Wyndham Rewards Increase Sign Up Bonus To 45,000/30,000 Points + 15,000 Point Anniversary Bonus

Update: We have confirmed that this is the higher sign up bonus they were talking about for the Summer.

The Offer

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  • Wyndham Rewards & Barclaycard have increased the sign up bonus on their annual fee and no annual fee credit cards. The bonuses are as follows:
  • Annual fee card:
    • $69 annual fee card not waived
    • 30,000 bonus points after first purchase
    • 15,000 bonus points after you spend $1,000 or more within 90 days
    • 15,000 bonus points on your account anniversary every year
    • Card earns at the following rates: 5x points on every participating hotel stay, 2x points everywhere else
  • No annual fee card:
    • 15,000 bonus points after first purchase
    • 15,000 bonus points after $1,000 or more in spend within 90 days
    • No annual fee and no account anniversary bonus
    • Card earns at the following rates: 3x points on every participating hotel stay, 2x points everywhere else

wyndham rewards 45k 30k offer

The Fine Print

  • The 15,000 bonus points after $1,000 is not mentioned in the main marketing bullets, you need to skip down to the fine print to see: Cardmembers will earn an additional 15,000 bonus points when they spend $1,000 or more within the first 90 days of account opening
  • Anniversary points will post on the statement after you’ve paid the annual fee

Our Verdict

Wyndham is moving to a simplified rewards program, starting May 11th all Wyndham properties will cost 15,000 points (including all inclusive properties but excluding Planet Hollywood and Dolce properties). This means tier 5 and above properties will become cheaper, while tier 4 and below will become more expensive.

When Wyndham announced these changes they also said they’d be releasing their highest sign up bonus yet on the credit card, I’m unsure of this is that bonus. In the past Wyndham have offered a similar 45,000 point offer but the anniversary bonus was only 5,500 points. This is the highest bonus we’ve seen on the no annual fee card, in the past the highest bonus was for a total of 20,000 points.

This offer is pretty decent, you basically get three free nights at any Wyndham property and then an addition free night each anniversary when you pay the $69 annual fee. Personally I’d recommend waiting, I’m not fully confident that this is the better bonus the Wyndham media representatives were talking about, I imagine they’ll officially release this offer (or the actual better bonus) on May 11th. In the short term even if this is the higher bonus then I’d suspect it’d be around a lot longer than the 7 days between now and then.

You can read our reviews on both of these cards by going here. We also have a list of the best hotel credit cards here. Both of these pages will be updated soon.

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I just got this card to earn nights at the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront, and now they and the nicer properties have zeroed their award space and are “no longer participating” in the program. What a joke. Time to cut the card up and move on.


I wanted to provide an interesting update. I have applied for the annual fee card and paid the annual fee. I then spent about $115 in purchases. I got the statement generated with 45K points posted. So, I am not sure whether this is a mistake or I just got lucky. Also, my wife’s card has the same 45K points posted with just $250 in purchases. I thought I had to spend $1K in purchases to get the additional 15K bonus, but looks like I already got the entire 45K by just doing $115 in total purchases. Just wanted to share this data point for the curious minds.


where is the fine print you speak of? I reviewed the Wyndham Visa website and still see the 5,500 everywhere. If I click on “pricing and terms” I get a popup window of fine print but scrolling down I still see:

Anniversary Bonus Points for Cardholders with $69 Annual Fee: Beginning with the first anniversary after Account opening, and every anniversary thereafter, Cardmembers will be awarded 5,500 Anniversary points. Anniversary points will be reflected on the billing statement following the payment of your Annual Fee.


Wife & I both applied for the 45K offer yesterday and were instantly approved. Since we will not be putting spend on the Club Carlson card this month, I wanted to have the new cards to load Redbird & Amex 4 Target for May. We’ll accumulate just enough points for about 10 nights in our 1st month w/ the Wyndham card. If a better offer comes up later in the month, we’ll call and see if we can get a match.