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Published on June 10th, 2015 | by Chuck


4x Fuel Points at Kroger & Ralph’s is Back 6/10 – 6/23

We posted the other day that numerous gift cards are on sale currently at Kroger (thru 6/20) and a reader mentioned that now we just need a fuel-points deal to make this worthwhile. Well…it’s here!

The Offer

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  • Purchase from hundreds of gift card brands and receive 4x fuel points using your Kroger Plus card.

kroger 4x fuel points


The deal should be available for all stores in the Kroger chain. Check out your own store to verify.

The Fine Print

  • Be sure to use you Kroger Plus card when making the purchase.
  • These deals sometimes require downloading a digital coupon first, but this deal does not apparently need that.
  • In the past, there have been mixed reports on whether fixed-denomination Visa/MC/Amex gift cards worked to trigger the bonus fuel points.

Our Verdict

As mentioned earlier, there’s currently a number of gift card deals in Kroger-chain stores going on. None were terribly exciting for resale purposes, but some of them can be used as a means of racking up fuel points.

Or course, the easier way would be to just buy gift cards to places like Amazon or any other merchant you shop at and rack up the fuel points that way.

This bonus-points offer comes up a number of times each year (last one was in May) and is now around for a full two weeks which is a nice time to rack up fuel points. (I don’t see the dates on the Kroger site; I took them from Slickdeals.) It may be worth doing another purchase at the end of the two weeks so as to extend the life of the points.

There’s also a deal going on until August which gives you 2x fuel points at Kroger-chain stores (via digital coupon) on all ordinary purchases. Visit on the weekend and do your gift card-4x and grocery-2x in one trip!

Deals Scenario

Each of the Kroger-owned stores (Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, etc.) has different details on the exact structure of the gas rewards program.

Here’s one example:

For each 1000 points, you get $1 off each gallon of gas, up to 35 gallons. Under the 4x gift card promo, you can buy $250 of gift cards to earn 1000 points, and then get a total of $35 off your fill-up if you max out on the 35 gallons. And this can be repeated again and again for additional fill-ups.

In this case, you’ll be getting a whopping 14% rebate on the $250 of gift cards, by saving $35 on the gas. At lower amounts of gas, it can still be a great deal. If you can get the deal to work on Visa/Mastercard gift cards in fixed denominations the deal could be even better.

HT: dogsstyle1 on Slickdeals

If you don’t live in the Kroger area, you may be able to get free gas using the Stop&Shop/Giant gas deal which is even better than the Kroger deal (ends tomorrow Thursday 6/11/15).

Other Gift Card deals currently available:

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I bought a $500 eBay gift card at Kroger with the NBA Amex, which nets me 2000 fuel points and should net me $25 in cash back.
It also happens to be the first transaction on my card, so it should also trigger the NBA signup bonus of $100.

And my liquidation plan is to buy merchant gift cards for churning.


Thanks Chuck for heads up. Indeed the trick is stacking 4x fuel pt promos with ebay gift card deals with a 5% grocery category card in a way that every month you can get your fill of $1/off gallon gas. For my family I shoot for 3-4k points and it adds up to $100-$140 in gas bill savings every month. As far as point expiring, just a clarification that pts expire the month following the ones you made the qualifying purchases in, regardless of when in the month you earned them. So only promo periods that straddle months are worth revisiting for sake of getting more points if you already have your fill. We have also have a couple 5 gallon gas cans we fill sometimes to maximize the deal when the timing just doesn’t line up. Kroger doesn’t mind in the least which is what’s nice.


How exactly do you liquidate the ebay gift card then, or are you stuck with that? 4x sounds great if you can get a $500 VGC and liquidate with redbird, but otherwise i’m spending more to go out than i usually would.


You can liquidate by buying discounted merchant gift cards on eBay and reselling them (if you wait for deals that this blog posts about, then you can make a profit doing this).
In my experience I have not earned any fuel points from Kroger by buying Visa gc’s.


It doesn’t work on variables?


No. Just fixed VGC’s which at my kroger is $100 plus 5.95 fee. If you have a 5% card though and if you are capable of consuming the full 35 gallons on a fill up, it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy these to get the fuel points if you really don’t want to liquidate gift cards via resellers or normal spend. I have purchased $100 fixed VGC and at my kroger they count for fuel pts anyway. As always test on one purchase first.


So random story… I went to a Kroger yesterday while traveling and obliviously purchased a $250 ebay GC without entering my kroger plus number. Realized it half hour later. Called a kroger customer care line the local store manager gave me over the phone, 1.877.576.7587, and I had the points in my account within 10 minutes. Very easy. It’s not a digital offer you have to put on your account thankfully.

Mist Soalar
Mist Soalar

Does anyone find official promotion details page?
Though my account’s promo says “Limited time offer” and “Restrictions apply”, I can’t see the offer period and restriction details anywhere.

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