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Published on November 26th, 2017 | by Chuck


$30,000 Monthly Portal Limit for Starting December 1

The Yazing and Simplybestcoupon shopping portals added a new limitation of $30,000 in purchases from the following merchants:,, All these merchants are owned by Blackhawk Network, and they’ve decided to limit portal payout on purchases above $30k. Previously, the limit was $5,000 per day, or around $150,000 per month.

Usually when these changes show on one portal, it’s not long until it’ll show on all portals as the change-date approaches. (Even if it doesn’t show clearly, it still likely won’t track on other portals beyond $30k.)

It’s not clear whether they’ll be limiting $30k per portal (you could then do $30k Yazing and $30k TCB, etc.) or per account. In the past, Cardpool used to impose limits based on the Cardpool account, there’s a good chance it’ll work the same here and we’ll be limited to earning cash back on $30k in total purchases across all portals per account.

What I find interesting is that they clearly are not trying to limit the portal payout to regular shoppers buying a few $50 gift cards for the holiday; they’re clearly okay with volume buyers, just not mega-volume buyers (they could have limited to $2k per month). Apparently, some people were buying from these merchants in huge quantities and while they may be okay with that volume, they don’t want to pay out the portal for the purchases beyond $30k.

On the bright side, it seems Yazing has lifted the rates on Mastercard gift cards from 1% to 1.25%.

Hat tip to pointchaser

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30k per what? Lifetime?! Month? One order?

Indeed, it’s interesting to see that they must be okay with folks obviously doing MS, as the limit is quite high, indeed.

How exactly do they make money if they allow this sort of thing? Presumably, folks that do MS online drain the whole of each card rather promptly and surely, unlike the retail sales, where unexpected brakes are applied through various unplanned denials at the PoS by the over-suspicious cashiers denying the even number of cards, transactions etc, so, you end up with one card here and there that gets lost over time once someone does any sort of a serious volume whilst also chasing all the latest deals.

If you read the screenshot
It says Monthly…

Monthly, it was in the screenshot but I’ve added it to the title to make it clearer

Monthly limit as per their website. Not terrible but for people who have high months and low months for MS, something to consider. There are months I don’t buy anything and months where I’m making orders almost everyday.

HOw long does yazing take to pay GCM? TCB is over 2 months…

From my experience it was full 8 or 12 weeks (or whatever the payout timeframe was that was listed on their website). I switched to TCB due to their better tracking and dashboard.

1) Does Yazing give referral bonus?
2) I just made a purchase via Yazing but do not see any info/details about pending CB for mastercard purchase………..what should i do? Is this site real?.

Yes they are real. I usually get an email confirmation the next day.

Yazing has tracked 100% of the time for me. No issues and they always pay out on the 23 or 24th of the next month.

They don’t have a way to show all your orders that have tracked unless you request a report. Reports have been very accurate and come either the day you request it or the next day.

I have had good experience with them and they have paid me $1ks of dollars.

Oh yea. Don’t think they have a referral program. Sorry that I missed that.

Thanks a lot

So can you do 30k on The Yazing AND 30K on Simplybestcoupon? Combine with two player mode…

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