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Published on February 5th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Wyndham: Stay Twice & Get 15,000 Points (Enough For A Free Night Anywhere)

This deal has expired, view more Wyndham deals here.

The Offer

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  • Wyndham is offering 15,000 points when you complete at least two stays by July 1st, 2018. You must register before completing your first stay as well.

The Fine Print

  • To qualify for this offer to receive 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points (redeemable for a free night stay at a Participating Hotel, or other rewards, pursuant to the Program Terms) (“Free Night Offer”), a Wyndham Rewards Member must:
    • (i) register for the Free Night Offer by completing the registration process on, or any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, or through the “My Promotions” section of their Wyndham Rewards Member account on or the Wyndham Rewards mobile app, in each case, between February 5, 2018 and June 30, 2018 (the “Promotion Period”);
    • (ii), book two separate (2) Qualified Stays at Participating Properties on,, any of the official brand websites of any participating Hotel Chain, the Wyndham Rewards mobile app, via the official toll free reservation number of Wyndham Rewards or any of the participating Hotel Chains or, in the case of a Qualified Stay at a Participating Hotel, directly with a Participating Hotel; and
    • (iii) begin each such Qualified Stay during the Promotion Period and complete it no later than July 1, 2018 (each, an “Offer Qualifying Stay”).
  • For clarify, Members must register for the Free Night Offer before completing their first Offer Qualifying Stay in order to qualify for the Bonus (as defined below). An Offer Qualifying Stay includes all consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of check-ins or check-outs.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Promotion Terms, if a Member number is associated with more than one (1) Offer Qualifying Stay on the same date(s), only one such Offer Qualifying Stay will count toward the Free Night Offer. For clarity, two (2) Offer Qualifying Stays are required to receive Bonus (as defined below).
  • Qualified Stays are subject to certain restrictions and do not include third party online bookings; see the Program Terms[ for more information about Qualified Stays at Participating Properties.
  • A Member who completes two (2) Offer Qualifying Stays pursuant to these Promotion Terms will receive 15,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points (the “Bonus”), typically within two to four weeks after the completion of such Member’s second Offer Qualifying Stay. 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points are good for 1 standard bedroom per night, subject to availability, blackout dates/rates and other restrictions.
  • Most properties – Go Free award applies to room rate only, including taxes. Member must have enough points for all bedrooms in desired accommodation to book award nights. A per night resort fee is payable for all nights at Caesars hotels, including award nights. Points cannot be used to pay resort fees. See the Program Terms for more information about how to redeem Wyndham Rewards points.
  • Members who have elected to earn airline miles or rail points in their Member profile will earn base miles or rail points in accordance with the Program Terms and the Bonus in the form of points. For clarity, any stay completed prior to registration for this Free Night Offer, or that has a check-in date prior to February 5, 2018, and/or a check-out date after July 1, 2018, will not be counted towards the Free Night Offer. Maximum of one (1) Bonus per Member (even if such Member completes more than two (2) Offer Qualifying Stays). A no-show does not count as an Offer Qualifying Stay.

Our Verdict

This is a great promotion, the two stays can be at any Wyndham property and you then get enough points for a night at any Wyndham property. You can see some of the best Wyndham redemption here. This is definitely a big enough promotion for me to consider changing my booking behavior, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Wyndham properties during the promo period.

Hat tip to Mommy Points

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can you book the two stays with points and still get the 15k pts?

no. Qualifying nights are nights where the rate is at least $25 before tax & fees. It’s in the fine print on their main rewards page. Found this out the hard way with their MC promo where I found a $20 rate Before tax and it didnt count. When i questioned it with CSR, they referred me to the page where it does state the min $25

does if i book points + cash and the cash portion is $25 or more, it would count?

In the past (previous Masterpass or Visacheckout promos) people reported that it worked… never done it myself though. Pls refer to those posts’ comments for more details.

I don’t see any mention of having to book the free night by a certain date, did I miss it?

Book 2 qualified stays by June 30, 2018

Stay twice at any of our hotels and complete both stays by July 1, 2018.

Points expire 4 years after they are earned. In addition, after 18 consecutive months without any account activity, all of your points will be forfeited.

On their new wyndhamrewards website (which is by the way day and night compared to the old outdated one) you can actually see exact date when some of your points would expire. Look at NOTIFICATIONS section.

Should look something like this
6,103 of your points will expire on 10/11/2021

That is very helpful info, thanks! I would do a mattress run for this promo if I had no other way to do the two nights.

So I could stay one night at two cheap Travelodges for ~$100 total and get 15,000 points to use at an expensive property? Score!

Not just that… look for different rate options. Some of the properties offer Bonus points for the stays.. 1-2K bonus and the rate is often is almost the same (may be $5 more)… if you do that you can score 2-3K points for each stay as well (as at Wyndham each stay is at least 1K points, even if the price is below $100). Such “+ bonus” stays also qualify for the promos.

To qualify, suppose I want to stay at the same hotel for 2 consecutive nights, do I have to separate it to 2 stays/books?

presumably you don’t have to actually stay, you could book and not show up?

if so, we just need to find some really cheap rates around the world?

This will not work either. You have to stay. Form their T&C: “A no-show does not count as an Offer Qualifying Stay.”… if you are planning to “trick the system” I suggest to spend few min and carefully read the T&C.

Also, keep in mind that for previous promos any stay with paid portion less than $25 is not a qualifying stay either.

Good luck.

