[Targeted] Chase Offers: $100/$75/$50/$35 Back for Spending $30 at AT&T – Moneymaker [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More]

Update 8/28/20: Deal is back again.

The Offer

Check your bank login to see if you were targeted:

  • Get $100 or $75 or $50 or $35 back when making two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15 each by <end date unknown this time>

This offer comes around frequently. A number of banks use the same back end for these offers. This includes: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, Evansville Teachers FCU, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information.

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid one time only (you can use it on any credit or debit card in your online account, but once you use it on one card it can’t be used on another card in the login)
  • Valid in-store or online at at&t.com or over the phone
  • Cash back is earned within 30 days after making the second transaction

Our Verdict

This deal is amazing and profitable even if you have no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Buy an accessory for $15, repeat a second time, and get the bonus. Net profit will be $70/$45/$20, plus some free accessories.


  • If you’re doing this in-store, make sure to make the purchases at a corporate store, not an Authorized Retailer.
  • If you’re doing this online, try buying a single item that costs $15 or more since AT&T sometimes splits up smaller items into separate charges.
  • It might be worth spacing out the two transactions on different days.
  • Someone mentions the idea of buying a $25 refill card from an AT&T store which would work for prepaid plans.
  • Or buy an iTunes gift card.
  • Readers confirm (1, 2, 3, 4) that making $15 payments to your AT&T cellular bill or Uverse internet bill counts to trigger the credit.
  • Don’t forget to go through a portal if ordering online. Topcashback is currently the best at 10%.

If you have any questions it’s probably wise to read through our previous post on this as they are probably answered there & here.

Hat tip to my friend Adam

Post history:

  • Update 7/14/20: Deal is back. Reader Scott got the $35 version on BofA. Must be saved by 8/26/20. Transactions must be completed by 10/10/20.
  • Update 4/13/20: Deal is back, looks like for lower amounts this time. AT&T is offering 20% off on most accessories as well so you might need to order two $8 items instead of a $15 item. Hat tip to reader MisterBill
  • Update 2/25/20: Deal is back on Chase cards. This time it’s $75 or $50 back with $15 x 2 spend at AT&T. Hat tip Happy_FunBall. Lots of people seeing this on their Chase cards. It’s showing on other banks too, like Bank of America, for some people. Offer expires 3/31/20. Others were targeted for $35 with Direct TV. 
  • Update 8/29/19: Deal is back in some form; $ amount might vary. (ht MtM)
  • Update 06/08/18: Deal is back again.
  • Update 04/22/18: Deal is back, check to see if you are targeted. Thanks to reader curmudgeon.
  • Update 03/7/18: Deal is back, check to see if you are targeted. Thanks to reader @PresleyTried

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So I realized I had this offer when this article was last posted 8/28 and it had an expiration date of some time in October or November. I have since met the requirements, but the offer is now showing up as “expired” with a date of July 11th. Has this happened to anyone else and any advice?


Yes, I added Offer to my Chase Card on 8/21/20. The details on this offer stated this: Offer expires 8/26/2020. Must make two separate transactions on AT&T wireless products or services by 10/10/2020. Offer not valid on AT&T PREPAID or Cricket Wireless products or services. Your $35 back is earned within 30 days after making your second transaction. Offer valid one time only. See offer details. Taxes, fees, other charges & restrictions may apply. Add’l speed, usage, and other restrictions apply.

Contacted Chase multiple time’s, first time they said sorry it expired and then they said you had to make one payment by 8/26/2020 and another by 10/10/2020. I argued that’s not what the terms state! They then basically said it’s them not us: “Please keep in mind that these are offers offered by third
party merchants. They set their requirements and they
provide the statement credit. Chase is only responsible
for posting the statement credit to your account based on
the data it receives from its third-party service
provider, therefore we are unable to make any adjustment
to your account on their behalf unless notified by the
merchant.” I apologize for any misunderstanding or
inconvenience caused.

Sam F.
Sam F.

Targeted for $35. Same as last time. Didn’t buy anything last time, but might buy a Logitech pen for my iPad. A bit of savings.


I never get these offers. Been two or more years when I received one of these. Never again.


Can we buy it at AT&T online and pick it up at an authorized retailer (not a corporate store)? Also, I get messages on my iPhone that say some of my accessories are not compatible (assume it is because I have bought non-Apple products). If it is an AT&T branded accessory are these all OK?


Chase Offers on my CIP card always suck. The ones announced here never appear in my account.


I seen this offer 1 time on chase freedom. It was years ago. Never had I seen it again. I wonder how I can get targeted again.


Looks like a lot of their items has free shipping, so I made 2 purchases of ~$18 each for a $35 back offer and hopefully that works. Thanks!


Just want to share a dp. I paid for the 8GB prepaid service for one year the last time around, but the deal didn’t go through. Guess you have to make the payment on att”s main website.


Got $35 offer on my Freedom