100 Free Hilton HHonors Points

The Offer

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  • Receive 100 free Hilton HHonors points when you enroll in their Thank Again program (earn bonus points when you  shop, dine, and park at 150 Airports & Thousands of Local Merchants across the U.S).


The Fine Print

  • Valid until December 31st, 2016

Our Verdict

100 Hilton points is worth approximately half a penny, although these should extend the validity of your points by another twelve months so there’s that. Last year they offered a 200 point bonus! You can view more ways to earn free loyalty points here (currently in the process of tidying this up).

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Albrecht (@guest_300455)
September 28, 2016 10:15

At the end of your first redemption, you’ll most likely be offered a survey (takes 5 seconds) worth another 100 points

SJ0 (@guest_300442)
September 28, 2016 09:34

try to figure this link out
whole bunch of 100 points but i can’t be arsed to play around with the website and figure out what URL will work.

Gman (@guest_300427)
September 28, 2016 08:45

100 Hilton points might be worth a gumball… Even 1000 is pretty much worthless…

Lily (@guest_300426)
September 28, 2016 08:44

I’m so totally confused. Is this ThankYou an independent rewards program, because i don’t see any where it says HH Honors. When i registered 2 minutes ago it didn’t ask for my HHH account so i don’t know how can this bonus points be credited to my HHH account?

Thiseye (@guest_300749)
September 28, 2016 20:45

Agreed. It appears the 100 ThanksAgain points I have can be transferred to various programs including HHonors and some airlines at .5x. So the airlines might be closer to a $1 in value rather than HHonors for 50c in value. 🙂

NinjaX (@guest_300288)
September 28, 2016 01:49

BLAST! Its only for NEW USERS! You tricked me! Damn you DoC!

Ken (@guest_300287)
September 28, 2016 01:48

100 HHonors points really doesn’t amount to anything. 100 HHonors points = $0.50 cents.

Parkerthon (@guest_300286)
September 28, 2016 01:48

50 cents? Woh… 🙂 Should mention these miniscule deals are really good for keeping inactive loyalty points from expiring.

NinjaX (@guest_300306)
September 28, 2016 02:40

he did.

Carlos (@guest_300434)
September 28, 2016 08:56

Yup, he did that, he sure did that he did.