Check-in, wrinkle the bed covers, toss the keycards on the dresser & leave, why wouldn’t that work? Is there enforced check out? I wouldn’t have a problem watching TV for an hour then checking out, despite the looks from the front desk. Theres a Knights Inn 20 mins from my house with room rates of $32 per in May. Would be great to do that twice, get the 15k & use them at someplace nice. There are some really good $+points redemptions with Wyndham (makes points worth $0.05+) or use the whole 15k for a night in a $300+ room would make this worth it to me.

As I replied below to Will’s comment, you are absolutely correct. Check in should be enough without wrinkling or watching anything. In my mind “check in” = “stay”… but you are right, I should have been more precise in my comment.

Since Pete was going to “find some really cheap rates around the world” I assumed he had no intention to be near the property, and that would not work.

Also, if you are interested in paying for Wyndham points in some way you can buy up to 5K points per year for the price of $11 for 1,000 points (1.1 cent per point). Which is very reasonable price in my opinion. Unlike other programs which try to rip you off on the points purchase, Wyndham is actually using the points purchase as a tool to allow members to “top off” the account if needed.

I didn’t realize you could buy the points so cheap, thanks. I’m looking at hotels in Santa Barbara & Boston now, using 3k points brings the prices down up to $165, that’s 5.47 cents/pt, great value

Yep! Great way to get some extra points… keep in mind it is 5K max annually… but I do not know if it is for the Calendar year, or for your anniversary year… or purchases have to be 12 months apart.. no idea. May be somebody who tried that will let us know here.

Also, on my recent booking I was short 170 points, and CSR just gave them to me, without me even asking… I did not even know they could do something like this. So, if you a tad short, may worth asking… although $11 for 1K is not much either.

Good luck.

do award stays count?

Sounds like this could stack with the visa checkout 15k promo from Dec/Jan? I have one stay left for that one… booked before Jan 31, but occurring in February. The new one doesn’t specify that the stay must have been booked in the promo period, just that the stay much start or end within the period.

I’ll probably also try to see if the cash + Points triggers a stay credit. A $200 room for $65 + 3k point that I actually want to stay at is better than $60 for a dummy stay. If not, I’ll just finish it out with a $60 microtel room in June.

Sorry … have bad news for you… the Visa Checkout promo was finished early. No stays after 01/18/18 would be credited for Visa Checkout promo… due to “overwhelming response”. They depleted the allocated number of bonuses on that promo early.

Sad… I missed on 1 night on it as well on my SO account and got only 5 out of 6 stays… 🙂

This promo seems like coming directly from Wyndham, and I do not see the clause where they can end it early. Hopefully everybody who completes 2 stays gets it.

Regarding the booked vs stayed… I think you are correct, and your upcoming stay would qualify for this new promo as long as you register for it before your stay…. worth checking though, and if not re-booking.

Good luck.

Ugh, anyone know where the terms of the visa checkout promo might be archived? Had a 2nd stay after 1/18 and hadn’t seen anywhere that it was cancelled early. ‘third’ stay in feb is lucrative for the new offer, but thinking of rebooking. Kind of crappy that they can cut off the first promo after people have booked future stays believing they are earning extra points.

I’m not going to boycott Wyndham or anything because there is serious value still going forward in some of their more expensive properties. But staying at a few cheap properties definitely does not make me want to go back to the lower 80% for any other reason than to have their awards.

Call Wyndham Rewards customer service to confirm… that is how I found it it is over – was going to make a booking and checked for the promo and the page was not there. Those promos always have a clause “while supplies last”, this way they limit their liability. I am almost positive the cut of is determined by the day of stay not the day the booking is made (as you can cancel your booking, and they can not hold on to your bonus)… but definitely call them before you cancel and re-book.

Coincidentally all my points for 5 stays on 2 accounts posted on 01/18… so I guess as soon as they depleted the allocated bonus points (somebody is paying for those bonus points… my guess is “Visa Checkout” does) they ended the promo and posted the points. Check you account, you will probably see them posted the same day.

I think something similar happened with Masterpass… as a friend of mine who stayed at the end of the period has not received his bonus for that stay yet.

With this being said, I do not see such verbiage on this promo (please somebody correct me if I am wrong).

Good luck.

I found the Visa Checkout terms on the original Dr of Credit page from the fall… the one seems to allow what they did.

“Not valid toward previous purchases. This Promotion and its terms and conditions are subject to cancellation or change without notice.”

Something to be aware/suspicious of in the future.

I got points for my first stay on 1/18 too. Thought it was just when they did a computer sweep and would do it again. That’s when I decided to go through with the rest of my bookings, because I was definitely skeptical whether the visa checkout would actually work.

Maybe I can convince them to give me a few points out of goodwill.

Transfering Wyndham Rewards points to Total Rewards points is another option for those staying or dining at Total Rewards properties.
Points transfer 1-1 from WR to TR with a minimum of 10,000.

does booking thru Chase Rewards considered as qualifying stay? or does it have to be direct booking from Wyndham?

I split a 3-night trip to Vegas by staying in a couple Travelodges for $168 total, 15k bonus posted the day after the last checkout. I would say that was an easy 15k points, but yeesh, that Travelodge Center Strip is nasty. Travelodge Las Vegas Airport North was actually pretty decent as it had recently been renovated and included a free shuttle to the airport.

Also, the 15k is usually referenced by Wyndham and here in the comments as a free night, but the real value are the 3k “Go Fast” redemptions from a pure cents per point standpoint. That is, if you can endure that many nights at Wyndham properties. A big if, I realize, but don’t overlook those redemptions.

I completed my 2 stays on 3/4 and I got an email today, 3/7, with the subject line “Congrats! You’ve Earned a Free Night”. I can confirm that the points have already posted. Great deal!

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