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Published on April 15th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [YMMV] Discover: Earn $5 Per Android Pay Transaction (Up To $50)

This deal has expired and is no longer available.  Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or sign up for notifications to let you know whenever we post a new deal.

The Offer

  • $5 Cashback Bonus® for each of the first 10 purchases you make with your Discover card in Android Pay until July 31, 2017. There is no minimum spend requirement.

discover android pay

The Fine Print

  • Targeted offer, e-mail subject line is: Earn up to $50 Cashback Bonus with Android Pay and your Discover card until July 31, 2017

Our Verdict

They have offered a bonus of up to $10 per Android Pay transaction in the past (up to the same $50 limit). Previously they offered a crazy Apple Pay deal (10% back up to $2,000), I doubt we will ever see anything quite like that again. Still an easy to earn $50 isn’t bad ($100 if you’re in the doubling period). Should appear on all of these cards:

Anywhere that accepts NFC payments should accept Android Pay.

Thanks to all the readers who sent this through and Tagging Miles for first blogging about this deal

34 Responses to [Expired] [YMMV] Discover: Earn $5 Per Android Pay Transaction (Up To $50)

  1. Alex says:

    Any minimum spend required?

  2. NinjaX says:
    Subject: Earn up to $50 Cashback Bonus with Android Pay and your Discover card until July 31, 2017

  3. Mser says:

    Any online merchants worth considerng?

    • Jason says:

      For regular Dunkin Donuts customers maybe. You can reload your account via the DD app with Android Pay but the minimum is $10. Not ideal, but still a 50% discount.

      • Jason says:

        Chick-fil-a also seems to allow reloading via their app but also with the $10 minimum.

        • cocoli says:

          Installed Chick-fil-a app, only see ‘visa checkout’ and credit cards on payment option, not see ‘android payment’.

          • Jason says:

            Did you have the Android Pay app installed before installing the Chick-fil-a app? When I click on Add Funds the Android Pay option shows up next to the Visa Checkout option.

  4. Dan says:

    Did anyone who did not have the card added to Android Pay get this offer?

    • Wyle says:

      +1 I got the offer and did not have my card enrolled with Android Pay.
      But for some reason, it fails to add my It card. Repeatedly get “Something went wrong, Please try again.” No such luck.

      • Dan says:

        Just deleted all of my cards from android pay 🙂

        @Wyle do you have any other cards to try adding to android pay? Also did you try another google account?
        Try calling discover. I’m sure they will be glad to help you spend more money!

      • Wyle says:

        Tried again this morning and it loaded to Android Pay just fine. Go figure.

  5. Matt says:

    Dan, I received the offer without having my Discover card in Android Pay.

  6. Joseph says:

    Hey Doc,

    This may deserve its own post but I’m seeing an Amex offer that is spend $5, get $5 back using Android Pay up to three times, expiring May 3rd. Also a pretty sweet deal worth considering for those willing to unroot their devices 🙂

    Also: Are you supposed to have your Discover card added to Android Pay to get this offer? I’ve got a Discover It but haven’t received anything

    • NinjaX says:

      sorry man. ur late to the party. and no, its a targeted offer via email.

      • Joseph says:

        Haha yeah I was so excited to be quick on the draw on the Amex offer and then realized it was also reported on. Thanks for the clarification about the Discover offer.

  7. YRK says:

    Nothing on mine (added in Android pay already) nor my spouse discover it card 🙁

  8. Thomas says:

    This is a pleasant surprise to go with the 3 Amex offers from a few days ago. Now I’m going to have to remember to use Android Pay 19 times.

  9. zkreflex says:

    I think any easy way to extract the value for users without an NFC-enabled phone (i.e. can’t qualify with in-store payments) is through the Kickstarter app.

    Donate $1 to projects that are already fully funded and ending soon – should net you $40 and good karma, right?

  10. Shaun says:

    Whole Foods works pretty good for this. Just dipped in for a $2 coffee.

    If you don’t normally pay with NFC, make sure Android Pay is your default and you don’t accidently pay with Wells Fargo mobile wallet. >:/

  11. Jenny says:

    Does this mean if I get a Discover Card, I can add the android pay app and get $5 off individual purchases up to $50? I have a wegmans grocery store nearby, so it would be simple.
    Thanks, Jenny.
    PS I am new here and am loving it!

    • Lisa says:

      Jenny, This is a “targeted” offer. That is, some EXISTING card members were offered the deal in an email and some were not. Only those existing card holders who received the email are eligible for the android pay bonus.

      • Jenny says:

        Lisa, thanks. I thought targeted meant they mailed out a postcard to the house. I will get a discover it card when they offer the sign on bonus again. Huntington bank sent an offer to my house for $300 to open a checking account which I did. The $$ posted quickly, and I plan to close the account very soon. The bank lady said it did not require a specific time, no penalty for closing fast.

  12. The Value Traveler says:

    I got this offer last year. NO luck this year.

  13. Jim Buckman says:

    I’m overseas right now and never tried using Android Pay before.. but my phone DOES support it.

    I got AmEx offers for Android Pay and now this Discover one.

    Two quick questions for anyone who can help:
    1) Any way to buy something online with Android Pay? I know, probably not.. as that contradicts what Android Pay does.. but just trying to ask for clarification.

    2) Can I use Android Pay in Australia? Or is it only home in the U.S where it works?


  14. zMay says:

    When will I get the bonus? I had 10 purchases this month and yesterday my statement closed but no sign of the $50… weird :S

    • PSB says:

      Here is the term “Rewards will be added to your Cashback Bonus account within four billing periods.”

      I had 10 transactions in April and still no sign of $50 after two statement cycles.

  15. Wyle says:

    DP: I did my 10 transactions in the 2nd half of April. Bonus cash back of $50 posted on June statement.

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