Posted by William Charles on November 29, 2018
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Published on November 29th, 2018 | by William Charles


United Airlines Mile Play Promotion: Bonus Miles For Completing Certain Requirements (Varies By Person)

The Offer

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  • United is offering bonus miles under their Mile Play promotion when you complete certain requirements before January 31st, 2019. Everybody receives a different offer based on their flying history.

The Fine Print

  • Flights must be completed by January 31st, 2019

Our Verdict

They have offered this bonus a number of times before. Generally they structure the deals so it will require more flights than you’d normally complete within that time frame. It’s also important to remember you need to register and only flights booked after registering actually count.

Hat tip to reader K H

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I got a decent offer this time: 1 flight $200+ before1/31 3900 miles

I got a decent offer too: 2 flights $200+ before 1/31 12000 miles

2 rt flights or 2 one ways , in general is united the right place contact when it comes to this promotion to verify the term? do they have a dept that knows about these promo details ?

what i want to understand is, what flights or fares qualify for the promo? if i’m not wrong in terms, something about tickets starting 016 was mentioned. how do you make sure you are purchasing a qualifying fare?

016 means it’s on united “ticket stock”.

Purchase and fly in Economy Plus® 1 time by
January 31, 2019
to get 2,000 bonus award miles.

Interesting offer. Probably not worth it.

Are points doubled? It says I can earn up to 13000 but the total of my two activities is only 6500.

You get a bonus for each activity and then if you complete all you get the total of all bonuses as well.

Last line should say the bonus for doing all 3.

I got take one flight in premium economy and get 2,000 extra points .

Better than mine, I got Fly in Premium Economy once for 1,000 extra points

United does not sell Premium Economy yet.
Do you mean Economy+?

Yes you are right ! My mistake economy plus.

Sorry, this offer is not available to this account number! WHAT!

same here. I have a non-US account, so that may be it

Same! I just took a flight with united less than a week ago so I can’t figure out if this is targeting those who haven’t flown in a while with them or just snubbing me.

3,000 miles possible: 1,000 miles if you purchase economy plus or upgrade existing reservation to economy plus. 500 miles if you pay for a checked a bag. 1,500 bonus miles if you complete both.

I’ll save my $30 and take advantage of the free checked bag with the United card.

12k points for me: fly once, base fare of $350 or greater, plus download the app. Wife not eligible.

Unfortunately, the account number you entered is not eligible for this offer.

I’m a little confused about my offer: the page is telling me that I need to book and take a trip ($450+) before 1/31 for 9000 miles and then if I purchase and book in economy plus, I’ll get 1000 miles, plus another 10k for a total of 20k if I fulfill both requirements. Would 1 trip for $450+ on economy plus fulfill both requirements or does this require 2 different trip bookings?

“Purchase and fly in Economy Plus® 5 times by January 31, 2019 to get 2,500 bonus award miles.”


3000 Miles for a United Premium Plus flight and to check a bag.

“Unfortunately, the account number you entered is not eligible for this offer.”

Nothing for me

I got no offer. I have not flown United in well over five years, (but have gotten United miles from flying partner airlines and from the shopping portal).

Curious to see if the other people with no offer also have not flown United in a long time.

Same. Stopped flying United way back and no offer.

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