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Published on October 22nd, 2017 | by Chuck


$18 Moneymaker with Gamefly and MyPoints

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Signup for a new $10 Gamefly subscription using MyPoints and get 4,500 points

You can redeem 3,970 points for $25 in Paypal cash, and 480 points for a $3 Amazon gift card, making the reward worth around $28. The subscription cost is $10 leaving you with $18 profit.

The Fine Print

  • You must be a new GameFly customer
  • Points Awarded within 24 hours (reports are that this is showing up instantly)
  • This offer may only be redeemed ONE (1) time per user
  • When redeeming with Paypal, your PayPal account must be verified with the same email address as your MyPoints account and have the same first and last name

Our Verdict

There’ve been a few Gamefly signup opportunities in the past, I don’t think we’ve ever had a deal for more than $28 before. Unclear to me if the “new Gamefly customer” limitation means that you can’t currently be a member or that you’ve never been a member.

Remember to cancel before the second charge if you don’t want to keep the subscription.

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks, in fact they are both owned by the same company. They sometimes run similar deals, I usually just post it as a Swagbucks deal to avoid confusion since Swagbucks is better-known and has a less-confusing points currency. This time, Swagbucks is showing the standard $20 bonus, meaning MyPoints is $8 higher now. [Update 10/25/17: Swagbucks is now at $25.]

My appreciation if you sign up for a MyPoints account with my MyPoints referral link. I don’t see any new member bonus with MyPoints currently; a reader tells us that when you use a referral link to sign up they’ll send you an email which offers $10 back if you spend $20 through their portal. Let us know if you can think of an easy way to meet that requirement.

Hat tip to SD 

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can we sign up both Swagbucks and Mypoints at the same time? I have already done the swagbucks’ gamefly deal in the past

just figure it out…maybe I should sign up Mypoints with a different email…

oh, no, no way to add a paypal account, I guess it has to be the same email

Ah…..good ol’ MyPoints. Can’t believe they survived the OpenSky deal. I’d have thought SD would’ve put them out to pasture on that one. I guess its time for me to dust off that account.

What was the OpenSky deal?

OpenSky is a website that sells all kinds of stuff…clothing, kitchen, home decor, etc. Their stuff is sort of higher end (somewhat overpriced, but also nice quality…no cheap budget crap). Their gimmick (at last back then…not sure what its like now) was celebrity/tv-star endorsement. So for example, in the kitchen department, you’d have all these food network show hosts like Alton Brown pick out their favorite products and write reviews on them.

Back in 2012 MyPoints had an offering with OpenSky. For every dollar you spent at OpenSky, you got 150 MyPoints points. When cashed in for gift cards, that basically amounted to a 100% refund on your purchase. You could do this for up to $500 of spending. So you’d spend $500, get $500 worth of merchandise and $500 worth of gift cards. An awesome deal. And then someone noticed they received an email on signup….double points for all points earned in the first 30 days after signing up for MyPoints. So for $500, you get $500 in merchandise and $1000 in gift cards.

The folks on SD went nuts on this one. We were sure there was some mistake and MyPoints would never honor it. But their CSR people they said they would. And if they didn’t, we had an easy out…OpenSky offered free return shipping. So we all jumped on it.

None of the points posted automatically, then MyPoints removed the offer, OpenSky started removing references to their free return shipping offer, and MyPoints started pleading ignorance and asking people for copies of the double points email offer. We all thought they were going to screw us over. After about a month the points started showing up in bits and pieces. Since nothing posted automatically, there was this big hassle of MyPoints getting periodic reports from OpenSky and processing things by hand (very error prone). We had to jump through a number of hoops, but as I recall almost everyone who didn’t exploit the deal got their full points out of it (including the double). But I believe the people who signed up for multiple accounts at the same shipping address got shut down.

That’s pretty interesting. I take it that since you still have an account to “dust off” you weren’t in the group that tried to cheat MyPoints.

A few years ago MyPoints kept on sending an email offer to purchase Naked Juice and to receive points for more than the cost. I probably did this 4 or 5 times.

This was a much smaller profit than you described but it just shows that MyPoints had a pattern of making these types of mistakes. They seem to have gotten much better in the past few years.

How come you don’t use them anymore? If you just click on their 5 point emails you won’t get rich but it adds up over time.

No, I did not exploit it. I got my $500 in items for 1 account and called it a day. Funny thing is, even though it is the type of overpriced stuff I would never buy, some of the kitchen stuff I got is still some of my favorite stuff to this day. My pride and joy in my kitchen is this $140 ceramic rice pot…authentic handmade by some japanese family business thats been making these since the early 1800s, and still makes them the old fashioned way.

I would have NEVER bought that thing, but I was running out of good choices to fill my $500 quota and was afraid the deal would get shut down any minute. So finally I was like “OK, I’m ordering the stupid rice pot to get to $500”. As it turns out, I ended up loving it, and if I broke it now I’d probably go out and buy another one.

I never get any emails from them.I don’t recall any sort of free point emails like that back then. I’m pretty proactive about turning off email subscriptions that don’t provide me any value, so I must’ve disabled them back then.

Says to add a verified paypal account in spite of having the same first and last name along with email. Account is verified too. Anyone else facing this?

Thanks DoC. Got credits instantly for the offer.

For some reason I keep getting the “Please enter a valid Postal (Zip) Code” error. Anyone also getting this message?

Thanks DoC worked easily. I’ll share a trick I did with Swagbucks that just worked for Mypoints also: Gamefly sends you a 30 day trial to Hulu in your email when you sign up, with an activation code and link to Hulu. Mypoints has a separate offer for 1,500 points for paid Hulu signup (about $10 in gift cards). Click through the Hulu signup on MP and go through a couple of steps, stop, and leave the tab open. Open a new tab with your email and click the separate Hulu activation link and activate your free account (30 days). After you go through all the steps, you’ll be credited with the original MP offer, and more free money. Remember to cancel Hulu before 30 days. Enjoy!

