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Published on November 6th, 2017 | by Chuck


Complete List of Amazon No-Rush-Shipping Offers

Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase amount. To save on shipping costs, Amazon offers consumers an option to allow for slower shipping and get a small credit, between $1 and $10, toward a future purchase in a specific category. There are numerous such offers, and we’ve recently many new ones rolled out. We’ll try rounding them up in this post.

We list 15 different offers in this post, there are probably more. Please let us know in the comments if you see a new one or if you have tips for maximizing any of these credits, and we’ll add it in.

The no-rush credit will always be applied automatically to your next qualifying order. You don’t need to save the benefit confirmation email and no need to paste any promo codes. If the item is eligible, the discount will simply show up at checkout. Just remember that these offers do expire after a number of months, as specified separately in the each offer.

An interesting thing about Amazon no-rush-shipping credits is that they sometimes come even on small purchases. So you might be purchasing a $3 item and getting a $10 credit in a specific category.

Do multiple no-rush-shipping rewards stack on a single purchase? No, with the exception of the digital credit offer, these rewards do not stack – you can only use one of these $5 or $10 credits per checkout. If you’re buying multiple items, check them out one at a time and get $5/$10 off each.

$1 Digital Credit

For long, Amazon has been offering a $1 digital credit for choosing no-rush shipping. There are/were a few varieties of this offer:

  • $1 credit toward instant video
  • $1 credit toward books and e-books
  • $1 credit toward e-books, digital music, and video

Direct Link 

Readers have noted that you can use the video credit to buy XBOX or PSN and various other digital gift cards (no longer working). You can even use multiple credits in a single purchase.

$5 or $6 Prime Pantry

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $6 Prime Pantry reward toward a Prime Pantry purchase. Often this offer is $5.99 or $5 instead of $6.

$5 Link / $6 Link

This is one of the most common offers people get. You can only use one of these credits per Prime Pantry order, and remember that Prime Pantry shipping costs $5.99. Essentially, using this offer, you’ll get free (or close to free) shipping on a Prime Pantry order.

$5 Prime Now

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 credit toward an Amazon Prime Now purchase

$3 Amazon Credit

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $3 reward toward your next Amazon purchase

Direct Link

While most no-rush-shipping offers give you a credit for a highly specific category, this one works as a $3 credit for any Amazon purchase, something most of value at roughly $3 cash. This offer was going around at one point, I haven’t heard recent sightings of this offer.

Instant Discount

Earlier this year, Amazon was testing an instant discount option where you’d get a discount on this item itself instead of a discount for the future. The discount amount varied based on the item. I haven’t heard this being offered anymore.

$5 Electronics and Supplies

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Office Electronics and Supplies purchase

Direct Link

Spend the $5 reward at

$5 Grocery

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Grocery purchase

Direct Link

Credit can be spent toward purchases.

$5 CD or Vinyl Record

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next CD and Vinyl Record purchase

Credit can be used to buy music here.

$10 TV or Projector

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $10 reward toward your next TV and Projector purchase

Here’s the TV category and here are projectors.

$10 Furniture

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $10 credit toward your next Furniture, Mattresses, or Area Rugs purchase

Find the furniture category here, Mattresses here, and Area Rugs here. We wrote a few ideas for using this credit here.

$10 Amazon Restaurants

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $10 reward toward your next Amazon Restaurants purchase

(Direct Link needed)

Can be spent toward an Amazon Restaurants delivery order.

$5 Shoes

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Shoes purchase

Direct Link

Works on women’s , men’s , girls’ , boys’ , baby girls’ , or baby boys’.

$5 Luxury Beauty

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Luxury Beauty purchase

Direct Link 

Find luxury beauty items here.

$5 Patio/Lawn/Garden

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Patio, Lawn, or Garden purchase

Direct Link

Find Patio, Lawn, and Garden items here.

$5 Toys and Games

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Toys and Games purchase

Direct Link

Find Toys and Games items here.

$5 Books

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $5 reward toward your next Print Book purchase

Direct Link

Find Print Books here.

$10 Home Services

  • Choose no-rush shipping and get a $10 reward toward your next Home Services booking

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Mr. CC
Mr. CC

Prime credits don’t stack


what do you mean? i was able to save up several of the $1 digital credit offers and buy an album for completely free.


You’re right; I’m pretty sure digital credits are the only offers that do stack. None of the others do.


Why can’t they offer multiple choice at check-out and let me decide? I guess it would make too much sense?


Very frustrating as I often don’t actually care about the 2 days, but I always get the Prime Pantry offer so I never take them up. I don’t order from Prime Pantry…surely they know that it’s not an enticing offer for me.


I am not sure if this will always work, but it seems once I accept an offer 5 or 6 times, it starts giving me some other offer. I accepted the $10 prime now 21 times before it switched over to something new. Maybe if you accept it for a while, it will cycle to something new. Worth a try if you are ordering anyway and don’t care about shipping time.


I usually get the $1 digital credit and sometimes get the $5 pantry credit. Is it the item we buythat determines which credit we are offered?


I’m also curious as to what triggers the different offers. Almost exclusively $1 digital store credit here (which I gladly accept) and the occasional free Prime Pantry credit is all I’ve ever gotten.

Stacey N
Stacey N

I have received several $5 Sports and Fitness rewards lately. This is also a one-reward per order deal. No stacking. =/ I’m not sure exactly what falls into that category, and I don’t know if I will ever really use it. But, I guess I should go take a peak and see what I can find out. I will update you when I have more information on this particular reward.

Unhappy Shopper
Unhappy Shopper

Amazon pulled the option to buy xBox gift cards and others with digital credit from the No-Rush Reward program. That’s sad ’cause I won’t renew my Prime. It’s junk without being able to exchange those credits for xBox gift cards. And with Prime more expensive and less options, I say good riddance!


The digital rewards no longer seem to be stacking, if by stacking you mean you can earn multiple rewards on a single order. I recently placed one order that was divided into 4 shipments and I was prompted to select my shipping speed for each of the 4 shipments individually. In the detailed invoice “No Rush Shipping” is noted for all 4 shipments, but I received only $1 credit when the final of the 4 shipments went out.

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