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[Expired] 10% off Target Gift Cards Online and In-Store [One Day Only – Sunday, 12/2]

Deal has expired, view more Target deals by clicking here.

[12/2/18: Reposting again as a final reminder. A lot of us have a Target coupon for 20% off to use up now too, so this gift card deal stacks well. I don’t think any portal pays out on Target gift cards.]

[11/29/18: Official press release is out and shows the offer available in-store as well. Updated post below and added direct links.]

The Offer

Direct Link to offer | Shop gift cards at (affiliate links)

  • Target will be offering their annual 10% discount on Target gift cards this Sunday, December 2.
  • Offer is available in-store and online.

The Fine Print

  • Target gift card redeemable 12/3/2018 at 10:00 AM Central (can’t be used right away)
  • Offer valid for up to $300 in Target gift card purchases ($30 maximum discount) per household.
  • No coupon code needed, discount automatically applied at checkout.
  • Minimum gift card purchase is $10.
  • Limit one transaction up to $300 in Target gift cards on
  • Offer does not include Target VISA gift cards, Target MaterCard gift cards & American Express gift cards and gift cards issued by other retailers such as dining lifestyle and entertaining gift cards.
  • Offer excludes reloads of previously purchased Target gift cards.

Our Verdict

Officially, it’s supposed to be just $300 per person. Some people like hitting this hard in Target stores by doing $300 per transactions if the cashier lets. Last year, Targetwent actually deactivated gift cards from some ultra heavy hitters, we wrote more details in the linked post.

Back in 2016, they did a similar thing to people who ‘rolled’ their Target gift cards, so I’d recommend against doing that (if that’s even still possible).

Target gift card purchases do not earn 5% off with REDcard, so you’ll want to pay with a different everyday credit card. Note: some Targets code as Grocery with Visa/MC.

Depending on your reselling connections, you might be able to find a buyer for Target gift cards at 90%+ making it an easy way to earn some free credit card rewards and maybe a small profit to boot. (It used to be possible to convert the Target gift cards to other gift cards, but that’s no longer an option.)


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Will be stacking this with my 20% coupon shopping trip! Sweet!!

I don’t think your 20% coupon will work on gift card purchases

The 20% off coupon excludes gift cards in the terms and conditions, so no stacking with this offer. That would have been great though.

I assume the obvious alternative will work, e.g. buy the Gift Card for 10% off. Use the gift cards AND a 20% off coupons to buy something real for Xmas. Save 29% or whatever.

I mean, he probably means that he’ll use his discounted gift card with the 20% off coupon. Ya know, buy something with 20% off and then pay for it with a discounted gift card.

I meant use the $300 gift card when I use the 20% coupon to buy my groceries, etc after 12/3 but before my 20% coupon expires. Thank you for the heads up though!

Sorry for the confusion all!! I’m using my gift card that I purchase at 10% to buy the groceries, etc. that I’ll use the 20% coupon on.

I did this last year, but online instead of grocery. I bought diapers with additional BOGO 25% off sale which made it extra sweet. So if you can combine with other promos you can sweeten the deal. Gift card promos (Spend $50 in X category, get $10 gift card, etc) won’t work though, since you’re paying with gift card.

I regularly pay with a gift card during gift card promos (e.g. buy $25 in shampoo, get a $5 bonus gift card) and have never had an issue with getting the bonus gift card.

Hm, when I had this problem it was with an online purchase and I was paying entirely with gift cards. Maybe it works in store, or maybe it works if you’re paying at least partially with CC. Or maybe it was just a glitch I was experiencing.

Where did you get the 20% coupon?

Acquired by making specific purchases on Black Friday

Bummed there isn’t a 5% category at Discover this year. I took advantage of Meijer’s $5 in rewards on every $50 of gift cards with my BCP (bought $500) so I’ll probably skip Target’s sale this time. I shop at Meijer anyway so the rewards are as good as cash for me.

Ditto. That 5% stacked nicely with the 10% offer last year so I bought 3. This year might just get 1

Can we still use target GC to buy other 3rd party GC(non visa/master/amex) online or at store??

Confirmed target red cards do not get a discount on target cards. (very heavy red card user).

Though I like this since I basically stock up heavy on things when they have their free $x gift card when you buy X.

And you also don’t get the 5% Redcard discount when you spend the Target GCs later, which makes this not as great of a deal if you normally use a Redcard (only an additional 5% savings).

Good point! This does break down to only 5% for Redcard users

5% plus whatever % you get back on the card that buys them. If you use a 2% Card you’ll get 7-12% more than usual 😉

Can we use a Target GC to pay for Target GCs?