What browser did you use?

Wow, that actually worked for me.

Worked for me. Thank you!

Chuck, you might want to add this to your post.

Great tip, worked for me and I used a separate e-mail address from my MP account!

thanks but damn this is dead too. still have a cpl months to see if it comes back alive. but man MP is quickly pulling all these tricks :/

Points posted instantly, just had to refresh the page. Great offer!!!

I redeemed the Paypal $25, but they haven’t emailed it to me yet. Amazon redemption worked immediately though.

Hi ChaseJuggler, I redeemed $25 Amazon egift card earlier today but still have not received it except an email saying ‘Your gift card is currently being processed’. Any ideas about how long it took to receive the gift card?

Anyone try to do these offers on their phone before as opposed to computer?

Any DPs of this working for people who have previously had Gamefly subscriptions? I literally cancelled my subscription from the Swagbucks promo yesterday, but would love to jump on this.

I’d like to know this too. I haven’t canceled my current GF trial yet. If you find out, please update here.

Gamefly doesn’t track multiple addresses or credit card uses. Just make a new account with a different e-marketing. I’ve had 4 accounts bc of various offers.

e-mail* sorry

Yeah but don’t you need to use the same email as your MP and thus your PayPal for the points to credit?

I think what he means is your e-marketing portal doesn’t tie to the e-mail signed up w/ on Gamefly. Thus, you can use a separate e-mail for GF subscription on SB as you can on MP. Your SB and MP accounts will still be the same e-mail, thus linked to the same paypal.

MP email has to be the same as PayPal email, but Gamefly email can be anything you want.

I had an account years ago (but under the same email) and the deal worked for me. No idea how long they make you wait. I would try the initial sign up screen, where you pick email and password, since I assume they would reject the email if they still have an account for you in the system.

Thank you, DoC! The bonus points posted immediately.

Two questions:

– Can I cancel my subscription in a few days? Any fine print on points being revoked?

– When I signed up for MyPoints, I got this in my email: “As a bonus, earn your first $10 gift card by making a qualifying purchase* of $20 or more in your first 30 days as a member. ”

Any good ideas on what purchase of additional $10 to make to qualify?

why don’t you just sign up for the $22.95 plan? Easier than finding another item for 10

Signed up for my points did the gamefly offer and still not pending points. Anybody else not get instant credit?

I also completed the offer and did not receive the credit.

It looks like others got their points instantly? Now that has me worried. I’m not seeing any points in my activity page after completing the offer. I even signed out/in at mypoints to refresh it. Still nothing.

Well, lets wait 24 hours and see what happens…..MyPoints has never disappointed me in the past.

when did you sign up?

Just about 10minutes before my post. It’s been about 45 minutes so far and still no points in my account

I’m in the same boat, RF – for two accounts actually (one for me and one for my boyfriend). Will let you know if they post later.

Did you get anything? I still haven’t gotten anything. I opened a ticket with them 10 days ago. I got an instant email with a ticket # and it said they’d respond in 3-5 days. By yesterday I still had no response, so I replied to the email saying I hadn’t heard anything. I recevied an instant auto-reply just saying the ticket was updated. Then at 2am I got an email saying they replied to me and haven’t heard a response, and my ticket will be marked resolved in 24 hours. The thing is, I’ve never received a single email from them other than the instant auto-replies to my inquiries. I checked my inbox, spam, and trash. No actual reply. The emails I did get have no instructions of anything to do. They do contain a ticket #.

There appears to be no links on their website for how to lookup your ticket, but by “hacking” the url of the new ticket form, I was able to make my way in to check the ticket status. fyi: go to
and you need to setup a separate account for the help forum because my regular password didn’t work there. I already had a support account from my inquiries with them in 2012 on the opensky deal, but it had a separate password I had to reset.

Once I got in and checked my ticket, I can verify in the ticket history that, despite them claiming to have responded and are waiting to hear from me, their support ticket shows they’ve done nothing but automated replies to indicate my inquiries were received (and they contain no instructions for anything for me to do or respond to).

but no link on where to view my ticket. I searched all over the mypoints website and I see no support area to lookup my ticket

oops…ignore that last “paragraph” in my previous reply. Improper editing on my part. I was going to post that I couldn’t find anywhere to view my ticket but then I got the idea to try and modify the URL and it worked.

It took them about 10 days but MyPoints eventually responded to my ticket and gave me the missing points.

I also finally heard back from them on one of my two accounts. Still waiting for the second account’s points to post. Thanks for the update!

I have seen it in SB if signing up under the same address for more than 1 person- gives no SB. Must be the case here too for mypoints.
Also Gamefly cancels the account if more tyhan 1 at the same address.
I did get the SB manually though after inquiry. Hopefully mypoints also does the same.

Points not showing up immediately for me. Everything else worked. Fine print says can take 24 hours to will report back tomorrow.

MP is now returning an error when I click on the offer that reads, “This offer may have expired or been deactivated temporarily by the advertiser. We have many offers though, so please try another one.” My hope is that is because I’ve already redeemed the offer (I was clicking again because my points haven’t posted) but commenting just in case anyone else runs into it.

Seems to be working again now?

Getting the below error while accessing the Hulu offer

We can’t find this page.
This page’s URL is invalid — it’s missing some important information. Please return to the page you used to get here and try again. If the problem persists, please contact support.
Go back

Any idea

Must use desktop or use “desktop mode” with phone. This has been discussed at SlickDeals

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