Everything You Wanted To Know About The American Express Platinum Uber Credit

Update 9/28/19: Credits will now automatically apply to your next ride, rather than having to select Uber Cash in app. If you don’t want to use the credit, you can still manually change it but by default it will use it. Hat tip to OMaaT

Update 7/31/19: Last day to use your credits for July. Don’t forget this credit works on UberEats and there are currently multiple UberEats promo codes that are working.

Update December 2nd, 2018: $35 credits for December are now live. If the credit isn’t showing up correctly then just delete and re-add the card.

Update October 29th, 2018:

Platinum credits now automatically go into your ‘Uber Cash’ balance. You now have to manually select Uber cash as your payment method otherwise the credit will not be used. This should make it easier to not apply these credits on business trips, but it’s been poorly handled by both Uber & American Express considering users were never informed of this change. Another issue is that if the credit isn’t enough to cover your ride you’ll need to click ‘refill options’ and then ‘just cover this trip’ to pay the remaining amount with a credit card. Hat tip to TPG

Update December 3rd, 2017:

Looks like the below issue has now been fixed and the full $35 is being applied.

Update December 1st, 2017:

As we’re now in December you should have access to $35 in Uber credits for this month. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the credits are working properly, it shows a $35 credit but when completing a trip only $15 is coming off rather than the full $35. I suspect this is a coding issue, but it’s something to keep in mind. If you’re having this issue I’d recommend complaining to American Express & Uber. You’d think when paying an annual fee of $550 you’d get benefits that work correctly but you’d be sorely mistaken.

If it’s intentional that it’s two separate credits of $15 & $20, then that’s even worse and equally unacceptable especially as you’d hope the bigger discount would come off first. Update: When using UberEats the full $35 credit is being applied, so it doesn’t look like two separate credits is intentional. Fingers crossed this is fixed quickly.

Hat tip to reader @PresleyTried

Original post March 30th, 2017:

The Amex Platinum card now comes with $15 of monthly Uber credits free when you add your personal Platinum card to the Uber app. In this post we will look at what you’ll likely want to know about the credit. First some basics:

  • You receive a $15 credit every calendar month
  • In December you receive an additional $20 credit (so total of $35)
  • Platinum card earns 2x points per $1 spent on Uber, but you don’t have to use your Platinum card to use the credit if your fare is over $15
  • If you have more than one personal Platinum card  (e.g. a regular Platinum and an Ameriprise Platinum), you’ll get $15 for each.



My credit isn’t showing, what do I do?

Remove your American Express Platinum as a payment option and re add it.

Does the credit work on UberEats?

Yes, currently it’s showing and working for UberEats.

Is the credit applied first, or will a gift card be used first?

You should be able to toggle the credits on/off. Uber discusses this here. or follow these steps:

  1. Pretend you are about to call an Uber
  2. The price estimate comes up, click on the Payment option where your last 4 of cc are displayed
  3. Your list of cards shows up. Scroll to the bottom and the credits appear, along with a toggle switch if you want to turn them off and pay with your card instead.

The issue with this is that it still groups all credits together (e.g Quicksilver credits as well).

Does this work for authorized users?

No, it will only work when the primary card is added to Uber. If you trust the authorized user (and you should if they are an authorized user) then you could just give them the primary card details to add into their own account.

Can the credit be used outside of the U.S?


Can the credit used be in Puerto Rico?


Can you buy Uber gift cards using the credit?

No they aren’t sold directly through the app so this will not work.

Can you get multiple credits on the same account?

Yes doesn’t seem to be any hard limit (useful if you have more than one Platinum variation). Multiple credits can also be applied to a single ride.

Do I have to use my Platinum card for Uber purchases?

No, you can use any card even if you’re using the Platinum credit for partial payment. E.g for a $30 ride you could use the $15 credit and then put the remaining $15 on your Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Do the first time use/referral bonuses stack with the American Express credit?

You can use both credits, might act slightly strange but should work out in the end.

What Timezone Is Used?

According to the fine print credits are valid until day of that month, Hawaii Standard Time. It looks like you receive the following months credit earlier than that though (some people saw $30 in credit available with only one card). Here are some data points on the double credit:


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Anyway to salvage 8$ worth of Amex Platinum Uber cash from expiring at 3am tonight?
Tried placing an order for Tom AM but after going back to place another order the uber cash is showing up still, so thinking it won’t apply until the store excepts the order. Even though amex put a hold on the funds on my credit card minus the uber cash balance.
So thinking it will expire and my card will cover the missing $8. Any ideas?

naftali weiss
naftali weiss

If I downgrade my card now will I loose my unused Uber credit for this month?


I took an Uber on October 31st and they’re trying to claim it as my November Amex uber benefit. This is obnoxious. I paid that night.


Not seeing anything about the credit in the uber eats GUI. Should I just make a purchase and expect to see a $15 credit on the statement?


It’s been 5 days and no credit whatsoever. Paid for the uber eats with plat and haven’t used the October credit anywhere else.

Does it not work for uber eats anymore or am I doing this wrong?


I downgraded to Gold because Uber kept ripping me off with their fees and hikes. Uber Eats is too expensive now. Saks is over priced. Centurion Lounge is overcrowded and has too many babies. Not worth the annual fee


From all the complaints Ive seen on other forums it appears that Uber has made a practice of playing games when it comes to using Uber Cash as a default payment method. With a company that is so tech heavy it unlikely that its a recurring bug that repeatably escapes their best efforts to rectify. Its much more plausible they are strapped for real cash and the practice is a stop gap to preserve revenue.


Wow! I’m actually taking Uber to arbitration over this very issue: uber cash not being auto selected! They had the audacity to claim I intended to pay with cash last month instead of using my free credit. They refuse to refund me since the credit has since expired. Ridiculous.

Uber took my cash as well
Uber took my cash as well

How did you take Uber to arbitration?


I haven’t filed yet but I did send a demand letter. They put a mandatory arbitration clause in their contract so presumably you can just file a consumer dispute with AAA.


Has anyone noticed that Uber rides seem to cost more when you have an Amex credit available on your account?


Thanks for the reminder! I always forget to set it to “Uber Cash”. Such a disappointing change.


I felt like only one using uber eats are those amex plat card holders, lol