Two Blogs That I Love That You Should Read Daily

There are a lot of good bloggers out there in this space, but recently two of my favorite bloggers have become more active again after a brief hiatus. The reason I like these blogs is the same, they look at credit card products that nobody else even knows about.

Recently I’ve been spending more and more time trying to uncover credit cards that most people don’t know about. It’s extremely frustrating, you might find a card that offers 5% cash back on grocery store purchases only to find out that it’s limited to $1,000 in purchases per year. Often this stuff is hidden in the fine print that takes you ages to actually find. It’s thankless work, unless you hit the jackpot.

These two guys constantly find new stuff worth talking about and it’s not just credit cards, they talk about manufactured spending and a bunch of other topics but the thought process and ideas isn’t just an echo chamber (like the rest of the blogosphere, myself included) is sometimes.

Enough chitchat, more naming the blogs.

Go and have a look at their sites and you’ll get a better idea of what I am talking about. Both of these blogs are on the saverocity blog network (which I briefly considered joining), every one over there has the same type of attitude so it’s probably worth adding saverocity to your feedly so that you get all of the posts published on the network.

Saverocity also has a forum that’s worth joining, most of the good stuff is in the private section but you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get into that bit as long as your active, respectful and put a bit of thought into your questions and answers. If you want more blogs to follow, check out my post on underrated blogs.

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Looks like none of those blogs are active anymore.


I completely agree… my top 5 blogs (in no particular order).. Doctor of Credit, Frequent Miler, Chasing the Points, Milenomics and Travel is Free. Thanks for letting me know about PFDigest, will be following it.


Agreed, the blogs on Saverocity and the site itself is top notch. As a side note, don’t sell yourself short. I found my way here recently and consider it one of the best. Keep up the great work!

Travis Title
Travis Title –This is a pretty lame article from Chasing the Points. At the very least, change the bombastic title.

Chasing The Points

Sorry Travis – I get a little carried away with the titles sometimes

Chasing The Points

Thanks for the shout out! As Nick said, it is much appreciated.

I don’t think there’s a blogger out there nearly as good as you staying on top of all the banking related products. Not only that, you are also finding inside scoop from bank reps no one does that!

Nick @ Personal Finance Digest

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated. fwiw I think you do a great job reporting on original / obscure stuff.