Posted by Chuck on January 26, 2016
Gift Card Deals

Published on January 26th, 2016 | by Chuck


$110 Staples Gift Card for $100 on eBay

The Offer

Paypal Digital Gifts on eBay is selling $100 Staples gift card with a $10 bonus. You’ll get a $110 Staples e-gift card for just $100.

Limit 3.

Stacking the Deal

Use up those eBay Bucks – only a few days left!

HT: Fatwallet

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What exactly do they ship: $110 GC or $100 gc plus separate $10 gc?

Is buying ebay gift card using ebay bucks removes the expiration date. if you don’t have anything to spend right away, i think that is a good way to save it for future.

I agree especially if you can get the $95 for $100 ones! Although people that are up against the gift card limit can not do this.

Do you actually get 1 – $110 gc or 2 separate cards?

I got $110 gift cards.

but other than using them on staples store or online, can they be used to buy other brands gift cards? I have nothing at all to buy at staples.

Impossible to do online; terms and conditions explicitly exclude gift card purchases, but unsure if it’s POS-enforced at the retail stores. I know I’ve been turned away twice in the past by the cashiers so I stopped trying. YMMV.

Thanks. So, why is this a deal then? If you can’t transfer the value elswhere there’s no pint. Staples has only overpriced items afaik. Can someone enlighten me to what is the value of this deal? Thank you all.

You have to remember that not everyone is into the reselling/turn gift cards into other gift cards game. For people who regularly purchase items at Staples, this is an opportunity to get $10 + $2 (bucks)+ possible $8 (iConsumer) = $20 of free money – I am not counting the 5% INK b/c you’d be able to get that directly from Staples as well.

Don’t buy the “overpriced items”; wait until they have deals and “cash” out via rebates. They are always running promotions for free stacks of paper and recently had some software deals.

Sometimes these gift cards deals are not for people who are only looking to resell them or buy other gift cards with them, but the value is definitely there.

Got it, thank you.

can they be used to buy visa GCs at staples online?

The option to pay with a staples gift card is grayed out online when you have a gift card (visa or 3rd party) in your cart, thus it is not possible.

13,215 cards remaining at 1:10AM EST on 1/27.

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