Posted by Chuck on November 13, 2018

Published on November 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


11% Home Depot Rebate in Many States

Update 11/13/18: Deal is back and valid until November 17th, 2018.

The Offer

Rebate Link (pdf)

  • Get 11% back at Home Depot on your in-store purchase made between November 11th and November 17th, 2018 2018.

Offer is valid in select locations which are found in the following states: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin. Full list of locations can be found on the PDF link above.



Submit your rebate online here. 


The Fine Print

  • Requires valid receipt
  • Rebate form must be postmarked/submitted within 30 days of purchase
  • Only in-store purchases are eligible for rebate
  • Credit comes in the form of a Home Depot gift card
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of the gift card
  • Not valid for special order merchandise
  • Select SKUs are excluded including Weber, John Deere, gift cards and some others

Our Verdict

We’ve posted regularly when the Lowe’s 11% deal comes out, I don’t think we’ve ever posted the equivalent deal with Home Depot. Let us know if you find these posts useful.

Hat tip to DDG

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Wesley in Boulder
Wesley in Boulder

Don’t see any language about returns on the form… So might be able to buy a lot of equipment and return after getting the rebate.

And sometimes you can sneak tools out under your coat, look nonchalant and just walk out.

Incidentally I’ve returned things myself. Talking major amounts and it was 100% honest. You might get away with it, but I became aware of some safeguards. This was at Lowe’s which in my opinion has the most lax consumer friendly policies of the three. I’m not going to divulge what they are because I don’t want people circumventing them as these deals are fantastic with stacking. I don’t want scammers ruining them. Point is, you want to go down the road to the dark side, be prepared for some issues.

You could find yourself ‘Banned from Home Depot Returns’ if you do that too much (regardless of the rebate) –

It looks like both Home Depot and Lowe’s targets on certain stores that are under performing and this is one way of increasing foot traffic aka increase sales.

Shame it’s not nation wide, at least not yet.

I believe Home Depot does it the same time Menards offers its 11% rebate. Anytime menards has the rebate, home depot follows suit. That’s why it is only offered in states that Menards operates in

As David stated, bothe HD and Lowes do it to match Menards. While Home Depot is valid in almost all Menard’s areas, Lowes is a bit more picky.

Still not worth it. Everyone shops at Menards anyway. How are Lowes and HD still in business?

u should try getting out more. things are different outside ur town.

Lowe’s 11% + coupons + discounted gift cards + portal, Menard’s can’t come close to those prices when stacking like that.

Portal with coupons or gift cards don’t work

It works for me..I’ve been doiing that stack (Lowe’s 11% + coupons + discounted gift cards + portal) a LOT over the last 8 months. However, they recently made a limit of using only 5 gift cards when doing an online transaction…

Menards doesn’t have the same selection. Half of their stuff is bad off-brand things so I shop at Home Depot and Lowes mainly. I go to Menards for the name brand things that they stock.

The store selection isn’t based on performance; it’s based on competitors being present in these markets.

All Midwest states…..sigh

I like these posts. Thank you.

I don’t remember the last time I set foot in a Home Depot or Lowes.
Menards all the way! And those other 2 places don’t even offer the continuous selection of rebate items that Menards does. Last week they had free butane torches among many other things, ha. Free paint brushes, 99 cent pack of 3M sanding sponges, 99 cents for a 6-pack of paint rollers… deals just too good to pass up.
Speaking of that: how come there are never any Menards postings? Some of us would be able to like to discuss some of their deals and strategies.

The main problem with menards is they have a lot of low quality off brand stuff. I shop there for some things but not others.

Try buying any quality tools at Menards. Their safety practices are sketchy and very inconvenient to buy lumber the way they are set up. They treat their associates very poorly

They do sell some Bosch, but overall it is limited. I agree fully with their safety being poor. Moving stuff with fork trucks around customers all the time. I think locations depends on how employees are treated. Tge one on my city seems to treat them well. It almost always the same people. Low turnover.

Just to be clear – this is a straight up ‘11% off your order’ essentially- IF you buy physical goods from one of the Home Depots on this list correct?

It’s a rebate, not a discount at the register. You get a gift card in the mail for 11% of your purchase.

Does the rebate work if I order on-line and have the item shipped to store for pick-up?

Highly doubtful , but you can probably order items that are out of stock when in the store, and have them delivered to your house. The order has to be made inside of the physical store holding the rebate though.

It does not because you get a web order number.

This offer has been extended another week (since Menards is having another 11% rebate week this week).

The best part it stacks

In other news it appears Lowe’s has stopped matching. Last promo was May. Wonder if they’re no longer pursuing this. Has to be hurting their business in markets where all three are competing.

Good, keep this coming thanks!

Only fourteen states; HD suckage is right on par with Lowes

I’m not in one of the relevant states either, but I don’t think that means the companies suck. They didn’t have to offer this in any state.

I think the reason for the limited states is it’s states where a not-nationwide competitor they’re concerned about has locations. IIRC the competitor Lowe’s has been basing their rebates on is Menard’s. The Home Depot list of states is almost identical to the Lowe’s list, just one or two differences, so it’s probably the same competitor. (Edit: Yep, earlier comments confirmed it’s because of Menard’s.)

Helpful post Doc. Thx!

Thanks for posting this
Thanks for posting this

very helpful post. Thanks, Doc

where is Lowe’s 11% rebate? Do they have matching offer?

Lowe’s appears to no longer be doing 11% rebates. It’s been almost 4 months since last after prdviously doing it monthly.

Would neighboring Lowes honor this 11% if their HD right next to it is giving it?

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