$10 Into $1,000, Getting Approved For CSP, Chase IHG 80k, AwardWallet Compromised & Much More

  • Going from a Ten Dollar Gig to a Thousand Dollar Gig by Saverocity. I agree with what the crux of Matt is saying, you should be focusing on deals that have either long term value, can be scaled or automated or are insanely profitable. That being said, my time is worth differing amounts at differing times, if I’m at work then it’s extremely valuable. When I’ve just finished work it’s also quite valuable, it’s when I’m able to write this blog and do various other tasks/hobbies. At the end of each night I usually have a few spare hours though, during this time I know that I’m not going to read about taxation of capital gains because I’m way too mentally exhausted. I’m either going to read or watch some TV, thus the value of that time is quite low – if I can do an easy repetitive task and earn $200 then I’m more than happy to do it. It gives me more joy than reading/watching TV and I can put those funds towards my retirement or another trip.
  • My Unsuccessful Chase Sapphire Preferred Reconsideration Call, Visit, and Tweets by Travel With Grant. Grant basically tried everything in the book to get his decision reversed, but without any luck. The new Chase policy is real, so make sure you take it into account before applying.
  • AwardWallet Hacked & Loyalty Program Accounts Compromised by Loyalty Lobby. A small number of accounts were compromised (250 according to AwardWallet). It seems like the hackers gain access by brute force for people that had comically easy passwords to guess/had used the same password with another site that was compromised. Not great news, but seems to be more of a problem with others security rather than AwardWallet’s.


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“Getting Approved For CSP” Was looking forward to reading about how a churner could do this, but you can understand my confusion when I checked into your post and discovered it was actually about someone “Getting Denied For CSP”. (Usually your headers describe what the post is about and not the opposite.)