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Published on April 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] City National Bank 100,000 Point Visa Business Offer

Offer has been extended until April 30th, 2017. If anybody knows if the 70,000 in branch offer on the personal card has been extended, that would be great.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of 100,000 points after $15,000 in spend within the first 90 days after account opening on the Visa Commercial Credit Card With City National Rewards.

100 bonus

The Fine Print

  • Bonus Points offer is limited to the business organization addressee only, is not transferable and is valid for a new Visa Commercial Credit Card or a new Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card account only.
  • Existing account holders of a City National Bank Visa Commercial Credit Card or a Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card are not eligible for this offer.
  • Bonus Points offer is in effect beginning January 3, 2017 and available through March 31, 2017. April 30th, 2017
  • Each of the Visa Commercial Credit Card and the Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card is subject to credit approval and available with credit limit amounts between $2,000 and $100,000 or more.
  • If you apply and are approved for a Visa Commercial Credit Card account or a Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card account, to qualify and receive 100,000 Bonus Points, the account must be opened no later than March 31, 2017, and net new purchases (purchases less returns and credits) totaling $15,000 or more must be posted to the account during the first 90 days following the date of account opening.
  • Please allow at least 7 days for processing your application request.
  • If your account is opened after March 31, 2017, your account will not qualify for this Bonus Points offer.
  • The posting date for a purchase may be later than the transaction date, depending on the date merchant information is received by City National Bank (“CNB”). Therefore, if a purchase takes place near the end of the 90-day period, the posting date may not occur until after the expiration date of the 90-day period, in which case the purchase will not be counted toward the $15,000 or more spending requirement.
  • Bonus Points are earned on a per account basis and not on each card issued under an account.
  • PIN-based and ATM transactions do not earn Points.
  • Taxes on the Bonus Points, if any, are the cardholder’s responsibility.
  • After qualifying, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the Bonus Points to be credited to your City National Rewards account.
  • To be eligible for this Bonus Points offer, the Visa Commercial Credit Card or Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card account must be open and in good standing (such as, not delinquent or otherwise in default) at the time the Bonus Points are posted to your City National Rewards account.
  • See the City National Rewards Program Terms, Conditions and Program Rules (“Program Rules”) and FAQs on for further information on earning Points. Program Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

Card Details

Our Verdict

The points this card earns seems to be the same as the personal card, meaning they are worth 1¢ towards airfare. The downside to this bonus is that it’s targeted and the application process with City National is usually extremely tedious. The $15,000 spend requirement will be out of reach for a lot of people as well.


21 Responses to [Expired] City National Bank 100,000 Point Visa Business Offer

  1. Jake N says:

    FWIW, I was emailing with my banker at CNB today and she mentioned this and a 70k offer on the Crystal. I opened a checking account with them a few months ago to build the relationship proactively (have to keep $3.5k balance) and get an inside on these types of promos. If interested and not targeted, I’d suggest setting up a checking account first (and soon) and then seeing if you can get the targeted offer(s) after via your banker.

    I’m going to pass on this 100k and probably go for the 70k Crystal given the travel credit per card makes it a moneymaker each year.

  2. Ankur says:

    They typically need Permanent Residents or US Citizens to apply – which is a bummer for legal, documented, honest, law-abiding, tax-paying immigrants. Visa holders, please share if you were approved.

    • Francesco says:

      Where did you find this information? I didn’t see it in the fine print.

      • Ankur says:

        I applied in branch, was turned down for the reason above. FICO > 790, decent six fig income. Lucky thing they denied even processing the application, so no HP.

  3. samui says:

    Last time I was asked to provide the following docs:

    1 year business tax return
    1 year personal tax return for proprietors, general partners, owners of corporations, and Limited Liability Company members who are guaranteeing (include all schedules and K-1s)
    Entity Documents (Articles of Incorporation, Operating Partnership and Trust Agreements)
    Additional information may be required

    • Mser says:

      Ridiculous requirements. CNB uses the credit card promos as a financial fishing expedition to market all their other expensive crap (wealth “management” etc etc). They tried the.same nonsense on me for their personal card – told them to go fly a kite.

  4. Son says:

    I don’t think there is such a card as “Visa Crystal Commercial Credit Card”. It is just a Visa Commercial Credit Card w/ rewards. They have another Commercial credit card that does not have Rewards. Make sure you sign up for the correct one. The Visa Commercial Credit card w/ rewards has a $50.00 annual fee that kicks in on your first statement. I signed up for this card when I was in the branch signing up for the Personal Crystal Visa. Both approval took about 1 week or so. They ask so many questions for the Commercial card, and the application is super long compared to Chase/AMEX/Etc.

    I haven’t hit my 15k yet, so can’t say if or when I will get the 100k bonus.

    • Samui says:

      There is crystal commercerial card with 400 annual fee and 75 for each additional

      Do you have to provide business docs for your application?

      • Son says:

        You’re right about the crystal commercerial card…didn’t know. I should have signed up for that one. Oh well. They do not ask for any business docs. I just gave them my tax return (1040). During the process of a week, they emailed me like 2 or 3 times asking about my business. One of my email back to them was,”why is this process so hard compared to other bank”. I was going to tell them to forget about the app.

  5. Ken says:

    Is this still limited to only a few branches?

  6. jackgopack4 says:

    Link says offer expired April 30 :/

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