Posted by Chuck on December 3, 2019

Published on December 3rd, 2019 | by Chuck


Yahoo Partners with Rakuten (Ebates) for Shopping Portal

Yahoo has launched a new shopping portal at They’ve partnered with Rakuten/Ebates for the portal. In fact, payments track through your Rakuten/Ebates account, so Yahoo is really just the front. See the FAQ here.

I guess the idea is to mainstream shopping portals for people who aren’t used to it, and Yahoo is a more well-known company. Looks like this may also be available somehow in Yahoo Mail for those who use that.

The rates seem largely the same as with Ebates directly. I do, however, see some featured rates that are 1-2% higher. Not sure how this account will interact with the Ebates Membership Rewards version account.

Overall, it may not be worth dealing with another go-between for an occasional slightly higher rate, though heavy shoppers might find it worthwhile. Let us know if you see anything more interesting about this new portal option.

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Yahoo are struggling to stay relevant. I think they’ll try just about anything at this point.


hey. funny you say this, i was just going to post yahoo is trying to be relevant again haha.


Good for Yahoo!

Royal Green

The UI looks cool, but unless they’re doing a significantly better deal than other shopping portals, I’ll stay away from Yahoo myself.

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