referral for $20 off

Doc. Amazon is getting restricted on JetBlue portal

I got “Bummer, we don’t serve you yet. We’ll email you as soon as we do!”. Too bad, I really like the free money deals that involve trying products I may have interest in but otherwise may not try.

do we have to order a main dish? can it be a side or dessert? there’s also a drink for $1.99, would that qualify? thanks.

did you try ordering a side?

Beware Swagbucks is shady. They reversed swagbucks for the offer when a promo code was used even though their terms did not exclude using a promo code. I am still dealing with getting swagbucks credited back and plan to do a chargeback if they don’t credit them back.

How are you planning on doing a chargeback against if a third party site (swagbucks) didn’t honor their deal supposedly?

It is a joint partnership between and swagbucks. They both are responsible to some degree. I will say the items sent were not as described and they refused to refund.

I’m still seeing the TASTY50 automatically added –

I did it but didn’t see an points on SwagBucks. Did anyone get it to show up or should I just wait the 32 days? Thanks!

Bummer, we don’t serve you yet. We’ll email you as soon as we do!

lol they still got my email :/ why couldnt they just tell me upfront when I entered my zip. kinda shady, but reviews seem decent so do wanna try it out in the future sometime.

able to add code manually but did anyone try just ordering a side? terms in swagbucks dont state a minimum order

It wouldn’t show me anything other than ‘weekly prepared menu’

The TASTY50 promo code works when applied manually, but the swagbucks offer says “Offer not valid in combination with any other promotional codes, coupons, offers, or discounts.” If they’re really strict about it, I could either spend ~12 dollars for a meal (not worth it) or spend ~20 dollars and then it’s a free-ish meal.

The SB offer is way too vague. There’s no actual minimum spend requirement and it seems to imply that they want you to do the membership plan, not the a la carte menu.

Does anyone have further insight? Cause otherwise this is too uncertain for me, too bad.

Does the service need to be cancelled to avoid further fees? Thanks

My referral link will offer a $20 credit into your account as well as mine after you place your first order — thanks!!

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