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What Credit Card Offer Portals Share The Same Back End?

Recently we posted about a great deal from Bank of America’s BankAmerideal’s, giving you $100/$75/$50 back for spending $30 at AT&T. The same deal is also offered through Regions Bank’s offer portal. The title of this post is a bit misleading, because we don’t actually care what back end card issuers use – rather just if the same offers frequently appear or not. Reader JD has a very insightful comment that I’d recommend reading for more background information.

I’m hoping readers can contribute to this post, as I have relatively little information to go off. The following card issuers all share offers:

  • Bank of America
  • BBVA
  • BB&T
  • PNC
  • Regions Bank
  • Suntrust
  • Columbia Bank
  • Beneficial Bank
  • Christian Community CU
  • Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

If you know of any others (or any other clusters of card issuers with similar rewards offers) please let me know in the comments.



How do I know which cards are eligible?

  • On mobile site: log into account. Go to profile and settings, click bankamerideals, click eligible credit debit cards. Will show a list of cards that can be used. (thanks to reader Belinda)

Can I redeem the same offer across multiple cards/card issuers?

Let’s say you have the exact same offer on the Bank of America portal and PNC portal, are you able to redeem the offer once via Bank of America & again via PNC? The answer is yes.

With some of the card issuers you can do it multiple times per portal. This doesn’t work with:

  • Bank of America

This does work with:

  • PNC

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William Charles, the credit card portals as you refer to them in this post are actually hosted by a third party company called Cardlytics. There founders previously worked at Capital One and they modeled it off of Groupon with the idea that they could use each consumers purchase history to create and target new offers that would encourage potential customers to go to a competing merchant or increase frequency at a merchant they already go to. Cardlytics handles many different banks offers including Bank of America, Citibank (when they were offering “Offers for You”), Regions, PNC, Suntrust, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, among others. They are a fascinating company and there website is very interesting to read. Unlike offers from American Express which they may pay for in house, the offers from these other financial institutions are being directly funded by the merchants and that is why the offers are not nearly as generous because typically cardlytics takes anywhere from 25-50% of the commission they receive. As such, the merchants can’t afford to be as generous because of the middleman known as Cardlytics.

Agreed. When I search my BB&T web page source code, it does link back to “Cardlytics”. They mask it more so than BOA.

Information Booth

Thanks for your insight… This post isn’t even relevant to me, but I’m quite sure it’s helping others. Love in Christ.

My BB&T debit card seems to share the same “back end” as Bank of America, but BB&T offers less items to choose from, at least in my experience. BB&T says it’s deals are targeted, the more you use the card supposedly the more deals you will see. I have only used my card twice, just for fast food. So, all of my BB&T offers are for restaurants and Starbucks, but all of the same restaurants and exact terms/expirations are listed under my BOA.

I would think as you have the deal attached, and use each bank card only one time, the offers should be honored. It takes until next statement cycle to get the cash back w/ BB&T, and I have not tested to see if both BOA and BB&T would be honored.

William Charles and Gadet,

Yes, when an offer is attached to your account you can use that offer as described and expect the cashback or points depending on the cardlytics offer. If you have the offer across multiple banks then you can redeem at each bank and receive the offer. I have done this many times. Cardlytics is not provided with your name or any personal information but only your transactional history and this is completed through an extensive firewall process that protects your privacy and information from Cardlytics. As such, there is no way for Cardlytics to identify you as the same consumer across multiple banks. In fact, at some banks such as PNC where the offers are product related rather than relationship related you can have the same offer on your debit card and credit card and redeem for both and receive the benefits. On the other hand with Bank of America’s implementation the offers are based on the user profile rather than the product and thus each offer can only be redeemed once but you get to choose which product you wish to use to redeem the offer (debit card, credit card #1, credit card #2, etc).

The Bank of America setup delivers better analytics to Cardlytics and merchants and thus provides better offers if you fragment your spend across multiple products with one financial institution.

I can also vouch that all offers are highly targeted and based on your previous purchase history.

FWIW, Christian Community CU uses the same backend/offers the same deals as BofA.

BBVA also appears to share the same backend. Haven’t gotten any of the good BoA offers, but have gotten the same food discounts that they offer.

I don’t see any cash back deals in my BBVA login. Where do you see it?

I have it on the right sidebar after I click my NBA card account. Its labelled “Simple Cash Back tm”.

It shows up when I log into my account through the main page, and then click through my NBA card. Here’s the FAQ on how to access the screen:

When logged in to your BBVA Compass Online Banking, offers are on the Account Details and on the Simple Cash Back Center available under the Service Center tab. When you are logged in to the BBVA Wallet or the Mobile Banking app, click on the menu in the top right of the opened application and select “Rewards”. This will allow you to view available offers based on account.

Also, according to their FAQ, if you have multiple credit and/or debit cards, each one is a unique account for the purpose of the program.

“If I have more than one account will I see the same offers on both accounts?

Offers are matched on an account level, based on the purchase behavior for each specific qualifying account. If you make different purchases from different accounts, you will see different offers for those accounts. Each account is independent of one another and therefore unique.”

If you have BBVA Amex this stacks with Amex Offers

i get restaurant offers through this in Chevron FCU

Ocean First Bank in NJ also participates in this.

What are third-party vendors? Do gift cards work?

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