Posted by William Charles on June 14, 2018

Published on June 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Targeted] 10,000 Membership Rewards Points For Enrolling In Pay Over Time [Link Now Available]

Physical mailers have now been sent out and they include the following link: You should be able to use this link to see if you’re eligible, if it doesn’t mention the 10,000 points then you won’t be eligible. Hat tip to Lazy_Gremlin

The Offer

Links seem to be unique this time, check your regular mail & e-mail to see if you’ve been targeted (share any subject lines of e-mails in the comments below)

  • American Express are currently offering selected charge cardholders 10,000 points when they enroll Extended Payment Option

The Fine Print

  • Email subject line is ‘You Qualify for a Flexible Payment Option’. People also being targeted via snail mail.

Our Verdict

Previous times this has been offered there has been generic direct links that worked for people even if they weren’t targeted, readers are telling me that the links are unique this time so I guess this won’t work.  If you have any questions about Pay Over Time (e.g hard/soft pull) I’d recommend reading through our F.A.Q on the topic found here. You don’t actually need to use the pay over time feature to get the 10,000 bonus points, you must simply enroll in it. The short of it is that it’s definitely worth doing if you’re targeted, just don’t actually use the feature and pay all of your credit card bills in full and on time.

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I have that offer email, but it doesn’t mention the 10k points. Should I still enroll? I don’t have the offer for my business gold, only the personal platinum.

You can always enroll in the program on your charge cards. But unless you have an offer for points, I would not do it.

Same thing here. Targeted email, but no points offered.

me too.

Finally targeted for this horseshit and then when I click the link in the email it says “sorry not available at this time.”


What I noticed is that while the page is still loading, it does actually show your card, where you can select and enroll it. However, when the page fully loads, that “sorry” message pops up. I was able to stop the page from loading completely while my card was shown and enrolled it that way.

All because I hate speaking to CSRs 🙂

Got the offer on PRG, and my AF is due in a week. Was planning on cancelling.
Fine print says 8-12 weeks to post. Do we know if I enroll and then cancel card, whether miles will post? (I ask because I actually already closed it four days ago, and I might ask if they can re-open, but won’t bother if there’s no point.)

It posted pretty quickly when I did this a couple years ago. In general I find these things to be days rather than weeks, but the TOS is careful

You can always cancel in 30 days or so since you have into that time after fee posts to cancel and still get a refund.

I was targeted for this via email, but my personalized link has been giving me a “this page is temporarily unavailable” error for the last 12 hours or so. Anyone else having this issue?
My guess is that switching to this new system of personalized instead of generic signup links is still glitchy or not yet fully activated. If it’s not working by tomorrow I‘ll try signing up via chat with my offer code and post an update.

Yep, I’ve been having the same problem

All of my charge cards were automatically enrolled in Pay Over Time… Lame.

You can chat to get un-enrolled but they claim you can never enroll again in the future. Have never received any offers like this to suggest otherwise.

I re-enrolled a couple weeks ago. Chat told me the same thing.

This isn’t directly related to this offer, but I recently called front-line customer service to try and get transferred to retention since I don’t like drawing attention to myself by calling directly. While she refused to transfer me or even acknowledge retention bonuses exist, she did offer me the 10k MR for this deal. I have never received a targeted offer for this via snail or email, so if you’re not targeted that may be a route.

Seems like the front-line CSRs may have the ability to offer it.

Oh, and then I called retention the next day and still got a retention offer.

I got this offer for two of my Amex cards sometime in the past 6 months; PRG and Green (green is now closed). Unfortunately, I never used the pay over time offer after signing up and never got the points for it.

Got an email today and it says they enrolled my PRG automatically to Pay over time feature and there is no mention of 10000 points.. Is there anything i could have done to avoid the automatic enrollment?

That sucks, but there are sporadic reports of that happening. Don’t think there’s anything you could have done to stop it. You could un-enroll and then sign up again if you get a 10k offer. The 10k may or may not post though.

FYI – Took me a bit to find the link, as it did not show up as a hyperlink.

Tried to get the 10k again after I got it at 5 months ago, no go. I un-enrolled my Pay Over Time a couple months after enrolling when I saw a dp on Reddit by someone un-enrolling and re-enrolling and getting 10k multiple times, guess RAT saw it too because while they sent me a mailer and allowed me to re-enroll it’s been a couple weeks and I have not seen the additional 10k MR.

How to un-enroll it? Thanks!


Got this offer in the mail yesterday for my Plat, but my mailer has a slightly different web address. Instead of ending in “46”, mine ends in “47”. Doesn’t look like it’s live yet as the website says they are “unable to process at this time.” Will try to call in instead.

i just got an email saying “congrulations, sunny! you’ve been selected to enroll in flexible payment option” but i don’t see it on the email about the 10K points

Anyone know how long these actually take to post? Bonuses usually post after a couple days, as do Amex Offers with MR, but these seem to not. My annual fee just hit, don’t want to renew the card but want the points.

I’m in the same boat. Seems like the pay over time 10k bonus stop posting with couples day after spring. Still waiting on my. I sign up on july 3rd.

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