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Published on September 24th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] [Repost] $13 Moneymaker: Free $15 Gap E-Gift with Any Gap Purchase Paid with Visa Checkout

This bonus has expired, make sure you don’t miss any deals by signing up for notifications.

[Update 9/24/17: $15 gc already came through properly for many. Deal expires 9/30/17. Also, a reader notes you can stack this with this Marriott/VisaCheckout deal if you’re new to Visa Checkout and you do this today, 9/24.]

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Get a $15 Gap e-gift card when you shop online at one of the Gap brands and pay with Visa Checkout. No minimum purchase mentioned.



The Fine Print

Our Verdict

Great deal for Gap purchases. Shipping is free from $50+, you can use promo code: FREE4FALL for free shipping on lower amounts.

I bought this pair of socks for $1.99 and paid with Visa Checkout using the promo code for free shipping. You can also use promo code: DEAL FAMILY for 40% off, bringing your total to $1.19. Go through a shopping portal too if you care to. You can alternatively try finding adult socks for a bit more which you can actually use.

As far as I can tell, this will trigger the $15 Gap gift card. Sounds like a good deal to me. The $15 Gap card should net me $10-$12 (see GCW) which means around a $10 pajama money.


If you’re making a real purchase, remember to stack this with a shopping portal and the ubiquitous Gap discounts and promo codes such as DEAL for 40% off.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

91 Responses to [Expired] [Repost] $13 Moneymaker: Free $15 Gap E-Gift with Any Gap Purchase Paid with Visa Checkout

  1. Rocky_NNC says:

    How many times can i repeat it?

  2. Alex says:

    Great deal, DoC! The shopping cart looks nice. But I can’t see where they allow Visa Checkout payment. Checkout page wants a credit card or a gift card.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t know, it worked for me. Maybe try another browser or incognito?

    • MoreSun says:

      It’s annoying. You have to select Visa Checkout from the beginning, it’s located under the choice for login for returning customer or guest checkout, then you see the VC logo. First time through I hit checkout as guest and couldn’t get Visa Checkout to come up again so I did my cart in another browser and hit Visa Checkout from the get-go and worked fine.

    • Ray C. says:

      Log out of your Gap account. The Visa Checkout option only appeared for me when I was logged out.

    • PG says:

      Can’t find it either, even looking under the sign in button at top right.

  3. Rocky_NNC says:

    Any idea how do we get the GAP gift card? Just ordered a pair of socks.
    had a same confusion about star bucks visa checkout deal too.

  4. John Gibson says:


    Needed some new socks and stacked topcashback – 4%, free4fall – free shipping, deal – 40%, and Amex offer of additional MR point.

    Ended up being a $6 plus $20 in socks money maker.

  5. Frank says:

    How will they determine “per customer”……

    • Josh m says:

      I guess technically it may be per visa checkout account, but do you really want to go through the process of setting up a new visa checkout account for a $15 gap gc?

  6. Praveen says:

    visa checkout option not it in desktop or mobile site

  7. MoreSun says:

    Gave it a whirl as well. Will update if e-gift card comes through

  8. Joe says:

    How long until gift card comes? Just placed an order using visa checkout. I got an order confirmation, but no eGift card.

  9. Justin Pan says:

    Can Gap cards be used for Banana Republic?

  10. AB says:

    Will not seem to work for me. I select Visa checkout, move to the next option, and then it tells me that my card cannot be edited?!?!

    I’m not trying to edit, just pay!

    Oh well, enjoy the deal everyone that gets it to work.

    • Seth says:

      I had the same problem. One of my Visa Checkout accounts I had my FlexPerks cards on worked without the message. On the other accounts I went ahead and entered another card, not knowing if it would still count as Visa Checkout but I figured the $1.20 risk was worth it because I could even just return the socks next time I’m in a store (I think)

    • Craig says:

      I had similar issue. After you use Visa checkout GAP does not let you make changes to Billing and shipping info imported from Visa and will give an error. But like you I was not making any changes to get the error. The way it resolved for me was I put my apt # on Address Line 2 instead of Address Line 1. And went back to Gap and logged in Visa again. This time Gap imported address with Apt# on line 2 and was successful.

    • trifecta guy says:

      I got same error and I reentered my address on visa checkout and deleted the old one and it worked! No idea how the two are related or what made me try that but it worked and that all I care about.

