[Targeted] Chase Offers: $50 Back for Spending $50 at AT&T – Moneymaker [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More]

Update 6/22/21: Deal is available again. Must save offer by 8/3 and spend by 9/17/21

The Offer

Check your bank login to see if you were targeted:

  • Get $100 or $75 or $50 or $35 back when making two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $17.5 each by 5/20/2021. Must save offer by 4/5/2021.

This offer comes around frequently. A number of banks use the same back end for these offers. This includes: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, Evansville Teachers FCU, and Christian Community CU. You can read this post for more information.

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid one time only (you can use it on any credit or debit card in your online account, but once you use it on one card it can’t be used on another card in the login)
  • Valid in-store or online at at&t.com or over the phone
  • Cash back is earned within 30 days after making the second transaction

Our Verdict

This deal is amazing and profitable even if you have no interest in anything at an AT&T store. Buy an accessory for $15, repeat a second time, and get the bonus. Net profit will be $70/$45/$20, plus some free accessories.


  • If you’re doing this in-store, make sure to make the purchases at a corporate store, not an Authorized Retailer.
  • If you’re doing this online, try buying a single item that costs $15 or more since AT&T sometimes splits up smaller items into separate charges.
  • It might be worth spacing out the two transactions on different days.
  • Someone mentions the idea of buying a $25 refill card from an AT&T store which would work for prepaid plans.
  • Or buy an iTunes gift card.
  • Readers confirm (1, 2, 3, 4) that making $15 payments to your AT&T cellular bill or Uverse internet bill counts to trigger the credit.
  • Don’t forget to go through a portal if ordering online. Topcashback is currently the best at 10%.

If you have any questions it’s probably wise to read through our previous post on this as they are probably answered there & here.

Post history:

  • Update 5/7/21: Deal is available again through 6/20/21. Must make two separate transactions on AT&T wireless products or services by 8/4/2021.
  • Update 3/18/21: Deal available again.
  • Update 1/27/21: Deal is back. Must save offer by 3/13/21 and spend by 4/27/21
  • Update 11/30/20: Offer must be saved by 1/11/2021, must spend by 2/25/2021.
  • Update 10/12/20: Deal is back with new dates. Must save offer by 11/26/20 and purchase by 1/11/2021
  • Update 9/29/20: Deal is back again.
  • Update 8/28/20: Deal is back again.
  • Update 7/14/20: Deal is back. Reader Scott got the $35 version on BofA. Must be saved by 8/26/20. Transactions must be completed by 10/10/20.
  • Update 4/13/20: Deal is back, looks like for lower amounts this time. AT&T is offering 20% off on most accessories as well so you might need to order two $8 items instead of a $15 item. Hat tip to reader MisterBill
  • Update 2/25/20: Deal is back on Chase cards. This time it’s $75 or $50 back with $15 x 2 spend at AT&T. Hat tip Happy_FunBall. Lots of people seeing this on their Chase cards. It’s showing on other banks too, like Bank of America, for some people. Offer expires 3/31/20. Others were targeted for $35 with Direct TV. 
  • Update 8/29/19: Deal is back in some form; $ amount might vary. (ht MtM)
  • Update 06/08/18: Deal is back again.
  • Update 04/22/18: Deal is back, check to see if you are targeted. Thanks to reader curmudgeon.
  • Update 03/7/18: Deal is back, check to see if you are targeted. Thanks to reader @PresleyTried

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Seems like they’re cancelling a lot of orders this time around based on my experience and SD. Guess they don’t want us getting those cheap accessories.


how long does it take to get credit from chase or even them saying offer was used? i made two purchases at a corporate store on the same day both totaling more than 17.5 each. this was about 10 days ago and no sign of credit. thanks


I see two times $25 spend for $50 cash back


Same for me. Here’s the specific language I get:

“Earn $50 back when you make two transactions of at least $25 each with AT&T wireless using your eligible card associated with this offer.”

The post should be updated as this isn’t a moneymaker in its current state. You’d need to spend exactly $25 on two different accessory items to get them for free. Still may be good for those who use AT&T for their wireless or other bills.

Roberto Irizarry
Roberto Irizarry

The terms of my offer are these, is this the same offer.

Earn $45 cash back when you spend $48.75 or more to make the switch and open a new line on an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan.

Enjoy unlimited talk, text, data and 5G access. Visit http://www.att.com/unlimited or come into an AT&T store today!

Offer expires 7/16/2021. Must make first payment by 8/30/2021. Payment must be made directly with the merchant. Offer valid one time only. Your $45 cash back will be processed within 30 days after making your payment. Excludes prepaid service.


Got the same useless offer on multiple chase cards


My amazon credit card is my oldest credit card and I have never gotten a good offer since this program started.


getting charged for each items purchased separately on chase purchase


Read Disclaimer section at the bottom of the Chase offer. If merchant charges in multiple transactions it says to call the number in the back of your Chase card to have them fix it. Happened to me with Alaska Air offer.


Anyone knows if I spend $40 in a single transaction, will I get back $35 back? Thanks


DP using AT&T e-store:
Spent $20.57 May 10, got the automated Chase app push notification that I’ll get credit if the purchase qualifies. Then spent $20.64 May 11, separate shipping to separate places, no notification this time from Chase. Got $35 credit from Chase on May 20.

Similar timeline to the March’s Chase AT&T TV offer: charged $69.99 April 9, given $50 credit from Chase on April 22.


does payment have to be wireless related? would internet, TV or their accessories work?


will def use it. thanks