TD Bank Removes Their 5% Cards From Website

TD Bank used to offer some credit cards that earned 5% cash back or 5x points at grocery stores and gas stations for the first six months. They nerfed these cards on June 1st, 2015 so that they had a limitation of a max $75 Bonus cashback per billing period ($1,500 in spend) and a max of $450 Bonus cashback over the entire 6-month time-period.

It looks like those cards were still causing TD Bank to lose money because they have been removed from the TD Bank website, now they only offer the following cards: TD Cash Visa® Credit Card, TD First ClassSM Visa Signature® Credit Card, TD Ameritrade Client Rewards Credit Card & TD AeroplanTM Visa® Credit Card. It’ll be interesting to see if TD Bank replaces the 5% cards with something else, or they come back with a different permutation.

It also looks like the cash card has an increased sign up bonus of $200 (which comes and goes), we’ll do a separate post on that shortly.

Hat tip to reader Jed2Bed

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William (@guest_214623)
January 6, 2016 06:23

This news is a shame. I had the FirstClass Visa card for just short of two years. The FirstClass Visa earned 3% on parking and tolls, but otherwise was similar to the Sams Mastercard.
TD won’t let you have more than one of their Visa credit cards, and won’t let you convert an existing card to another type, so I had closed the FirstClass card and was waiting for the statement to show the account was finally closed, since the account doesn’t actually close for 30 days after you request it to be closed. Oh well.

Michael B
Michael B (@guest_214514)
January 5, 2016 20:48

Is WF next on the chopping block?

Phong (@guest_214502)
January 5, 2016 20:08

Ugh just when I was planning to apply for this card too…