Posted by William Charles on April 16, 2018

Published on April 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


Live Blogging The Marriott/SPG Announcement

Marriott/SPG will be making an announcement at 4:30PM EDT regarding the future of the programs. There has been multiple rumors/leaks about this announcement (1, 2, 3), but this is when we will get official confirmation and clarity. Anybody can stream the event live on Facebook here. For those that can’t watch the stream, I’ll live blog the announcement on this post (for the duration of the announcement this post will be stuck to the top of the homepage) in dot point format (with the newest points first). If we get the full information before the event we will obviously just post that instead.

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should i transfer my SPG points to Marriott right now, or wait for the announcement and take the risk?

You can always transfer them back if they don’t change anything.

Why were you thinking of switching them to Marriott? I’m sitting on a decent amount of Marriott / SPG points right now and am not sure what to do.

I would transfer them to an airline partner program if I were you. Airline miles are generally more valuable than hotel points.

JB from San Diego
JB from San Diego

Sweet!!….I will be checking here since I will not be able to stream it from work…Thx DOC!!

FWIW, not surprisingly it appears the big blogs have it under embargo, so I would expect all of the details to be out at 4:30 PM EDT sharp regardless of how long the live stream takes.

u know it will be bad…that’s why they scheduled it around tax day…so fewer people will be paying attention.

When are these changes going to kick in. Specifically I have travel in may booked with Marriott as a gold in Asia. If they are all of a sudden pull longe access I need to change reservations or will it only happen all at once in august.


Point transfers to airlines still works.

No one can stop Marriott going hell

Im so nervous since im getting soon a lot of SPG points (around 200K) from the SPG business cards for me, spouse, brother and friend plus referrals.

Joke of the day:

I have been slowly rebuilding my sisters credit score (late payments / delinquencies) and she was finally approved for a Chase Ink Preferred, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex SPG business.
Today she received a letter from Comenity bank that they lowered the credit limit on her (7 year old) Victoria Secret credit card from $200 to $100 because of too many new inquires within last 6 months. 😜😜😜😜

so how many HP is that? Comenity sucks. Not surprised they did that, but I am surprised they didnt shut down her VS CC based on what they see.

Halving the CL doubled her possible underwear utilization ratio?

feel free to have your sister email me if she needs help shopping 🙂

My VS CL is $6,600! 😉

Balance was $0 of $200

Any way to view the stream of the event without logging in to Facebook? Maybe I’m missing it, but Facebook doesn’t seem to let me view it without logging in :/

Thanks! Using that link + checking the “use desktop site” on my phone did the trick. I think Facebook prevents you from viewing anything other their mobile site without logging in, though easy workaround.


All the changes are public now in the Marriott page.

All is now in the web page.

WTF is peak and off peak awards?!!

100000 off peak for Cat 8, which is goign be new?

As in if you go to a ski hotel in february it will be peak

Well that be troublesome to keep up with. Hopefully, ALL properties in the same location will have the same peak and off peak. Hawaii will probably be year-round. LOL

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