I use the discounted Target gift cards at the in store CVS pharmacy. Target Red Card does not give 5% discount at the pharmacy for prescriptions. So using discounted gift cards at the pharmacy is the way around that. Last year scored $600 in Target gift cards and used Discover card to pay for them (netting almost 15% off). Used about $500 of that at the pharmacy.

Cool! I just assumed they didn’t take Target GC since they don’t give the red card discount!

The limit of one online transaction does not indicate it’s online only. That’s been there before and it means you can’t do multiple transactions on one account up to the $300 limit; you get one shot at the discount per account. Official press release announcement is out and says it’s good for in-stores and online like usual.

Can we use Target GCs from Staples to buy the 10% off GC to get the 5x from Ink?

Cannot buy gift cards with gift cards at Target.

NO. I literally did this yesterday. I had a $5 gift card in my target app wallet and purchased $5 gift card using the self-checkout lane

Doesn’t matter. For this promotion, the GC is activated after a day you purchase, not right away. You may get lucky like that for $5. If you are doing for large amounts, you may still see that showing up. But it won’t take a lot of time for them to deactivate later or wipe that off completely. You may never see it activated next day.

I would stay away from that temptation….

The target GC from staples would be useable at anytime though.

I am planning to do this and did a test run yesterday with a $5 gift card

You can buy 3rd party gc with target gc online, but in store would be fine.

Not in store anymore either. They changed their policy and hard coded it into the registers to prevent buying 3rd party with a Target GC since late June 2018. If you managed to do it in the last few weeks you have a unicorn not connected to the system and more power to ya. The rest of us are sad.


How do they determine households online? My wife has a target account, could she buy one and then if I create an account or checkout as guest could I buy one online also in my name? Would I need to ship mine to my work or could they both be shipped to our house?

I have a couple large AmEx gift cards that I’ve been trying to figure out how to use efficiently so this is great even if i have to go to the store to get a second one.

Billing address may be used to determine households. Bear in mind that billing addresses are sometimes tricky: line 2 may be ignored by either the card company, the merchant, both, or neither; apt numbers can often go in either line 1 or line 2.. Stay under the radar and you’ll likely be fine.

How many gift cards could we buy in store? Is there a way for Target to really track the household max if we use different credit cards each time we check out(Chase, Citi, Amex, BoA, etc)?

$300 per person is the official limit. Getting more than that depends on a cooperative-or-oblivious cashier, or visiting several different cashiers. If you go early in the morning, midday, and late in the evening, there probably won’t be the same people on duty to potentially recognize you.

As a former Target employee Target does track your GC purchases for this promotion.

If you do want more than $300 I would recommend:

A) Using Multiple Payment Cards, a different card for each GC Purchase.
B) Visiting Multiple Stores

Each store’s Security and Management reviews purchases at the end of the day so if an individual’s name pops up as buying more than $300 they may void out the GC purchases, you’ll get your money back and GC’s will not have $ on them. This is why GC’s are not valid until the following day.

Just my recommendation, I do know for a fact people have been shutdown by my Target and many others. Personally I have 5 Targets all within 10 minutes of each other so it’s not a big trek, but I’ll still likely only hit 1for the $300.

What if I paid with cash? They can’t refund cash after the fact.

It’s true and that is much harder to track. I believe POS (Point of Sale) systems are Target are coded to max out at $30 Discount (10%). So you can try doing it twice if you want, it should work fine.

You shut your mouth, Trevor! Using cash on this site? Sinful.

My thoughts exactly!

Is a 2% Card the best for this or…what’s the best? Local Targets Code as “Discount Store” not Grocery or anything else.

Chase Freedom with Chase pay should give you 5x UR.

Target doesn’t accept chase pay AFAIK

I think if you have Samsung Pay, you can link Chase Pay & get the 5x UR

Correct – I’ve been getting 5x UR on all Samsung Pay transactions since 10/1, including my GC purchase at Target today 🙂

Important: To get this to work, I had to remove my Chase cards from Samsung Pay, install the Chase Pay app, then add my cards to Samsung Pay from within Chase Pay. Once I did this, all Samsung Pay transactions on my Freedom card have earned 5X UR, and have the “Bonus from 4Q 5% category: Chase Pay” designation on when reviewing transaction history.

Use the Visa MCC lookup tool to see if your local Target codes as a grocery store. Should be able to get 3% or more

Where can you find Visa MCC lookup tool?

Anyone know of particular portals that might pay cash back (even though the T&Cs may state otherwise)?

Sorry if I missed this, but is it possible to buy Target GC with a Visa GC?


Yes you can. You can buy anything with a Visa GC. If you are going to use it online, make sure to register it with your zip code.

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