Posted by William Charles on February 17, 2018

Published on February 17th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted] Select Banks: $35 Back for Spending $35 With DirecTV [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More] + Stack For Heavily Discounted Apple Tv

This offer has expired, click here for current DirecTV deals.

Update 02/17/18: A new Bank of America offer has been released with a new set of targeted people. Previous expiration was 2/15/18 and new expiration is 4/22/18

The Offer

Check your bank login to see if you were targeted (A number of banks use the same back end for these offers. This includes: Bank of America, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information):

  • Must pay 1 monthly DirecTV Now bill of at least $35 using the card associated with the offer to earn $35 cash back to your eligible debit or credit card. Cash back will be delivered to account at least 30 days after qualifying payment is made.

The Fine Print

  • Offer expires 4/22/18, valid one time only

Our Verdict

Update: Keep in mind there are other offers for directv, you’ll want the one that says it’s eligible on directv now to be eligible for the stacking mentioned.

You can sign up for a new one month membership here starting at $35 per month. Then you could go through a portal and get $22 cash back, making it a $22 money maker if you cancel after the first month. A better deal is to sign up for 4 months and get a 4K Apple TV, you also get $22 cash back when going through BeFrugal. The deal would then look like this:

  • Sign up for 3 months, pay $35 per month ($105). BeFrugal says it has to be 4 months, but it’s actually only three.
  • Get $35 from this deal
  • Get $22 cash back from the portal

Total out of pocket cost is $48. They usually cost $179, so should be able to sell it for a healthy profit if you don’t want to keep it.

Hat tip to Travel With Grant

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Unbelievably good deal. I should also get $25 from using the DoC link to sign up for topcashback in November. Total profit: $82 when you include the roku stick. I’d hug you if I could Will. Thanks!

On my Suntrust account I see $75:
Earn 75.00 cash back
Expires 2/15/2018

Earn $75 cash back when you add DIRECTV.

Call 1-855-837-4388, visit, or come into an AT&T store today!

Offer expires 2/15/2018. Offer valid one time only. New approved customers only. Must sign up directly through AT&T or DIRECTV, sign-ups through Authorized Dealers not eligible. 1st monthly service bill must be paid no later than 4/2/2018 using the card associated with offer to earn $75 cash back to your eligible debit or credit card. Excludes DIRECTV NOW service. All DIRECTV offers require 24-mo. agreement. See additional terms & conditions at Coverage & service not available everywhere. Your $75 cash back is earned within 30 days after transaction is made. Taxes, fees, other charges & restrictions may apply.

Note: Offer is only valid when you pay with your eligible SunTrust credit or debit card.

where do you see the offers on your suntrust page?
just opened an account with them… have a checking and a debit card with them

Did you end up doing this? Any idea if it works for existing customers?

Have this and the AT&T offer on my BoA account. Sweet!

Which BoA CC you got?

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

I had this offer and signed up for it. It deducted $35+taxes from my CC. While signing up it kept saying that I will be charged next on Feb 27th but now when I check my account it says I will be charged on Jan 31st. When should I cancel?

Aditya, when you say “deducted $35+taxes” do you mean it’s a pending authorization, or did a charge already post?

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

It hasn’t posted yet, I only did this yesterday. I also got an email from BoA saying: “BankAmeriDeals® Cash Back Processing”

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

It has posted now and when I log in to my account it says that I will be charged on Feb 28th.

The following bank also offers this deal: Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union.

Also, if you want to unload the free Roku stick on ebay the market listing/selling price is around $40.
Thanks Doc!

When I activate the cashback I don’t get the free roku offers. Can anyone please help me if I need to do any extra step?

It’s a targeted offer, I don’t have this offer either

My BofA offer reflects an expiration date of 2/15 rather than the 2/5 noted in the post. Perhaps varying offer dates?

Thanks DoC.. Had this one on PNC and ATT offer on BOA.. Did this deal with TCB/PNC and received $22 within an hour. Purchased one item from ATT and deal is processing, will purchase one more once the transaction is posted..

interesting…i got the offer on BoA, and now i’m considering it

What did everyone purchase at AT&T? $15 or above? Do they have free shipping? Thanks!

Sorry.. replying late..
I bought a cover for 6S Plus which was exactly $15 and one iPhone lighting cable for $19..
They offer free shipping and provides USPS tracking# once shipped..

Perfect, now to remind myself to cancel this lol. Whats the best way to cancel without losing out on the portal bonus?

i’m also curious about cancellation timeline to avoid an extra month fee

Similarly, for Hulu
There is
+ $5.00 offer from these select banks
+ $21.00 worth of SB
– $7.99 cost of a month of Hulu

not a lucrative, but whatever free is free!

Also from SB terms (so hopefully churnable to some extent?! ):
. Offer applies to new and eligible returning subscribers only.

Aren’t they also doing a promo if you sign up for 4 months, you get a free Apple TV. I know you can stack the BOA deal with this one(I’m not targeted) but I’m not sure about topcashback. You should be able to sell the Apple TV for at least a hundred dollars and the cashback deal might make 4 months of the service free or profitable.

when this deal posted I checked my BofA and saw that I was targeted for the offer. I signed up. now when I check back, the offer is gone and shows up in my “expired deals” and says it expired 12/27/2017 (i.e. long before I ever saw this post). Any one else experience something similar? Trying to figure out if BoA screwed me (who would think!) or if I’m just crazy/confused and messed up.

Same thing happened to me.

I am facing a similar issue. The BofA deals page initially even showed the cashback as processing but now the deal has disappeared and is not even showing up under expired deals. Curious as to how this is going to play out — and how to recoup my $35 if I got screwed.

Don’t worry. Same thing happened to me in December, but I got the credit promptly.

Thanks for the reassurances. The $35 cashback has moved to the “earned” column now 😀

update: its now showed up as “pending”. there the offer terms show that it expires 2/15/18.

I wonder if what happened is there were 2 offers, 1 already expired. Once I completed the offer, it disappeared for a day or two while the system updated and moved it to “pending.”

I’m glad I saw this today. I had the B of A deal on the BankAmerideals web page. With tax I paid paid $38.01 for the first month of service.
So, $22 from Topcashback and $35 b of a cashback = $18.99 moneymaker and extra $25 TCB bonus for new acct = grand total moneymaker of $43.99 and the free Roku stick. The Bankamerideals page already shows that the cashback is processing. The Topcashback shows that my $25 new user bonus is pending. Hopefully everything will go through.

How did you get the $25 TCB bonus for the new acct?

Can the $22 TCB bonus be stacked with other cashback bonuses (BeFrugal, MrRebates)?

Also received this offer on my Ocean First Bank account. Already completed this with PNC. Will do it thru Ocean First as well.

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