Posted by William Charles on July 7, 2015

Published on July 7th, 2015 | by William Charles


Topcashback Offering 2.25% Cash Back On Business American Express Gift Cards

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Topcashback is offering 2.25% on American Express business gift cards

amex gift cards

The Fine Print

  • Today only
  • Using a Citi card will usually code as a cash advance
  • Using a coupon code will invalidate cash back
  • Denominations over $2,000 will not earn cash back

Our Verdict

This is a standard offer now that usually comes one or two days before or after Simply Best Coupons offers 2% cash back on American Express gift cards, I recommend waiting until the 2.25% offer comes around before making your purchase. As always, make sure you have at least two offload methods if you plan on stocking up, so you’re not stuck with excessive American Express gift cards as they are typically harder to unload.

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Is there any way to break up payments when buying amex gift cards. I have 3 cards that need about 500 each on them. I wanted to know if I could just buy one 1500 card and split the payments to save on the fees?


Can I buy the personalized cards from this promo and still get the 2% back? I bought a small,$200 AGC from the last go around and it hasn’t posted to my TCB account yet. I’m skeptical about diving in w/ a 2K purchase now.


I can’t find out a way to unload amex GCs that doesn’t seem counter intuitive to actually buying them in the first place, when redcard still allowed CC loads they were fine but now you’ve got to buy another VGC with your amex GC to be able to load it to serve/bb/redbird/etc ruining the point of the 2.25% cashback

Dave L
Dave L

Thanks for the tip, ordered one.

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