Posted by Miles Whip on April 16, 2015

Published on April 16th, 2015 | by Miles Whip


[Expired] 2%+ Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards [TODAY ONLY]

This deal has expired, make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest offers.

The Offer

Simply Best Coupons portal is offering 2% Cashback via their portal today on American Express Business Gift Cards.

This is a simply reminder for those of you who may have read our post from earlier this week.

Generally portals pay 1-1.5% : Currently TopCashback and BeFrugal are paying 1.5%

(This increase to 2% from 1.5% is a moderate increase when buying gift cards in $2k denominations. The 0.5% increase equates to an additional $10 in portal payout per $2k giftcard.)

Fine Print

  • DO NOT use any promo codes as they will invalidate any Cashback via the portal.
  • DO NOT purchase any denominations above $2,000 as they will NOT earn Cashback.
  • 2% Cashback on Business Gift card ONLY (Personal gift cards are 1.3% Cashback)

Keep in Mind

The portal payouts for American Express Gift cards have come down a bit over the past year (seen as high as 4x from Barclay’s Rewardsboost portal last April). It also seems that more restrictions have been implemented in regards to these purchases ($2k max denominations allowed via portals) and  my assumption is this 2% cashback is the highest rate we may see from here on out.

On the bright side  it is encouraging to see the second 2% cashback offer within the past week.

Thank you

Thanks to FrequentMiler for originally informing us of the deal.

Below are referral links that will give you $5 just for signing up and your referrer will receive 5% of your earned cashback up to $50 (You will receive you FULL cashback earned).

(There is a cashout minimum of $15 for Paypal or gift cards, and $20 for check or Western Union)

As always your we appreciate your use of any of the links above and feel free to leave your referral links in the comments below.


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If you click the terms & restrictions, only 2% cash back on Business American Express Gift Cards,
1.3% cash back on Personal American Express Gift Cards.


I have never used this portal. Have many people used it and been satisfied?


Thanks for the heads up..

Best card to use? Barclays Arrival?

Using the portal and above card…with fees etc for a $2k purchase—you get 2x points and net $16?


For someone like me who hasn’t used portals for buying AGC online, would have been useful to have read in this article (for it to have been included) the current cashback rate for the same product (ACG) at major portals like Top Cashback. It would help me decide whether it would be worth my while to sign up for yet another portal.

I’m not planning on buying them, just thought I’d mention this as a tip for future such articles.


Do you need to have a business to purchase these business cards?


Thanks for the good info!

You can only purchase 2k of the business cards per transaction.

Can you make multiple transactions of 2K ?


If I buy a $2000 AGC, it will be 2000+3.95+8.95 total. But their website said transactions over $2000 will not get cash back? That makes me confuse~~


Is the difference between personal and business GC’s the fund protection? They are still accepted like amex personal gift cards?


In keeping with another post regarding eBay gift card purchases posting as cash advances, I recall reading a Frequent Miler post that someone got hit with a cash advance fee using a Barclay Arrival Plus card to buy AGC. I believe Citibank is known to treat AGC as cash advance but that was the first I had heard of it with Barclay’s.


The terms & conditions state that cash back isn’t paid on $3k cards. Why not just order a card(s) for $2,999?

2% cash back on Business American Express Gift Cards
1.3% cash back on Personal American Express Gift Cards
No cash back Business Original Gold – $3K and Consumer Original Gold – $3K cards
No cash back on Mall Gift Cards
No cash back when promotion/coupon code is used
Not eligible for cash back on purchases over $10,000 on Consumer Gift Cards and over $100,000 on Business Gift Cards per 14 days
Not eligible for sign up bonus payout.

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