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Published on June 12th, 2015 | by William Charles


A Way Around Chase’s New Rules

In case you didn’t already know, Chase is now being more strict when it comes to approving applicants with lots of applications for new credit in the last two years. Another change they’ve made is they now write down notes in your file when you call reconsideration, this means that simply hanging up and calling again (to try and get a more lenient representative) doesn’t work either.

This blog is all about finding new ways to game the system, so when one opportunity dries up I always like to try and find a possible solution. I haven’t personally tried this (I’m not currently in the country) but have had a few friends try that were denied due to excessive inquiries and it has worked for them.

Instead of applying online, apply at a Chase branch. If you have a deposit account with Chase then their bankers will do their best to make sure your application is approved, if it isn’t approved automatically they are able to call a different number and plead the case on your behalf.

Obviously if you’ve already applied and been denied, you’ll need to apply again which means that Chase will do another hard pull – but that could make sense for some. Applying in branch is a bit of a hassle as it means actually leaving your house and filling out the application form in person, but if you have a lot of recent inquiries then it probably makes sense to go there first. As an added benefit, sometimes the in branch bonuses are better than those advertised online (presumably because they aren’t paying commission to an affiliate for the lead).

If you don’t already have a Chase deposit account, I’d recommend signing up for one before applying in branch. It’s possible to get a sign up bonus on these accounts as well (currently up to $500 for the Chase checking/savings combo) – we keep this page updated with the best current offers.

If you’ve been denied online and then try to apply in branch, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Ack, thats bad news for me then. Chase closed all branches in Massachusetts it seems… Not only can’t I get the $500 checking bonus; now it’ll be tougher for me to churn chase cards!

  2. George Smiley says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning that having a Chase checking account combined with heavy MS (presumably on Ink) were among the most commonly cited factors in Chase closing accounts based on this flyertalk thread.

    I for one will not take the risk of a Chase checking account. The speculation on the thread is that the Bank’s responsibilities for oversight are higher for banking customers. I have no idea if that’s true, but it’s plausible.

    • somy says:

      I think you are confusing MS with just applying for multiple cards.

      • George Smiley says:

        Many of this blogs readers do MS on Ink. I’d hate for one of them to use this tip, and have their Chase accounts shut down because of a checking account.

        It’s a step further that they might not see.

    • alcwj says:

      Those shut downs are due to MS on Chase checking account, i.e. depositing MOs and paying off CC repeatedly.

      • George Smiley says:

        That’s not what was reported. Maybe you have different data.

        • Source? I’ve never run into any issues and I MS a lot of Chase cards and churn their deposit accounts. All the data points I read were of people doing stupid things with their Chase checking account. Don’t shit where you eat and all that.

          • George Smiley says:

            I did the summary of Chase account closures on the Flyertalk thread. Few of them (dozens of data points) reported doing MS through the checking account. They just had one.

      • K. Patel says:

        There is another alternative to this..!! Use Chase checking account for “regular person” banking. I bet, any MS gamer still need personal regular banking.

    • All of those instances were doing MS using the Chase checking account (e.g depositing money orders) you should definitely keep those separate but simply having a Chase checking account isn’t an issue.

  3. ThunderFat says:

    I think Chase sometimes did write notes on your recon calls before. Last year I applied for united explorer and when I made my 3rd call, the rep said she could see the note of previous calls and if there was no change on my credit report she wouldn’t do anything on my app.

  4. Philip says:

    Can anyone confirm whether Chase is also starting to be strict on matching credit card offers. My family and I have always been able to match up to a better public offer with 60 days, but now I just get ‘we are sorry but we cannot honor your request to match’. Seems like bleak MS days for chase ahead 🙁

  5. Sandra says:

    Interesting. We have a Chase checking. When my husband was denied the Freedom card a few weeks ago he wanted to go to our local branch and talk to a banker but I told him no since I the denials for too many new credit cards in the past 2 years seemed to be so consistent. Not so sure I want to risk another hard pull on his credit. I would probably be more willing if his current cards were getting use but we haven’t been showing a history of using them so it would seem harder to convince the banker. I do think if I were going to I would point out the nice pairing of the Freedom with the Sapphire Preferred he already has.

  6. Adam says:

    @will – what current offers are better at the branch as opposed to online?

    also say you apply online and get denied, since we know recon is no good. should we go and apply in branch the same day in the hopes HPs get merged etc?

    • Not sure if any are better in branch at the moment or not, but the Chase Ink Plus usually has the AF waived when the online offer doesn’t for example. CSP used to have a lower minimum spend requirement for a long time.

  7. Stephen says:

    Ha I wish you had posted this a day earlier.

    Yesterday evening I applied online for a Chase Freedom. Didn’t get instant approval so called in and was told I was denied for too many new cards. They showed 7 new cards (3 were from Chase) in the last two years. Specifically 3 in 2013, 3 in 2014, and 1 in 2015.

    The 1 in 2015 was actually an Ink I had applied for in branch a couple weeks prior. I will consider going in branch in the future. As an aside, think there’s any chance if I go into the branch when I get the official denial letter that a banker can get them to reconsider that application?

  8. MPK says:

    Unfortunately, this trick will not work. This is coming from my personal experience where I applied for a Freedom in Branch, denied, banker called recon on my behalf, was told it was due to too many new accounts and there was no possibility for reconsideration. Also, the bankers have no additional pull or insight into your app being approved, when they call recon they speak to the same people that we call.

