United Automatically Extending United Club Lounge Certificates

It looks like United is automatically extending United Club Lounge certificates that are expiring until August. For example:

  • Certificates that expired in March have been extended until July 31st, 2020
  • Certificates that are due to expire in May have been extended until August 31st, 2020
  • Certificates that are due to expire in August have not been extended

As far as I know United hasn’t stated this as official policy as of yet but worth checking to see if yours have been extended.

Hat tip to Viper3773

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Hertz denied my request to extend all my Hertz rewards points that expired days ago. They said I should have booked a rental (which is the only way to extend Hertz points) . Contacted them on social media and wrote an email as directed.


I had one expire March ~18 and just looked to see that it is resurrected to a July 31 expiration date. Not likely I will get it used before then, but at least there is a chance. Is there any way to transfer this to someone else to let them get some use out of it?


My certificates were due to expire in July. They are extended to October 20.