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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by Chuck


Everything You Wanted To Know About The American Express Platinum Uber Credit

The Amex Platinum card now comes with $15 of monthly Uber credits free when you add your personal Platinum card to the Uber app. In this post we will look at what you’ll likely want to know about the credit. First some basics:

  • You receive a $15 credit every calendar month
  • In December you receive an additional $20 credit (so total of $35)
  • Platinum card earns 2x points per $1 spent on Uber, but you don’t have to use your Platinum card to use the credit if your fare is over $15
  • If you have more than one personal Platinum card  (e.g. a regular Platinum and an Ameriprise Platinum), you’ll get $15 for each.



My credit isn’t showing, what do I do?

Remove your American Express Platinum as a payment option and re add it.

Does the credit work on UberEats?

Yes, currently it’s showing and working for UberEats.

Is the credit applied first, or will a gift card be used first?

You should be able to toggle the credits on/off. Uber discusses this here. or follow these steps:

  1. Pretend you are about to call an Uber
  2. The price estimate comes up, click on the Payment option where your last 4 of cc are displayed
  3. Your list of cards shows up. Scroll to the bottom and the credits appear, along with a toggle switch if you want to turn them off and pay with your card instead.

The issue with this is that it still groups all credits together (e.g Quicksilver credits as well).

Does this work for authorized users?

No, it will only work when the primary card is added to Uber. If you trust the authorized user (and you should if they are an authorized user) then you could just give them the primary card details to add into their own account.

Can the credit be used outside of the U.S?


Can the credit used be in Puerto Rico?


Can you buy Uber gift cards using the credit?

No they aren’t sold directly through the app so this will not work.

Can you get multiple credits on the same account?

Yes doesn’t seem to be any hard limit (useful if you have more than one Platinum variation). Multiple credits can also be applied to a single ride.

Do I have to use my Platinum card for Uber purchases?

No, you can use any card even if you’re using the Platinum credit for partial payment. E.g for a $30 ride you could use the $15 credit and then put the remaining $15 on your Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Do the first time use/referral bonuses stack with the American Express credit?

You can use both credits, might act slightly strange but should work out in the end.

What Timezone Is Used?

According to the fine print credits are valid until day of that month, Hawaii Standard Time. It looks like you receive the following months credit earlier than that though (some people saw $30 in credit available with only one card). Here are some data points on the double credit:


99 Responses to Everything You Wanted To Know About The American Express Platinum Uber Credit

  1. Sam says:

    Requested metalcard, gonna get it on 31th!

  2. Elias says:

    Meh. I ordered an Uber at 1:05am EST and the credit was not there so I paid full price for the Uber.

    At 1:08am the credit appears on the app…..

  3. Matt says:

    I have some uber gift cards still left over on my account, the true test will be if the amex credits are applied first. I won’t know until april 1st but I’m expecting this to be an issue.

  4. Melie C says:

    Matt same question here. I have an uber GC on my account but would like to have the amex card charged. I can not find any setting to set my card as the preferred payment of the ride.

    • Roberto says:

      I’m on Android and was able to toggle the credits on or off using the app (in the Payments section).

      • The Platinum credits?

        • Roberto says:

          Yes, I am able to toggle the Platinum credits on/off. Here are the steps:
          1. Pretend you are about to call an Uber
          2. The price estimate comes up, click on the Payment option where your last 4 of cc are displayed
          3. Your list of cards shows up. Scroll to the bottom and the credits appear, along with a toggle switch if you want to turn them off and pay with your card instead.

          (This is on Android, not sure if the steps are the same of iOS)

          Hope that helps!

        • Chris says:

          On my android, you can only toggle on and off *ALL* the credits. There is no separate toggle for Platinum credits. My Quicksilver credits are grouped with the Platinum credits, which complicates things because the $15 quicksilver credit is only for a single ride. ARGH!

          • Other Chris says:

            The quicksilver credits are no longer only applicable to a single ride, you can use them across multiple rides until the entire credit is exhausted.

        • Matt says:

          You can’t toggle amex or uber credits right now separately; only both at once. However, it is a positive sign that at least they show up separately from gift cards. I assume if there are any problems it will be easier to fix that way.

    • V says:

      you don’t need your amex plat to be charged (unless you’re trying to earn 2x MR?)

      you just need to make sure credits are being applied to the trip. i also had uber GC credit on my account, and the amex credit was used ahead of it

  5. Matt says:

    ^at least on my iphone right now. Maybe android has it right.

    • Roberto says:

      Ah sorry, I thought DoC was asking if credits could be toggled on/off in general, even if they were AMEX credits. Android has them grouped with my other credits as well. No way to tell which order they will deduct. (Previously I had a $10 courtesy credit from Uber and after my AMEX credits showed up today, I have a $25 credit, which can only be toggled on/off at once.)

  6. EC says:

    Does this work if you’re an authorized user on an AMEX card? Or do you have to be the primary account holder?

    • I was told primary cardholder only, can anybody confirm?

