Posted by Chuck on December 20, 2017

Published on December 20th, 2017 | by Chuck


$4.99 Dash Button Credit No Longer Works on All Amazon Purchases, Limited to Dash Product

Amazon updated the terms on the $4.99 Dash button credit that it only applies to the Dash product, not all items sold on Amazon.

  • Old Terms: “The $4.99 account credit may only be applied to eligible products sold through”
  • New Terms: “The $4.99 account credit may only be applied to eligible products purchased using Dash Button and sold through”

The idea of the credit was always to use on your first Dash order, but people had ways of activating the button without applying the credit and then using the credit for anything on Amazon. Since the Dash buttons often went on sale for just $.99, it was a net a $4 (or more with the no-rush-shipping credit), sometimes in scalable fashion.

Especially disheartening is that they changed the terms even for buttons already purchased. They have themselves covered in the terms “Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time,” but still…

Hat tip to SD

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Okay, now it makes sense. I’m gonna return them, if possible. Love in Christ.

Dash buttons are not returnable.
Love in Thor.

Information Booth

Thanks, for the info and the vote of confidence! After all, my name means “Fashioned like the God Thor”. Will take out the batteries and recycle the plastic parts… lesson learned! BTW, Merry Christmas, my new friend, and as always, Love in Christ. P.S. To all the other believers that read my comments, NEVER hide your light.

Yup what he said.

Love emilys t*ts

You can’t return them, but for those that like to get them for single-use and shelf them, you can pop them open to get out a AAA battery. Just make sure you remove it from your Amazon account or get out of wi-fi range because usually you’ll accidentally trigger the button (I put the lower half of mine in a vise and popped off the top)

Still shows working for me on amazon products…

if you activated them yesterday or before then yes.
those that yo activate today or after will not.

Activated last night and won’t give me credit. It’s might start from dec 19 since I still got dash credit on dec 18.

you must have just missed the deadline, on SD people are reporting it flipped around 10pm.

We all knew that this will end at some point… What’s next? LOL

Am surprised it lasted this long. This was a loop hole a lot of folks exploited.

Should’ve clicked the three Dash Buttons rather than sitting on them, waiting for the fourth one to arrive.

Ugh, I tried one of mine last night and confirmed it was working so I went to sleep. I should have powered through with the other 10 🙁


Thanks for the heads up! Time to cancel all of my pending orders – fortunately all the orders of 2 buttons each haven’t shipped yet since I chose no rush shipping for the $1 digital credit.

Didn’t work for me last few days.

All good loopholes come to an end, I need to work on hitting these faster


>>All good loopholes come to an end
…and new ones open up…..

I tried to buy only the buttons that I’d actually wanted the products for. Well, except for Red Bull. LOL!
Didn’t really think Amazon was going to let this go on forever.

I found this out on accident. Felt guilty when I bought something else and a 4.99 discount was applied.

Does it have to be used to purchase the same item as the dash button you got the credit for? Or can I buy any item through a Dash regardless of which Dash button I earned the credit through?

annndddd canceling my last two orders… LOL. darn it.

I will be watching for a class action suit against Amazon for changing the terms after purchase and then not accepting returns.

They aren’t changing the terms are they? Credit was always only for those items.

I’m confused. The top of this thread says: Amazon updated the terms on the $4.99 Dash button credit that it only applies to the Dash product, not all items sold on Amazon.

It’s probably not worded properly, they updated the back end rather than the terms.

Ah ok, I thought it already excluded using the credit on other things. My bad!

I hope people are sending emails to Amazon expressing their distaste for such a change. Maybe we’ll catch someone’s eye and something will change.

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