Posted by William Charles on October 31, 2018

Published on October 31st, 2018 | by William Charles


Uber Ride Passes Now Publicly Available In Select Cities: Pay Fixed Fee & Get % Off Discount

Update 10/31/18: Uber has formally launched Uber Ride Passes in 5 cities. These passes are available to all customers, whereas previously only selected customers could purchase the ride pass. The new subscription model is available in the following cities:

  • Los Angeles
  • Austin
  • Orlando
  • Denver
  • Miami

Passes cost $14.99 per month ($24.99 in Los Angeles & Washington D.C.). Ride pass subscribers will receive locked in rates on all UberX and UberPool rates, Uber is saying that subscribers will save up to 15% on overall monthly travel. Because the rides are fixed price they are not subject to surge pricing or additional traffic/weather issues that would normally slow the ride down and cost more. Ride pass subscribers will automatically see how much they have saved. Uber drivers will receive the same amount of money they would on a regular ride.

Lyft also recently launched  ‘All Access Plan‘. This costs $299 monthly but provides 30 rides, each ride can cost up to $15. Previously Uber has beta tested the ride pass program. The discounts were much higher than 15%. For more information on the old program you can read our old post below:

Old post: Uber has sent out another round of Uber ride passes, the timing is a little unusual as we typically see these at the start of a new month (or at the very end of a previous month) but I guess these are the passes available for September – October period. This time you pay a fixed fee (e.g $4.99) and receive a fixed discount (e.g 35%) on your rides for 28 days. You should have received an e-mail or have the offer pop up if you’re eligible. Unfortunately there is no other way to get targeted for the offer.

Uber Plus Passes for May are now available to the lucky few. Unfortunately it looks like most people have been targeted for specific location passes this time around (e.g it only covers trips from a set point A & point B. For example your home to work and vice versa).

The offers vary based on your location (and sometimes even individual to individual in certain locations). Actually purchasing these passes is the difficult part, here are some tips:

  • Check your app. Between payment and trips you might see the option for a rider pass.
  • Check your e-mails. Subject line should be ‘ Don’t miss unlimited rides for <price varies on region’

You can’t use your American Express Uber credits to buy the pass. You can use the credits to pay for your discounted rides. The $1 per ride offer from Ibotta also works when using these passes (our Ibotta review here). Goodluck!


  • Update 05/01/18: Uber Ride passes now available for May
  • Update: 03/28/18: Uber Ride Passes are now available for April.
  • Update 02/27/18: Passes are now back for March. Hat tip to readers MontyFC & Ryan H. Some people are reporting that you now must select two points (e.g home and office) and only rides between those points are included in the pass. Others are reporting no such change.
  • Hat tip to MontyFC

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I’m in DFW, and no where do I see it excludes airports (Bought in the pass). It actually does exclude airports and I’ve argued with Uber multiple times on their lack of transparency.

Really? You are going to argue with Uber over a 15 dollar pass that can grant you hundreds of saving monthly? I can never understand people like you. next time, do not buy it, and uber is more than happy to refund you,

Hundreds?! How much do you spend on Uber over a 28 day period anyway?

Apparently… hundreds.

If you do SYW and Ibotta you can get $6 back per ride. These stack even on flat rate fares. The uber pass has netted me in some months a positive cash flow of $50 and that wasn’t trying hard. $100 wouldn’t be a stretch if I was willing to really churn it hard.

Well he is a GreedyBastard, as his username indicates.

The greatest deal ever. Last month I got it and they added 9 extra days for free. Received email this month and got it again! The deal was dead in minutes. Los Angeles is my home and the deal is $4.99 and 6.99 for unlimited rides. The cost $15.00.

Do you mind forwarding me the email with the link? I know they’re sold out already, but I could at least try to add myself to the notification list. I’m in LA too. I used to get the ride pass during its inception in early 2017 & they stopped emailing me altogether. I’d really appreciate it.

Could you send me that email too? I am really desperate for one.

Here too

I got the Ride Pass deal 2 months in a row this summer and it’s a great deal. Since then no luck even after an inquiry to their customer support line. I spend 500 of more per month on Uber, but not sure if that helps or hurts my chances.

Great deal. Thank you!

How long do these email/app offers stay valid for? Because its only for 28 days after you start it, I would prefer to wait until 12/3 so I can get my new years rides included in this, but I don’t want to wait too long and have it expire. Does anyone know how many days its good for?

Thanks in advance!

NYC Offer: $!5 activation for unlimited rides at $3.99 for uberpool and $9.99 for uberx

This like the Amazon prime. They are testing the market. You are providing them the data points. Watch the prices to go up.

Live in STL and received an offer email. Fine print: Offer not available in St. Louis.

I was offered a pass for January (no email, but it’s there if I open the app). But instead of the usual deal for unlimited $6 rides in the service area (Philadelphia), it prompts me to enter a pair of destinations. It then offers me a $15 pass which entitles me to unlimited flat-rate rides between those two destinations.

The pass also entitles me to 15% off all trips in my region that aren’t between that pair of destinations. That 15% off is the main benefit of the pass, because the flat rate for my pair of destinations is 5-10% higher than the non-surge price for that route.

Same thing. This PHL offer is not as good as the ones before, I remember when it used to be THE deal. I usually take a lyft line to work and its between 2.30-3.20 everyday.

In Philly, got the same, but the flat rate is almost half of the normal rate for pool. The uberx rate is still a few $ less as well. I went for it (figure I can at least make it up with ibotta if it doesn’t pan out).

I just got the Uber pass for February in San Diego. It went live at 10 A.M. This post should be updated to hopefully help other readers.

Unfortunately, there is nothing between my “Payments” and “Trips” except the space between “Payment” and “Trips.”

The pass was different this time for me compared to previous ones.

I had to pick two destinations that I “traveled often” and then I was given a flat rate to/from both of those. It mentions “within close proximity” but I don’t know how far out you can go. They did accept a relatively long ride that I travel somewhat often, and I should save between $5 and $10 depending on surge.

The second part of the pass was 15% off of rides that don’t involve the to/from destination I picked, which works anywhere in the US, including airports. This is a really nice perk if you’re traveling soon since airport rides tend to be higher, at least for me. A combination of it being the airport and usually having to drive further to get to the airport makes a great deal.

anything over 20$ ride, the difference is charged still tho in addition to the flat rate, correct?

SF flat fare activation fee went from $12 to $15 since last month. The rides now cost $3.99 for uberPOOL and $7.99 for uberX. Pass is the same as last month, no 15% off rides or picking two destinations like others mention.

Based in SF, I don’t have the email nor an offer in my app. I’ve received the offer previously, but see nothing today. Was hoping to sign up.

Has anyone been offered a pass in LA for February?

DP- Mine from NYC $10 activation fee, pick two points, basically one route. Prices aren’t that competitive compared to previous passes, roughly an increase of $7 in Pool and $15 in X. Though interestingly, this time, there’s no maximum limit to the discount (previously it was limited to a $15 savings in X, $20 in Pool) so now could take it during peak hours with significant savings.

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