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Airline Rewards Delta 1K Promotion Partners

Published on July 13th, 2017 | by sirtheta


[Targeted] Delta Promotion: Get 1,000 Bonus Miles For Each SkyMiles Partner You Use

This promotion is a Delta “Private Offer” and is targeted, but it’s very easy to check your eligibility if you haven’t yet gotten an e-mail—read on!

The Offer

Direct link to offer.

  • Enter your SkyMiles number to register for the private offer and get 1,000 bonus miles for every accommodation or ground transportation partner you earn miles with from July 10, 2017 through September 30, 2017.

Delta 1K Promotion


The Fine Print

  • This private offer is exclusively for selected SkyMiles members who receive the promotional email. Offer is not transferable to other members.
  • Offer registration is required. To register, eligible members need to visit dedicated landing page and register with their SkyMiles number.
  • Registered SkyMiles members will earn a bonus of 1,000 miles for every participating partner they earn miles with between July 10, 2017 and September 30, 2017.
  • Accommodation partners including, SkyMiles Hotel partners, and Airbnb. Ground Transportation partners including Lyft, car rental, limousine, and shuttle partners.
  • Only accrual partner transactions with an activity date between July 10, 2017 and September 30, 2017 will be considered for bonuses. Activity date is defined as the date of the transaction as reported by the partner regardless of the date the transaction is posted in the member’s account.
  • Some partners offer multiple ways to earn miles under different products, brands, conversion of currency to miles, etc. These will still be considered as a single partner. Some examples of these cases are: Hotels booked via, hotel brands under the same Hotel portfolio, stay activity and a points conversion to miles from the same partner and others. Conversion of partner currency to miles is eligible as long as there is a minimum of 1,000 miles transferred to SkyMiles.
  • Lyft Terms: Visit for full terms and conditions of this offer.
  • Please allow up to 60 days after the qualifying transaction for bonus miles to be added in your account.
  • Promotional Reference Code: To enquire about this offer, please refer to code 179505 when contacting any Delta customer service representative.

Our Verdict

Due to the flat bonus, this promotion has some very clear sweet spots: earning miles with partners. Car rentals & hotel stays that are cheap or of short duration wouldn’t normally earn you many points or miles, but will get a huge boost if you choose to earn SkyMiles. Earning Delta miles with Lyft and AirBnB is a no-brainer—given that SkyMiles are worth a minimum of 1¢, you can even turn a short Lyft ride into a profit! (Barring any exceptions for minimum spending requirements, which I did not see.)

On the downside, the low worth of SkyMiles, the flat bonus, and the requirement to transfer a minimum of 1,000 miles means that it makes little sense to convert partner currency to miles. Even the largest bonus in this category transfers 1,500 Starpoints to 2,500 SkyMiles – but even if those were your very last 1,500 Starpoints, you could get better value out of 1,500 miles in a number of other frequent flyer programs.

If you see any sweet spots I’ve missed, please comment below!

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DOC, is this different than this, which was public?:

Can we double dip?


since that one is expired i am going to say no…

Dave P
Dave P

I did the similar promo a few months ago. Clicking the link above, I get this:

“You are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Please check out our other great offers on the My Promotions page.”

Looks like no double-dipping, not surprising.

John Gibson

The other promotion ended so how would it be double dipping?

I did the other promotion a few months ago and was targeted for this promotion.

if you registered for the public offer a couple months ago you can still be targeted for this promotion.

William Charles



Does this mean I’ll get an additional 1,000 miles for every lyft ride I take until 9/30. If so, this is really good.

William Charles

It’s once per partner AFAIK


Phooey! Not this time. But was able to use it with 5 partners in April, so worth a shot. Thanks for the heads up.

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