      • mommafrica says:

        I edited my address w/ my daughters address b/c the socks are going to my grandson anyway as well as the gc…..a win-win if I get both. I went through the UA portal. For those who were sent that “special invitation” to use 3 partners, this may work as well as for Alaska’s Dash Challenge. Good for keeping those accts going.
        I will be doing the above for my S/O’s accounts as well.

  11. AngJi says:

    Well that was fast. My socks just shipped an hour after I ordered. No $15 GC yet.

  12. Jess says:

    I had trouble making it work until I used Firefox (on Mac). Still, tedious.

    Take a screenshot of the offer, too, people.

  13. borntobehermit says:

    I couldn’t find anything for less than $2 (in the women’s sale section), so I ended up buying a t-shirt. I spent $7+. Then I will see if I get the $15 gift card 🙂

  14. Frank says:

    According to the source, you have to sign out of your Gap account to make the Visa Checkout option appear in check out.

  15. Elena says:

    Thank you for finding it Chuck. I just placed an order as well, we will see if a giftcard will come my way.

  16. mommafrica says:

    Used my Freedom card as well for the UR dept store bonus as well if Gap counts for it.

  17. jeff says:

    where is eveyone seeing visa checkout it just goes to gaps.

  18. rosana says:

    when will i receive the 15$ e-gift card?

  19. Zach says:

    did anyone actually receive the promo gift card? I ordered using visa checkout but havent heard anything yet.

    • Anthony says:

      Nothing yet here, ordered 15th.

      • Chelsea says:

        My wife and I both did this on 9/15. We hadn’t received our gift cards as of today, so We each emailed the gap customer service email with a link to the offer, my order number, and a screenshot of the offer. We both received our gift cards a few hours later.

  20. Gadget says:

    Things like this sometimes take weeks… they aren’t going to pay out until they are sure your aren’t just returning the merch (have to get outside the return window).

    I am pissed off at myself. I did not realize the article coupon codes WOULD STACK. So, my 1st order, I only got free shipping. Then, it hit me to stack. So I ordered again, thinking I would cancel the first order later. Well, after 3 calls and an e-mail later, first order has now shipped and stuck with it.

    Whatever. I see why Gap-Old Navy is going broke, just like Sears. Not responsive to the customers needs.

    • Elmer says:

      If you really think their lack of response to your “needs” of cancelling an order they’re losing money on is why their going broke – you need a reality check. Hahaha. I can’t get over the sense of entitlement of many in this “hobby.”
      In the end you probably would have saved an additional $0.25 on an order of this size. It’s OK – you’ll get over it. But gee, imagine if you could have scaled that savings and done four orders! Yowzers! You’ll get rich!

      • Gadget says:

        You’re right… it isn’t just THAT ONE factor. I have been an Old Navy customer for a lot of years. The quality has declined. Less people are mall shopping. I am not a genius but I think they are in trouble. Doubt my two 3 buck orders is going to save them. I ordered adult socks = not baby socks – very exciting.

        The main reason I posted was to remind people that the COUPON CODES DO STACK… Normally coupon codes are one and done. Don’t be an idiot like me. I can laugh at myself, and be mad at myself at the same time. LOL

        In my opinion, sales like these are out of desperation… just like Sears and the SYW deals they do all the time. They are hoping you will do at least two orders for at least the value of the offer – But instead (some) people try to milk the system. Normally I wouldn’t bother with this offer, but this is a company I actually use on rare occasion.

        I forgot to mention the voice recognition automated phone service that was so out of whack it was hysterical. Try to call and check on your order status and see what it says if you dictate the order code letters.

        So, Elmer, I don’t think I am entitled, but I do think after e-mailing, and calling, I should be able to cancel an order prior to shipping. Ummm, yeah, I don’t I could get rich on orders, but I am sure you had a point there somewhere. Maybe it was funny to you? If I really want to whine, I could always just call my credit card and complain, and they will likely forgive the amount if it’s not worth their time.

        Like I said, I was pissed off at myself for making a 2nd order. I am used to the kind of online service companies like Amazon & Newegg give – if you make an order with those companies, usually you can just click a button and make it all go away. Silly me. It’s ok. I won’t lose sleep.

      • Deb says:

        It’s really odd to hear someone justify a lack of response by customer service because of the total price spent and then try to shame the person with an entitlement label. It makes me wonder if you police yourself in the same manner. You are on this site so I’m assuming you get some great deals on things.

