Posted by Chuck on June 12, 2018
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Published on June 12th, 2018 | by Chuck


Target Kills Redbird for Good

Those of us who’ve been around this hobby for a while remember the REDbird days when it was possible to load your American Express prepaid product directly with a credit card at any Target store. They stopped allowing credit card loads in October 2015. 

Target REDcard, a.k.a. REDbird, just sent out an email telling users that the card will be discontinued on August 13th. You can billpay out or withdraw all funds, or you can wait until it’s closed and they’ll mail you a check. Image below.

Not clear if this is related to Incomm buying out Amex prepaid and gift card business or it’s an unrelated business decision from Target. As far as we know, the Serve line is still intact, and the Bluebird/Walmart partnership remains as well.

Serve and Bluebird can still be loaded at Walmart with some prepaid debit/gift cards while Target stopped allowing debit card entirely way back. The only usefulness of REDcard prepaid that I’m aware of was to get 5% off at Target. You can apply for a REDcard debit or credit card instead and get that 5% discount.

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Those were the days!

I coincidently loaded my card for $50 on that sad day, not knowing it was the last day. Such a bummer!

The good ol’ days! Can’t believe it’s been 3 years. It was so much nicer loading at Target than Walmart. It was like going to the Park Hyatt vs. a Motel 6.


So true!

Chex Party Mix

What a time that was. I had 5 Redbirds overlapping with the uncapped 5% Wells card. Would often take my 2 year old (who loved Target) with me on a Target run before visiting a park. I would ask her where should we go? She would say “Feed the Bird!” Good times, those. MS is still worth it, but doubt it will ever be this profitable again.

lol that’s cute

Hehe, Kids are so easy to entertain.

Those were some very good days. I miss this card, and it’s predecessor – American Express for Target. That one I loved reloading with Target GiftCards bought at the grocery store, which earned higher cash back and earned fuel reward points. I sure miss getting $1 off every gallon of gas.

Can one individual get both Bluebird and Serve under his/her name or one can hold only one product brand?


oh man I remember those ol’ good days when a couple of trips to target were enough to get one night at a hyatt worth of points, racked so many hyatt and spg points.

I like Cardinals better.

They did not stop “allowing credit card loads in October 2015.” They stopped debit loads then, they stopped credit card loads earlier that year, April I think. Just FYI Lol.

Any idea whether they would allow a product change to Serve or Bluebird?

I have been paying my mortgage with the prepaid redcard by reloading it with my PayPal debit card, and basically getting 1% cashback from paying my mortgage 🙂 That is too bad…. gonna miss the hundreds of $$ of free cash back every year! RIP Redbird!

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