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Published on December 5th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] [YMMV] Amex Platinum Cardholders: Get 10,000 Bonus Points with 10 Purchases of Any Amount

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

The Offer

Direct Link (login required, offer is targeted)

Some Amex Platinum cardholders are getting a fantastic spend offer:

  • Make 10 purchases of any amount and get 10,000 Membership Rewards points

The Fine Print

  • Enroll by 12/31/17 and earn 10,000 Membership Rewards®points after you make 10 or more separate purchases on your Platinum Card® starting from the date you complete enrollment until 1/31/18
  • Points will be credited to your account 8-12 weeks after you make your 10th purchase
  • Eligible purchases can be made by the Basic Card Member and any Additional Card Member on a single Card account
  • A transaction where you buy multiple items counts as one purchase
  • Purchases may fall outside of the purchase period (and therefore not be eligible) in some cases, such as a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us or if the purchase date differs from the date you made the transaction. (For example, if you buy goods online, the purchase date may be the date the goods are shipped.)
  • Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, purchases of traveler’s checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, purchases of gift cards; person-to-person payments, or purchases of any cash equivalents
  • Additional Card Members on your account may not enroll in this offer
  • To receive points, your Card account must not be cancelled or past due at the time of fulfillment
  • American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time

Our Verdict

Wow, this almost rivals the 10k Pay-Over-Time bonus. It’s obviously a no-brainer for anyone who got the offer, though it’s targeted to a lucky few. Let us know if you had success without having received the email. Might be targeted based on upcoming annual fee or some other criteria.

As per the comments, even those who did not get the email might be eligible. Check yours!

Hat tip to D.

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Another offer that’s… NOT YOURS!

I got digitally slapped in the face. Haha

Thanks DoC, I am eligible:-)

Nothing for both Platinum’s in my household. Bummer, this one seems easy.

Got the offer. Annual fee not until July

Wish that they had this for the Blue Bus Plus. The Newegg $.01 deal would work great for this. The Samsung Pay promo, for those who haven’t completed it yet, can combine the two for $.10 and an easy 10K pts.

Oh Man, i forgot about this. Thanks for reminding. I used that method for the Chase and Samsung rewards 2000 promo with Samsung pay.

3 platinum’s, 0 eligible 🙁

Did not work for me. I have the Business version.

Not here either on regular plat or MB plat.

Worked for me. Didn’t receive email though

Got it thanks doc

Btw no email.. annual fee due in may..

I got a “sorry our systems are temporarily unavailable” message. I wonder if that means I am not targeted. Will try again later.

Just paid my annual fee, and I wasn’t targeted.

No dice. LOL @ the browsing title of the rejection page: GenericSorry

Thanks DoC. No email but eligible.

Damn, never get targeted for these offers.

Personal Plat, AF isn’t due until next summer.

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