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Published on February 26th, 2015 | by William Charles


U.S Bank Cash+ Card Now Available For Online Applications

The U.S Bank Cash+ card allows you to choose two 5% cash back categories every quarter (and one 2% category), there is a spending limit of $2,000 per quarter but that still equals $100 in cash back per quarter if you can max out that spending.

Previously it wasn’t possible to apply for this card online, you had to apply at a U.S Bank branch, use their windows phone application and sometimes they would accept phone applications. It’s now possible to apply for this card online directly. This card has no annual fee, but also no sign up bonus.

us bank cash+

Cash Back Categories

The U.S Bank Cash+ card allows you to to choose one 2% cash back category and two 5% cash back categories.

us bank cash+ categories

5% categories

Below is a list of all the 5% cash back categories, keep in mind you can choose two of these:

  • Select Clothing Stores
  • Gyms/Fitness Centers
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Sporting Good Stores
  • Cellphone
  • Bookstores
  • Department Stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • Fast Food
  • Furniture Stores
  • Car Rental
  • Charity
  • Movie Theaters

2% categories

These aren’t very useful because you should be getting at least 2% cash back on all of your purchases anyway. But here are the 2% cash back categories

  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants


Even though this is a cash back card, U.S Bank has been devaluing how useful the card is. This has been so rampant that people often refer to this card as the Nerf+. Here are some of the recent negative changes they have made:

There have been a lot of other categories that have been removed, but those are the two most recent negative changes.

Final Thoughts

I have this card and I had been using it for all of my Restaurant expenses and charity donations, I actually spend enough in those categories to easy max out the $2,000 per quarter (yay work lunches and dinners). Now that Restaurants have been removed, I’ll need to up my charity donations.

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I think most people will really struggle to max out the $2,000 per quarter, given the fact that there is also no sign up bonus I don’t think this card is worth applying for directly. That being said because it has no annual fee and 5% categories, it’s the best U.S Bank credit card to downgrade to.

If you are going to apply for any U.S Bank credit cards, you should freeze your IDA & ARS reports first.


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Funny how when much less people want it, its free to app online.. lol


Are you saying that fast food is still 5% but sit down restaurants (ie Ihop, Chilis, etc.) are 2%? What is the minimum amount cash back threshold?

Justin H.
Justin H.

Glad to see it’s available online, sad to see that it’s been nerfed. It’ll be interesting to see if you could combine with the Club Carlson card for a single hard pull.

Chasing The Points

It’s interesting that they added the application online after they’ve basically removed all of the good benefits. I still recommend this card, but not as a new sign up as Will has mentioned to product change into


@William, looks like the business meals are going to be much quicker now that you will need to dine out at the fast food restaurants in order to get the 5% back. I am sure once you expain the 3% margin the clients will understand.


Not happy that the @25 bonus on redeeming $100 or more is going away…


I’m curious, do you guys know if eBay would count towards any of the 5% categories? I remember I read some time ago that Discover 5% cash back during the last quarter counted eBay I believe as a department store.

I’d love this card if eBay would get 5% cash back. Any thoughts guys?


That would be simply wonderful…not sure…perhaps someone will experiment and report back?


It would be awesome if all orders counted throughout the year. I was hoping perhaps there was someone that had already done it and had a data point to share!


Just got a $100 sign up bonus offer after spending $500 in 90 days and zero % for 12 months in the mail today. Should this be enough to go for it, or do you think its still better to convert down to this card?


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