Posted by William Charles on April 9, 2018
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Published on April 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Rumor/Leak] SPG + Marriott Joint Loyalty Details

There are two pieces of information regarding Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood Preferred Guest. Firstly they are having a big event on April 16th:

Flyertalk user coltonatx then shared the following information regarding the joint loyalty program:

  • All members will earn 10 points per dollar spent
  • There will be five status tiers:
    • Silver status at 10 nights
    • Gold status at 25 nights
    • Platinum status at 50 nights
    • Platinum Premier status at 75 nights
    • Ambassador program at 100 nights and $20,000 in spend
  • Free breakfast (unknown which status level) will be “expanded to 25 brands and resorts.”

Currently you need 25 nights for gold with SPG or 50 nights with Marriott. You need 50 nights for Platinum with SPG and 75 nights with Marriott. I doubt you’ll be able to get free breakfast or lounge access with gold status under the new program, I’d expect that at Platinum level or possibly even higher. I suspect the big event will be announcing all of this formally. There are also some ramblings that direct transfers between Marriott & SPG will end on this April 16th date (sorry the rumblings are about SPG transfers to airlines ending, not SPG to Marriott & Vice Versa). Very unsure how accurate it is, but something to keep in mind. It’s also worth remembering that SPG/Marriott have already announced plans for co-branded cards with both Chase & American Express. If you’re looking for advice on what to do when it comes to the current cards, read this.

Hat tip to US Credit Card & /r/churning


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Do you think this merger could possibly mean the end of the SPG x Amex cards ? I just got the spg biz (that I love) and I was thinking of getting the spg personal because of FMO

Any take on that ? DOC ?

My fear of getting a bad deal is greater than my fear of missing out.

Whoa! Elite statuses are going to get devalued.

At least with Hilton gold I can get breakfast

Ending direct transfers between programs with no notice would be the stupidest move ever; taking Marriott gold breakfast benefits away from people who earned status and booked hotels based in good part on that benefit would be the second stupidest move. Hilton and Hyatt are looking better than ever.

Withholding my opinion on substance until we have more reliable information. This all seems to source back to one person on the Chinese FlyerTalk.

But if any of this turns out to be true, shame on Marriott for allowing information to leak out like this, particularly when it might affect member decision making. Advance notice is important, but so is having complete, reliable information. These are two big, important programs. Shows a lack of respect for members and the value of the programs.

Parts Unknown

Time to get the SPG Amex personal or still okay to wait a bit? I have the SPG biz & Marriott biz. Way over 5/24 for the Marriott personal.

Oh no about the end of direct transfer between Marriott and SPG next week. Also no transfer to airlines??? Oh no that is bad!

Is it time to convert remaining SPG points to miles?

Heres the real question!

Totally agree. April 16th is right around the corner. I feel like it is time to move those SPG points to my airline of choice.

Why would they end transfers between Marriott and SPG? That doesn’t make sense at all. Is this just a prelude so they can limit transfer to 1:1 later? My sister signed up for the SPG business card so we could combine points into my account then transfer them to Marriott for a 5-night stay at JW Marriott in Vancouver in a few months. This is a bummer if transfer between programs is stopped.

The expansion of free breakfast for elitesto just 25 brands is just meh. Don’t SPG Platinum get breakfast anyway at all SPG properties?

Also, one SPG brand already provide free breakfast. At least the Residence Inn by Marriott provides breakfast, and I don’t know which others provide free breakfast but I hope these are not included in the 25.


I have not seen rumblings about transfers between both programs ending on the 16th. It’s all been about transfer partners with SPG ending on the 16th.

Why would they end transfers between Marriott and SPG especially without notice?

Do you think it’s even worth spending $30k on the SPG card(s) anymore for SPG Gold? Seems like SPG Gold=Marriott Gold will be devalued significantly with the latter losing breakfast, etc. Zero reason to spend $30k for 2019. Am I wrong?

Parts Unknown

It’s a lot easier to spend $550 for an Amex plat, just my opinion. Or get the Ameritrade plat.

Obviously we’re all speculating up a certain extent, but I wonder what sort of implications this will have on points. Part out me feels like they won’t do anything to screw us over without some notice, I can’t help but feel nervous about what this merger will mean for point values and the nights and flights packages in particular.

What will happen to SPG’s current transfer arrangements with various airlines?

My SPG personal is due for AF this month and Marriott personal is due for AF in May. Was planning on canceling SPG as I at least get a free night for my AF on Marriott card. I put no spend on Marriott card this year because SPG earned more even at Marriott ( 2 SPG > 5 Marriott). Decisions, decisions.

Then hope Hyatt can open the match of Globalist soon.


AF just posted on SPG yesterday, so I’ve got time to decide to keep it. I use it only for MSing, easily hitting 30k for gold status to SPG/Marriott. Taking away breakfast for golds for the remainder of 2018/19 would be strike one. I redeem SPG at 1:3 to Marriott for the vacation packages, we’ll see what happens on April 16 before I do anything.

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