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Steakhouse (@guest_1856357)
June 6, 2024 01:55

Same here, got the targeted email again. Last time forgot about it. This time I opened an account and will see.

Limited Time Offer: Earn a $350 bonus with American Express Savings.
After you deposit $25,000 or more into a new American Express High Yield Savings Account.

Offer available to email recipients who don’t have an existing American Express Savings account. Funds must be deposited by July 5, 2024 and held through September 3, 2024.

69Lover (@guest_1858146)
June 10, 2024 17:14

Received the same targeted email on June 5th. I’m going to go for it.

 $25,000 for 60 days for $350, not bad.

vic torr
vic torr (@guest_1855070)
June 4, 2024 23:49

Got targeted today for $350, $25k held 7/5 to 9/3.
Echo a question raised here in 2022 but no one answered: “Was anyone targeted for this who had gotten a bonus in a previous cycle and closed the account?”

pprogram (@guest_1850017)
May 25, 2024 09:33

$300 bonus received 5/24 bonus period 3/9-5/7
looks like 2 weeks after the end if the period

Luke (@guest_1846663)
May 18, 2024 13:15

Has anyone received the bonus yet? I received the targeted email and deposited 25k+ on 2-9-2024 and have yet to see anything on it.

ry (@guest_1848547)
May 22, 2024 20:31


Pablo (@guest_1844437)
May 13, 2024 23:55

Did anyone withdraw their money soon after reaching the stated end date for the promo?

Mike (@guest_1845038)
May 15, 2024 09:48

I withdrew on 5/14 (initiated 5/13 through Laurel Road, for that bonus). For the AmEx Checking bonus I did last year, I remember it was paid out within about 2 weeks. Hoping for the same here!

Mike (@guest_1850401)
May 26, 2024 09:17

Just noticed this morning (5/26) the $300 posted. Says 5/24 but I’ve definitely been checking each day. Either way, happy that it paid out fairly quickly!

Lakers (@guest_1807273)
March 3, 2024 20:40

3/3/24 Instant approval with Chex frozen. Currently have numerous accts.

Lakers (@guest_1853291)
May 31, 2024 22:39

5/24/24 $300 bonus

Pablo (@guest_1805711)
February 29, 2024 17:38

Has anyone been successful in doing a wire transfer to the Amex savings account? Tried to do it with my Wells Fargo but failed

H (@guest_1799270)
February 17, 2024 20:12

its an offer aimed at people who don’t understand interest rates, but do respond to dollar signs.

Mike (@guest_1803122)
February 26, 2024 10:04

What do you mean by that? Their current APY of 4.35% is obviously not the highest you can get, but it’s on par with the other bigger-named HYSAs (Ally, Marcus, CapOne, Discover, etc.). The graphic shown in this post with the 1.75% APY (& really all of the info) is from a previous offer, when that was around the average going rate for a HYSA.

And see this comment for the APY over the holding period for this offer. ~11.5% APY for those 2 months (assuming the 4.35% is consistent till May 8), then you can move your money back to your 5+% account.

Kevin (@guest_1796660)
February 12, 2024 10:25

Just opened was targeted via email. No confirmation of promo, no promo code, no tracking that I can see. I screenshot everything so 🤞. Also amex has no plaid connectivity so everything has to be done the old fashioned way.

Anyone know when wells Fargo transfer limits reset I can do $15k standard on March 1 (I’m doing Wf bonus) how quickly can I get another transfer? Days hopefully I have to the 8th to get $25k in the account.

Luke (@guest_1798444)
February 15, 2024 22:06

Same also targeted and I opened and transfer 25k that posted on 2-9-2024. I’m not a huge fan of there being no tracker/promo code/email following funding of requirements. I’ll just leave the money in there until 5-8, hopefully a email will come eventually letting know it’s tracking.

Kevin (@guest_1798634)
February 16, 2024 10:53

I did the checking account they did verify via email that bonus was deposited. Amex does take takes out of did for me anyway for the checking account bonus.

DS (@guest_1796227)
February 11, 2024 00:34

A general comment on AMEX bonuses. I did the one in 2023 for 60,000 MR points on a business account, and I received a $600 1099-INT (I think, possibly MISC).