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[AAA Members] Fee-Free Visa Gift Cards at AAA Locations

AAA members can purchase Visa gift cards fee-free at AAA locations for a limited time.

The Offer

Direct Link to Offer [This link is for the Mid-Atlantic area. You can poke around and find it for your own area.]


AAA also sells Visa gift cards online, but the fee-free offer is apparently only for in-location purchases.

AAA Locator

These gift cards are MetaBank gift cards which are PINable and can be unloaded at Walmart.

A similar deal was around last year, during the holiday season. And earlier this year. That offer was not available at all AAA locations. I believe that this offer is for all locations, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s easy to check this out, either by calling your local location, or by checking the Visa gift card page of the AAA locations in your area. (Each area has a separate sub-domain of the site.)

Important note: AAA gift cards aren’t very scalable. The cards get registered to you at the AAA location, and if you do too much MetaBank will ban you. Additionally, some AAA locations limit the amount you can purchase. For more details, we recommend reading Free-quent Flyer’s post and this FlyerTalk thread.

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

I’d probably get some of these if I were an AAA member. I’d also like to verify if it’s indeed impossible to get the fee-free offer for online orders, but since I’m not a member I haven’t been able to verify. Let us know if you have success with this.

HT: phrenic22 on Reddit

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I can confirm that AAA sells fee free in FL and have bought with Amex with no prob. Dont know how much triggers ban from metabank, I’ve bought about 15k


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