Posted by Chuck on May 14, 2015

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[YMMV] $10 off Amazon purchase with Discover Cashback

The Offer

  • Receive a $10 discount from when you use your Discover points to pay for part of the purchase. Use promo code: SWP05DFS10 at checkout.

You can link you Discover card here and then the system will give you the option to pay with points at checkout.

In the past, these offers have worked to purchase anything sold by Amazon themselves, including third-party gift cards sold on Amazon, but not Amazon gift cards. And you just need to apply 1¢ of Discover cashback to the order to get the $10 discount.

There’s usually a page on Amazon which shows these kinds of offers clearly; we haven’t yet been able to find the direct link for this one.

The Fine Print

  • Valid through 5/31/15
  • Only valid only for customers who have not previously used Discover Cashback points as payment.
  • Only applies for goods sold by, not third party sellers.
  • This offer is targeted, it’s working for some and not for others.

Our Verdict

Many of us already ‘used up’ our $10 discount from past offers. If you’ve used it before it won’t work again. If you didn’t use it before it may work for you.

Personally, I used this once to buy a $25 Whole Foods gift card. Total cost was $15, paid 1¢ with my Discover cashback and the balance with a credit card. From memory, the balance had to be paid with the Discover card, not a different card. The system automatically charges the balance to the linked Discover card.

One interesting thing noted by a Slickdeals member is that he recently got a replacement card from Discover due to a fraud issue, and he was able to get this deal again. Seems the deal is tied to the card number, not the account. Certainly, if you have two Discover cards you may be targeted to get this deal again. Many people got the Discover IT Miles card recently, for example.

Also note that lots of people have success chatting with Amazon to get the $10 credit manually applied if it doesn’t work automatically.

HT: goombastomper on Slickdeals

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I Chated with Amazon rep and told that coupon is not working after linking discover card, i was issued a 10$ promotional credit.

I didn’t used this offer in the past neither i was targetted.


Your website format sucks, bro.

William Charles



Have you actually been able to link your discover miles card with amazon and use shop with points? For me it gives an error saying it can’t retrieve the balance and when I called discover they said the miles card cannot be used for shop with points.

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