      • EC says:

        Thanks for looking into it. I’m an AU on Plat and I tried linking my card to my Uber account. It says that I can earn rewards points, but that’s all. It hasn’t given me any ride credits. Oh well, it was worth trying.

    • Biggie F says:

      Same question, and if this isn’t working for AUs, is there any workaround. I.e., I’m primary, but I don’t “do” Uber (have an account). When I am with spouse, who is an AU and who has Uber account/app on phone, is it possible to use the primary version of the card (with my name, alas) on her Uber account? Create a second account for me on her phone? [Jeez, Amex, thanks for making this benefit so useful for everyone.]

      • Rob says:

        My wife and I have 2 separate Plats and I have no problems adding both my and her card to my Uber account.

      • No, it will only work when the primary card is added to Uber. If you trust the authorized user (and you should if they are an authorized user) then you could just give them the primary card details to add into their own account

        • Biggie F says:

          Got it, and thanks to you both. As a (heretofore) non-user of Uber (non-Uber user), I was unaware that the name on a credit card did not have to match the name on a Uber account. But apparently it does not, and adding my Amex Plat card to my wife’s Uber account generated a registration e-mail to me and a $15 potential credit on her account. We’ll make sure it works later today.

  7. Jack says:

    Uber credit may only work in the US. It’s telling me it’s not available in my “region.”

  8. Jackson says:

    How will people who had applied prior to 3/30 get their uber credit if they had not received there cards yet?

  9. ElBarto says:

    Can you buy an Uber gift card using the credits?

  10. Thomas says:

    Good Morning William, With the Uber Credit is it possible to buy Uber GC?

  11. Mark says:

    This is a bit of a fucking liberty to require everyone to use the first $15 in 48 hours isn’t it?

  12. bostonwalker says:

    my family together has 6 amex plat cards. Any trick to combine all uber credit into one account? Thanks.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, you add all six cards onto your account. Simple.

    • WL says:

      I asked CS this morning, you can only use one $15 credit at a time.

      • Dave says:

        I’m not sure the CS will be the most reliable person to ask. Has anybody tried using multiple credits at once?

        • PedroNY says:

          Yes, multiple cards work, and yes you can get $15×2=$30 off a single ride, and yes you can have a card that is not in your name (i.e. your spouse) added to your Uber account and yes all of them will work — at least it did for me today, and hopefully again tonight.



    • V says:

      in the OP of the reddit thread, there’s an imgur link to an account’s payment page that shows multiple $15 amex credits. simply add the multiple cards (primary only, no AUs)

  13. Brian K says:

    Has anyone found a list of cities that have Uber VIP? I’m in Boston and it doesn’t look like we have it here, but I can’t find a definitive list anywhere. I’m also wondering if we are based in a market that doesn’t have it, but travel to a market that does have it (like NYC), will we automatically receive Uber VIP?

    Can anyone also provide a personal review of Uber VIP if you’ve used it/have it? Is it game changing or just slightly better?

  14. Bill H says:

    Ok – I added my Plat Amex to my Uber app on my iPad. Got the confirmation and the credit appeared. Went to confirm it was all on my iPhone app and found out they were two different accounts. I deleted Plat card from iPad and added it to iPhone but the credit still shows on the iPad only. Anyone have a clue on how I can get the March credit moved? Once the card was added to iPhone version, I did get a confirmation that I’d activated the offer so I assume I’ll have them starting April.

    • Bill H says:

      In case anyone has the same problem, I did indeed get the credit for April on my preferred iPhone account.

  15. AnthonyCM says:

    The card just has to be linked, right? Meaning if I have a $40 ride, $15 will come from the AmEx credit and the remainder can be charged to any card, such as Chase Freedom (for next two days, anyway).

  16. jcm says:

    The credit didn’t work for my Eats order. When I placed the order I saw a green badge with a checkmark next to it, but I was charged the full amount. Now when I place a dummy order the green badge doesn’t appear. The credit still shows up in my regular uber app.

    • tri n says:

      uber eats worked for me… after delivery. got a receipt with the credit taken off. wasnt entirely sure until after the delivery and then the email came. patience?

      • jcm says:

        Good tip, but that’s not what happened for me. I got the food, got the receipt, got charged full price. The credit doesn’t show on my UberEats app anymore, but it still shows on my regular Uber app. I’ve written to them to ask for help, and will update when I hear back.

        • jcm says:

          Update: Uber told me the receipt was wrong, and the credit had been applied. I confirmed this morning that the charge was $15 lower on my Amex than the receipt, so I’m good to go.

  17. Dave says:

    Is the $15 a credit like a gift card (ie, can be stretched across multiple smaller rides/eats, or does it have to be used in 1 transaction?
    Also, have we confirmed what happens when we combine multiple family primary Plat cards into a single Uber account? I saw the Reddit thread so I know it can be done, but if I have a $30 ride, does it use all $30 in credits? Or just 1 credit per transaction?

    • Dave says:

      To answer my own question and to confirm what Pedro wrote above– added 2 Plat cards to my account and made a $32.xx UberEATS purchase. I used my Quiksilver card and was charged $2.xx on the card and was able to use the $30 in credits. What I still would like to know is what would’ve happened if my purchase was only $25. Would I still have $5 in credit?