    • Obviously won’t work all of the time and will depend on the banker, but they do have another number they can call and plead your case to and can certainly escalate things further. Do you have a Chase deposit account at all? If not that might have been what caused the issue.

      • MPK says:

        I have an extensive relationship with Chase, including multiple DDA accounts some individual and some joint. The bankers have plenty of reasons to fight for me and retain my business.

        With my original post, I was trying to save some people an unnecessary hard pull on their credit. I know beyond any reasonable doubt that you have no advantage by applying in a branch over online. William, if you would like additional info on how I know this, I would be happy to discuss via email.

        • TxAg says:

          I agree. I went in branch for Ink last month and got denied. I went back to banker and said all he could do is call and ask for a reconsideration but still got denied!

  9. tim says:

    As someone formerly from the industry here is some food for thought.

    The bankers are sales reps… if you want them to work for you reward them with the application. The car salesmen that work the lot want nothing to do with the guys who have been emailing with the online guy.

  10. Phong says:

    I’ve got to say that I’m really saddened by this news. Mostly because I really enjoy chase credit cards and all of the perks they have. This really does make manufactured spending hard too :(. It sucks because I’ve been trying to get the Chase SP card for a long time, now I’ll probably have to wait several more years lol!

  11. yay says:

    I just cancelled a chase card and asked to reallocate the credit line to another account on the condition there would not be an hard pull. The agent agreed they would not do a credit check. However Chase did do a hard pull!!! FWIW, I have 6 personal & Bus. cards with them and >$100k credit across all of them.

  12. Call Chase and ask for the hard pull to be removed, state they specifically told you no pull would be done. If you don’t get an adequate response, say that you will file a complaint with the CFPB. If they still refuse, file a complaint with the CFPB. You’ll get it removed eventually.

  13. ihg newbie says:

    since november of last year, i acquired 4 CC’s from chase. first 3 got instant approval and the 4th got approved upon calling.
    however, i got denied for marriot CC last month. i called and then went to my chase banker for appeal. did no good.
    fyi, i have business and personal checking as well as savings with chase.
    one more thing, this is the best CC blog in my opinion. keep up the good work.

  14. TxAg says:

    I applied for Ink in branch. Got a letter a week later saying my application was denied. I called reconsideration line and the agent asked for some more info then put me on hold. He got back and said I still got denied because I have 4 new cards in the past 6 months and lot of spending on my Chase cards! That last part about spending got me very upset. I told him that although I do spend a lot on my Chase cards, I have never hard a late payment or over limit spending and very few instances (none recent) of carrying over balances. He said this still indicates abnormal spending and would not approve my application! My score is 768, income at $82k, and been a Chase (credit and banking) customer since 2007 and closed only 1 card. This is ridiculous if they’re basing decisions on how much spending you’ve done in the past.

  15. ES says:

    My understanding and experience from applying in branch for Chase Bus cards is that there is a third recon/appeal possibility for Chase Private Clients / those the banker would like to make Private Clients. I applied in branch, it went pending, we called immediately from the branch and I was denied, but the banker then requested the third appeal and I got the card. However, this was 2 years ago. And a family member who is not eligible to be a Private Client did not get the extra appeal even when she asked for it.

    More recently but not in the last few weeks, I have found that with Chase it is best to let a pending app just work its way through the system and to not call recon while the app remains pending. Various family members got Chase Bus cards that way.

    However, this is not current and is offered mainly for historical and clarification purposes re: whether or not applying in branch gets an extra chance for a denied app.

  16. Phong says:

    Oh yea. I’m not sure if this was already mention, but does this include airline cards such as the southwest and united chase cards as well that are getting rejected for having applied to too many cards?

  17. Diamond Vargas says:

    Data point from today, July 1, 2015:

    Applied in-branch for a targeted 50k offer for the United personal card. The representative received a pending application notice when he submitted it, and offered to provide any assistance he could (with no promises of course) if by chance the application was denied during the review process, which I would hear the results of in the next week or two. He did not offer to call immediately to try to push it through, and I did not ask. I then went home and called the reconsideration line — was approved after moving some of my credit line over from my Sapphire Preferred. No mention of recent account openings. Prior to the application I had 14 inquiries in the last two years with Experian (which Chase uses in my state, NY), although only 1 in the last 180 days, as well as 5 Equifax and 8 Transunion inquiries on my report. The vast majority of these were new credit card accounts. I am also an authorized user on one or two Chase cards.

    For additional details, I do have an active Chase personal checking account, an inactive business one, and in addition to my Sapphire Preferred I have the Ink Plus, Ink Bold, and a very old Ink Classic card.

    Also worth noting that the laminated, official in-branch offering pamphlet for the United Personal card was a 50k offer despite the current public offer.

    • Todd says:

      I believe the new rules only apply to Ultimate reward cards like Ink, Freedom, CSP. Other cards don’t seem to be affected.

  18. Rich T says:

    Applied in branch yesterday for CSP, after recently opening Chase checking. Banker contacted me and provided a phone number to call for status. He told me that the credit card team could not talk to him, but had to work directly with me. Unexpected from him.

    I called the number and I am pending. I may wait it out instead of immediately calling to speak with someone. Any recent recommendations on calling or not?

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