        If the service isn’t as advertised, before you speak up, do you remind yourself that you would be guilty of entitlement to do so, because of the low price you paid? Do you have a threshold where you feel that mentioning an annoyance privately to like minded people is appropriate? For example, if you paid 40% of retail, then it’s ok to mention an annoyance, but not anything below that %?

        Also, Gap customer service was completely changed about a year/year and a half ago and it royally sucks now. It is a major contributing factor to the companies demise. Certainly not the only one, but a very large nail in the coffin.

  21. Sun says:

    Thank you for posting this amazing deal! I complicated things a bit by combining VCO and a ON Gift card as a payment. I also ordered a whole bunch of things since colors and sizes never look the same in person. I intend to take some of it back. I will be curious to see if I still get the E-gift card 🙂

  22. Dave c says:

    Heads up, 40% off has changed to SOGOOD and also, don’t sign in. Checkout as guest and pick Visa Checkout.

  23. Jerry M says:

    No e-gift card yet. Its over 3 days now. Not keeping any hopes. Has anyone actually received it?

  24. ben says:

    can anyone let me know how to stack the sogood and free4fall codes? Thanks.

  25. Sri says:

    Received my EGift Card now

  26. S says:

    Just received my e-gift card too. Placed order on 9/17.

  27. Ben says:

    Ordered on 9/17, and just received my eGift card.

    Thank you!

  28. Sun says:

    just got mine. ordered on 09/17, and got it 09/20. i haven’t even gotten my order yet!

  29. J.M. says:

    Just got my email e-gift card.

  30. mommafrica says:


  31. Gadget says:

    My order arrived today via UPS. Gift card arrived shortly after.

    E-mail subj: Gap Inc. and Visa Checkout has sent you an eGift Card for Gap Options

  32. Heidi says:

    I received my eGift card today, 9/20. My order was placed on 9/15. Thanks DoC!

  33. Tom says:

    Order placed 9/17 and arrived via UPS today, 9/20. eGift card was in my inbox a few hours after delivery. Thanks DoC!

  34. milesjjcc says:

    Received egift card today. Order was placed on 9/15

  35. NBG says:

    +1 Received.

  36. Bejoy Thomas says:

    Got it! Thanks DoC!

  37. pam says:

    Received e gift card today! Package from gap on it’s way. Thanks DoC!

  38. Mike says:

    Ordered 9/16, nothing ‘yet’ … friends I told after I ordered got their eGCs earlier today. Data point though, I did end up doing this multiple times on multiple VC accounts under my name (each with a different CC), but none of the accounts were ‘newly created’, all were created well over a year ago when another deal was too good at the time…. I’m hoping some eGCs arrive tomorrow/soon… lol 🙂

  39. Ven says:

    Today Gap sent e-gift card to email.

  40. MontyFC says:

    Trying to kill 2 birds with one stone. Used Marriott promo to create new VCO, then used it to place order at old navy. Added Banana Republic Visa Signature card to VCO account and then used it to get free shipping on any dollar amount across all 4 brands.

    Looking forward to 1000 Marriott points and $15 Gap e-card.

  41. Brittney says:

    Gift card came today. Netted a little over $13 and got my niece some awesome socks. Thanks for adding to my Christmas stash!

  42. CJS415 says:

    The Gap gift card took two days to show up in my email, but it did work! Thank DOC. I then went to to exchange this Gap gift card for Amazon gift card. I never really buy anything from Gap anyways, but I’m net $9.39 after the loss on conversion and cost of the socks. Not bad for five minutes of work.

    • AD says:

      I tried to use that site for the first time — once for this gap card, and once for an $80 BB card from the laptop trade-in a while ago. Everything processed, but then I got an email that my trades were cancelled because the system flagged me as high risk. Weirder was that it said “Our customer reps have no additional info.”

      Have you ever experienced this before?

  43. chris says:

    Ordered on 9.16
    ordered arrived 9.22

    Still no giftcard in email

  44. M says:

    I also ordered on 9/16. Found a small surprise gift for my dad.
    Received on 9/22. No GC yet, and it wasn’t mentioned in the order or any emails.
    Dad is pleased though, so I’m happy either way this turns out.

  45. zalmy says:

    I got my first gift card 2 days later. I then opened 7 more Visa Checkout accounts.. waiting on those 🙂

  46. Meghan says:

    Is this dead now? I don’t see the Visa Checkout page popping up…

  47. Alex says:

    Visa Checkout button is in the same place where it was but the deal ad is not coming up anymore. I guess they took the deal down now.

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