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Published on September 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired][Targeted] 10,000 Membership Rewards Points For Enrolling In Pay Over Time (& How To Get Targeted)

This deal has expired, never miss another deal by signing up for notifications.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • American Express are currently offering selected charge cardholders 10,000 points when they enroll Extended Payment Option

The Fine Print

  • Email subject line is ‘You Qualify for a Flexible Payment Option’
  • Valid until October 28th, 2017
  • Offer code is unknown, please let us know what it is in the comments

How To Get Targeted

  1. Check your e-mails for the offer
  2. Check the American Express offers section for the offer
  3. Call 1-866-280-4438 and mention the offer code CGRV:0008. If you enroll this way, get confirmation and also a reference number for the call. Make sure you actually get the 10,000 bonus points as well
  4. Try using the direct link
  5. Read more about getting targeted here

Our Verdict

If you have any questions about Pay Over Time (e.g hard/soft pull) I’d recommend reading through our F.A.Q on the topic found here. You don’t actually need to use the pay over time feature to get the 10,000 bonus points, you must simply enroll in it.


Hat tip to readers @DetailMyLife/@wgzavala

29 Responses to [Expired][Targeted] 10,000 Membership Rewards Points For Enrolling In Pay Over Time (& How To Get Targeted)

  1. Mendel says:

    Are all Amex cards considered charge cards?

  2. Frito Pendejo says:

    I remember some comments before about how using the “see if you are targeted” link could somehow get you put on the “opt out only” list for that card for Pay Over Time instead of having a chance at a 10k offer. Is there any truth to this? I recall getting a letter once for one amex charge saying I’d be enrolled unless I opted out, and if I opted out I couldn’t get it again later or something. I posted on /r/churning about it and this was the response I got – that it is somehow related to following these links.

    I’d hate to risk throwing away $125 if that is the case.

  3. tom says:

    i have already into it through my PRG, is this in a customer level or a credit card level? I have gold, ameriprise gold, green as well. Would like to know, thanks!

  4. Phil says:

    The direct link does not work.

  5. Jake says:

    I submitted an offer I have on 2 personal cards for 20k MR with $200+ spend on some website called Intermedia but either the web submission and Will’s email don’t work or they didn’t care to share it. Expires 9/25 and I figured someone might be interested since that is sign-up-bonus level for very low spend and if you need any businessy cloud services it would be a no-brainer. Odd though that it is on personal cards rather than business cards.

    • Aaron says:

      Jake, I took advantage of this offer, too. I signed up in August, and I canceled my service before the end of August using the instructions in their help article.

      Intermedia did not charge my Amex until September, billing me the pro-rated amount for August (which I expected) along with an invoice for all of September (which should not have happened, as I canceled – and screenshotted the cancellation confirmation message).

      I emailed their customer support, but I’m still awaiting a response. Just be aware that this could be a problem for you, too.

    • Thanks, Jake. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t gotten caught up yet.

  6. Prem says:

    DIRECT LINK IS NOT WORKING, please recheck

  7. Eric says:

    Link is showing up as “Internal Server Error”

  8. Credit says:

    When Amex increases the bonus on their platinum to 100k, does it increase our for the Schwab platinum as well at the same time?

  9. Fiby says:

    As noted above, I get an internal server error with the link provided

  10. Thomas says:

    No email for me yet so I called and gave them the offer code. Rep claimed it was a legitimate offer but the “infrastructure” required to apply the offer was not available yet and said to call back in 24-48 hrs.

    • Chicagoan33 says:

      +1 they told me the same thing, because the main office in FL that processes this offer is closed due to the hurricane and to try calling back Monday. I did confirm with her my card was eligible 🙂 Thanks again Doc!

      • Chicagoan33 says:

        They told me just now to call back on Wed, they’re still unable to process over the phone due to the hurricane in FL.

        • Chicagoan33 says:

          Still unable to process over the phone (FL HQ has no electricity) so was routed to sounds like Phillipines call center. Guess I’ll try next week.

          • Chicagoan33 says:

            Looks like call is still being transferred to Philippines. They said it will be a week before the offer codes are uploaded on their end.

  11. 64bit says:

    Finally got this message after never being targetted for it.

    Name, You’ve Been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option

    As a valued American Express® Charge Card Member, you deserve choices when it comes to paying your bill each month. We’d like to invite you to enroll in the Extended Payment Option1, a feature that gives you the flexibility to carry a balance with interest or pay in full each month.

    And, if you are approved, you could get 10,000 Membership Rewards® points.2

  12. Ender says:

    500 Internal server error

    Am I the only one getting this?

  13. Andrey says:

    AMEX enrolled me in Pay Over Time without asking for my permission or offering a bonus. Just received a regular mail the other day saying congratulations you have been enrolled. Is it something they are allowed to do?

  14. savemesf says:

    I got the offer in snail mail today!

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