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Published on December 21st, 2015 | by William Charles


Two Ways To Get The Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa 55,000 Miles Offer

One of Chase’s more popular cards is the Chase United MileagePlus Card, the standard bonus on this card is 30,000 Miles (plus 5,000 for adding an authorized user), but it’s frequently possible to get 50,000 miles. There are currently two ways of getting this offer:

mileageplus 55k offer

Chase Branch

I haven’t verified that this offer is available at all Chase branches, but it has been available at 100% of the places I have been able to get checked. You should find the promotional flyer in branch, if not just ask for it. Please share your experiences in the comments.

United Shopping Portal

PointsCentric shared that he received this 50,000 mile offer after making a purchase through the United shopping portal, since then he’s had multiple other people try it. Not everybody has had success, but the majority of people have. People have generally received a targeted mailer a few weeks after their portal purchase. The United shopping portal has iTunes, so you should be able to purchase a cheap song from there to trigger the offer.

Our Verdict

55,000 miles isn’t the best ever offer on this card (that was 55k miles + $50 statement credit in April of this year), but it is one of the better offers around. If you have plans that involve United and need some additional miles, this is a pretty good offer otherwise I’d just wait and try to snag a 55k + $50 offer (if they bring that back). It’s also still possible to get the 50,000 mile offer on the business version of this card.

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I received this offer before using the portal. I suspect it is because I had a united mileage plus account.

the biz 50k offer in the link at the end of this article is dead.

however, chase still has it available and its public:

is this the highest its ever been for the biz version? this offer doesnt have extra miles for adding an AU or the $50 SC. not sure if thats how its always been for the biz version.

I received this offer in the mail, apped, and was approved. I just received an AU account card. My question is since the AU account card has the same number, how does Chase know when it is used to gain the additional 5K?

They can tell by the name on the card. When you look online you should be able to see which card was used also.

No go for me in an Indianapolis branch. They didn’t know what I was talking about.

Checked my local Chase branch and they didn’t have the 50k personal offer. Applied for the biz 50k offer instead. Will wait for the targeted personal offer.

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