Posted by William Charles on May 15, 2018
Airline Rewards

Published on May 15th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted] Free American Airlines Gold/Platinum Status

The Offer

No direct link, sent via e-mail. Subject line’s are “Free Platinum status for you”, “Free Gold status for you”

  • American Airlines is sending out free status to some loyalty members, offering either gold or platinum status through September 7th, 2018.  Those who receive gold status will also get eight 500-mile upgrades for registering and those who receive platinum will receive seventeen.

The Fine Print

  • Must sign up by June 11th, 2018

Our Verdict

If you received the Platinum status offer you can extend your status through 2020 by earning 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) and $1,500 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs). Not 100% sure what the status extension offer is for those who receive the gold status.

Hat tip to reader @SavageSpartacus

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The subject says “Free Platinum Status for you”

Email title is: Free Gold status for you.
This link should work for those who got targeted:

Requires a promotion code once you click through…was worth a try

See this page for details on old codes. I think a variation with “HV38[letter]” might work this time around… Anyone let us know what happens

Email title: Free Gold status for you

Keep status longer: To extend your benefits through January 31, 2020, earn 7,000 EQMs and $1000 EQDs between the date you register and Sep 7, 2018.

Any idea what criteria they are using to target people for this?


I’d love to know that too. Used to be EXP for about seven years, up to about five years ago. Would not mind getting some of that AA love with the upcoming travel this year. Might even book some paid travel on AA. 😉

Well, my wife and I were gold last year and didn’t requalify this year. They’ve been sending us offers to rejoin to gold for $699. We’ve declined them. We’re currently about half way to gold status again this year. Today, my wife got this “free gold for summer” offer and I didn’t, even though our travel patterns are nearly identical. So some of it may be random.

My wife obviously took the free gold status, but I don’t think she’ll be able to requalify because she doesn’t have any expensive (or lengthy foreign partner) flights planned for summer. I did go ahead and change all our seat assignments to “preferred” seats for all our flights (through end of schedule) that we have booked. Honestly, since we have an AA credit card, the seat selection is the only thing we really miss when we don’t have gold, because AA allocates so few decent seats to non-elites. So being non-elite is a bit of a nuisance. But what’s it worth? Not a heck of a lot. Maybe $200 year? A bit more if you don’t have an AA credit card, but you’re gonna have an AA credit card if you’re an American and fly AA with any frequency.

I was a Gold in 2017, lost it for 2018 (moved and status challenged to United), and was just targeted for the free Gold. Also just flew American the other day.

I got platinum pro but not sure what is the main benefit . I found a cheap ticket to south America for less than 500 can i get an upgrade to bussienes ?

No, it’s not free with any AA status. 500-mile upgrades don’t work for flights to South America, you need a SWU.

Thank you

are these 500 mile upgrades giftable to others?can they even be sold to others? do they have to be reservations booked out of your account? or can they just be people who booked random reservations adn you gifted them a upgrade cert from your account?

No, no, yes, no.

Enter code HV18G to see if targeted.


What is the easiest way to acquire the 12,500 EQM and 1500 EQD to maintain status?

(Whoops meant this to be a new comment)

I tried, no go.


What is the easiest way to acquire the 12,500 EQM and 1500 EQD to maintain status?

My offer: Platinum PRO. To extend status thru Jan 31 2020 need 20k EQM and 2,400 EQD by Sept 7.

Promo code: H158T

Unfortunately, did NOT receive offer for free 500-mile upgrades as part of my offer.

Data point: I was previously Exec Plat for 3 years thru Jan 2017.

But Plat Pro doesn’t need 500 mile upgrades–they’re all complimentary.

got platinum pro offer too. Too bad all travel plans before 9/7 were arranged already. Will look into the possibility to extend it thru 2020.

How can you extend the offer?

To extend status thru Jan 31 2020 need 20k EQM and 2,400 EQD by Sept 7.

Any reason not to do this offer? I have some big award flights coming up in Feb/March of 2019 so may hold off. Nothing planned on AA between now and Sept.

They’ll backdate this a few days. I had mine backdated 5 days and essentially immediately earned gold through 1/2020.

I received the Platinum offer in email, and my wife received the Gold offer via direct mail yesterday. My offer extension to 2020 was 12,500 EQM and $2,000 EQD. My wife’s extension offer for gold was 7,000 EQM and $1,000 EQD.

Curious of a decent Mileage Run I could do this with from SDF/LEX/CVG.

This seems to be back, just got it today (gold, unfortunately). Weirdly, it says nothing about how to extend it for a year, but I guess that’s the same as it was before..

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