Posted by William Charles on July 3, 2017
Credit Card Offers

Published on July 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Citi Sears 10x TYP Or 10% Cashback Offer

The Offer

Targeted offer, no direct link. E-mail subject line should be ‘activate now to earn 10x bonus ThankYou points’

  • Earn 10x bonus ThankYou points (or extra 10% cash back) on eligible purchases at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. Limit of $1,000 (10,000/$100) of eligible purchases per month from 7/01/17-09/30/17 for a total of 15,000 bonus points each month.

Our Verdict

This is the type of targeted deal dreams are made of and why a lot of people apply for this card in the first place. It’s also why it’s ranked as our #1 store credit card. If you have this card fingers crossed you have this offer!

Hat tip to reader DanV & rogbre

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Can those points be combined with a premium TYP card (Premier, Prestige) and transferred to airline partners?


Got the offer for successive quarter for me and my wife.

Got the 10x TYP offer after PCing from the shop your way card last month. Pumped!

I’d like to know this as well

I used to get these every time they were offered…I haven’t seen any in the past 12-18 months. Any advice ?

Is it possible to still get this card? All I see online is the one that earns Shop Your Way points

I’ve been getting this since 8/2016. In fact over Labor day last year I also got this plus a 5X’s on all purchases that stacked quite nicely because I used it to get gas cards so a total of 16X’s.
The only difference than the one shown was mine was $500, $600 and $1,000. Just got the new one today.
Limited Time Offer – Just for you!
Bonus ThankYou® Points** on eligible purchases at:
Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, and Restaurants
For total eligible purchases of $300 or more made each month 07/01/17 – 09/30/17 up to a total of 10,000 Bonus Points each month.

Already activated? Keep earning through 09/30/17.
Activate Now
Offer valid through 09/30/17
Watch your Bonus
ThankYou Points add up
Spend Earn
$300 3,000
$600 6,000
$1,000 10,000

That’s the same offer I got last quarter. I maxed it out each month, then I got the above offer for this quarter.

This is the first offer I got (opened 11/2016 and converted from SYWR to TYP earning card) today (7/5/2017). Never put any purchase after the initial purchase.

Get $1 statement credit on every purchase of $1 or more (up to a total of $25).
Valid : 7/1/17 – 9/30/17.

Update got another notice today on the same card. Spend $500 on anything and get 5k TYP’s good from 7/1-8/30. Seems similar to the 5X’s I got over labor day last fall so it should be stack able.

OFFER VALID: 07/01/2017 – 08/30/2017

These Bonus ThankYou Points are in addition to 1 ThankYou Point per $1 spent on purchases you already earn with your card.

I got this offer and the one for 100 TYP for every purchase of $1 or more up to 2500 TYP. I get these offers via snail mail, never email.

After participating in these offers for over a year now, I’m still unsure if these bonus points are by statement cycle or calendar month. Even looking at the statements, I cannot figure it out since the points post 2 statement cycles later AND they only show the period for the promotion in the description of those points.

Does anyone know for certain if it statement cycle or calendar month?

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