Posted by William Charles on November 28, 2014
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Published on November 28th, 2014 | by William Charles


$15 Money Maker: $100 Gap Giftcard For $80 eBay Deals

The Deal

The Fine Print

  • You can purchase a maximum of two gift cards per account

Our Verdict

You should get your eGiftcards within 15 minutes. This means that you should be able to use them for Gap Black Friday specials which can be found online here.

Here is how to maximize this deal through reselling:

  • Purchase $160 in eBay giftcards with a credit card that earns 5% cash back (+$8 in cash back and -$160 for the giftcards) [Read: eBay gift cards return to stores! Here’s why that’s awesome by Frequent Miler]. Alternatively you could use the Discover it card which currently earns 5% for online purchases, I’m not entirely sure if this will trigger the 5% bonus but it should.
  • Shop through a cashback portal (topcashback is offering 1.5% cash back and swagbucks is offering 2 swagbucks per $1 spent which is effectively 2% cash back. +$3.2)
  • Make sure your account is enrolled in eBay bucks, this will give you another 2% back (+$3.2)
  • Resell the giftcards to a giftcard reseller Monster is currently offering 82.5% of facevalue (+$165). Update: I don’t think Monster accepts eGiftcards but does and they offer 80.5% so this would net you $128.8

You’ll spend a total of $160 and you’ll get $179.4 $175.4 back for a profit of $19.4 $15.4 and a few minutes of work. If you don’t already have a topcashback or swagbucks account, please consider using my referral links below. I’ll also receive a referral bonus if you use them:

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3 questions:

Have you used monster gift card before?

Do they take eCodes?

Thoughts on their points vs cash?


I believe Monster doesn’t accept eCodes. does however but @ 80.5% they pay a little less.

Does anybody know what the deal is with that $300 limit you can sell to per month? Do I need a bulk seller account to exceed that limit? TIA!


BTW: why the credit card to buy eBay GC? Just use the Discover if you haven’t already used up the quarterly limit…

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