  18. Tech_Mo says:

    Could someone please clarify whether or not it will use up this Amex credit before using up gift card stored credit?

    I have $100 in Uber credit on my account and after I added my Plat it just bumped it up $15. No way to separate the two apparently…

    Would be great to know for sure!

  19. Ang says:

    So to confirm, there’s no way to tell which credits Uber is applying when we pay? I have uber credit from something else, that I have no use for, yet. So this means I’m basically out of luck since we won’t know which credits Uber will be using for my ride?

    • I think Platinum credits will be used first, but not 100% sure.

      • Tech_Mo says:

        I just ordered something on UberEats and it deducted from my regular Uber Credit BEFORE using up the Amex credit. So after spending $17 it used up my $10 in regular credit and then only $7 of the AmEx credit.

        Sent in a message to support to see if they can fix this, but not hopeful considering Uber’s customer service…

  20. Don says:

    Why is this U.S.-only when all charges are billed through the Uber app regardless of country?

    For a card issuer that sees itself as the card for jet-setters, it’s odd how the whole “Don’t leave home without it” only really applies in the U.S.

    I don’t have Uber at home, but Amex is jacking up my annual fee by $100 to pay for an Uber benefit that I’ll almost never be able to use, since most of my travel is outside the U.S.

    Lame, Amex. Lame.

  21. Michael says:

    The inclusion of Uber Eats makes this umpteen times more useful for me and ensures that I will get full value from this addition to the Platinum card.

    Don’t forget to search for Uber Eats promo codes, I found a $15 off code for first use that couples nicely with the Amex credit.

  22. Andre says:

    @Michael and all – if you have a $15 promo as a first time UberEats user and $15 Plat credit, would they stack, or you’d need to place 2 separate orders to utilize both?

    • Durga says:

      DP. yesterday 3/31. i placed my first order UberEats. single order it Stacked both first time $15 promo and $15 platinum credit.

      when I placed order initially it deducted $15 first time credit and remaining was charged to my card but once the food is delivered in final bill has used both first time promocode and $15 platinum credit.

    • Michael says:

      Sorry, I didn’t know you asked me this.

      But to doubly confirm. I was able to use both at the same time.

      A good side note, I created a second uber account for “my wife” and got a second $15 dollar credit from the code, then I deleted the platinum card from my personal account and added the platinum card to new account both on the 31st.

      At midnight on the first I had the new $15 amex/uber credit in my account along with the coupon.

      • Wait so you were able to use one Platinum card over two accounts? Or am I misunderstanding

        • Michael says:

          Yes, but not at the same time. I did have to remove the card from the the first account and add it to the second, though.

          What really surprised me is how efficient it was. Now I know first hand that whatever account your card is linked to as a payment method on the first of the month gets the credit, and you can remove the platinum card immediately from that account if you want but the credit remains on that account until the next month starts.

  23. DW says:

    The $4.99 booking fee for UberEats eats away 1/3 of the credit

  24. Michael says:

    I can confirm after a 3-way twitter convo with AskAmex and Uber that these credits work not just in the 50 US states, but also US Territories like Puerto Rico.

    I couldn’t find that answer anywhere on the Uber FAQ, and I have an upcoming trip to San Juan, so its good to know.

  25. Master Allan says:

    At first I thought Uber on my Platinum was a wasted benefit.
    Then I realized my wife could be my Uber driver once a month and pocket as close to the AMEX $15 monthly credit as possible. How convenient she could take “me” to the grocery store. I’m sure it is against the TOS but it could work for a number of months before anyone catches on.

  26. Jerry says:

    Has anyone been able to successfully use the amex credit towards Uber gift card purchase through the app?

  27. Stephen says:

    I realize this is an old thread, but do the Uber credits expire at the end of each month? Or can I accrue them for say, 3 months and then pay for a $45 uber ride?

  28. Chaser123 says:

    Did people receive thier October credit. I di not ge it on two uber accounts yet? I always had t on the 1st day of the month.

    • WL says:

      I had the same issue yesterday. I called Amex CS and helpless. I was told to contact Uber CS. Decided to remove the Amex card, add back, stop the app and start the app. The $15 finally shows up now.

  29. Tim says:

    I has not received this month credit so far, did anyone receive it?

  30. Chaser123 says:

    On one uber account I received the credit yesterday (and an e-mail). I contacted Uber on my spouse uber (and 2nd amex plat) account and they manually added a $15 credit.. FTI – deleting the app and deleting the platinumu card did not resolve the issue. UBer credited the account within minutes of me submiting the inquiry. They also sent me an e-mail saying if I do not see it by the fifth of the month to please let them know.

  31. Eric says:

    No longer works on UberEATS now? It shows in my Uber app but not in UberEATS

  32. phu says:

    Just made an order today and credit was not applied (I have $16.12 in my account – remaining balance from 2 plats for this month). I think it’s dead ;-(.

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