Posted by Chuck on November 28, 2017

Published on November 28th, 2017 | by Chuck


Amazon Prime: Buy 3 Dash Buttons for $4.99, Comes with $15 in Credits

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (contains our affiliate link)

Only Prime members can buy and use Dash buttons.

Our Verdict

Good time to try these out, you can get 3 x $4.99 Dash credits, plus a no-rush-shipping credit too for the price of a single $4.99 Dash button purchase.

Keep in mind you’ll have to actually place an order (or use this workaround) to get the $4.99 credit on each Dash button. Here’s a technical analysis on Dash buttons for those interested.

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Kids love to play with them

Isn’t this prime only? You might wanna add it to the post or the title DoC.

i think you could just cancel the order right after pressing the button. and the promotion stays.

i’ll try to confirm later

the reason i love the credits is cause there is no tax on it which saves me an additional 8.375% NY sales tax

Did this work for you? I just did it with two buttons and I’m only seeing a single 4.99 promo at checkout, which I got from an earlier dash deal. Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Unless only one dash promotion applies at a time?

Yes it did. The reason you only see 1 pomo credit is because only 1 credit could be used per order.

The next few orders you’ll place will get a $4.99 dash credit

Just FYI, if you “use” dash buttons to earn the $4.99 credit, and then later cancel Prime, the credits remain on your account and work for non-Prime orders. Also, the $25 free shipping threshold is determined before the $4.99 discount is subtracted.

Oh, also, you don’t even need Prime to trigger the $4.99 credit. My wife ordered some dash buttons during a free trial of Prime, and I set them up on my non-Prime account and received the $4.99 credits.

Is there a limit? Can we only do one set of 3? Or can we potentially buy every Amazon dash (in multiples of 3) and credit for each?

I did 2 orders went through. Didn’t wanna invest to much!:)

I just placed three separate orders of three Dash buttons each (nine buttons total), and I got a $9.98 discount on each order. $0.30 tax was added, so the total charge for each order, paid for with my gift card balance, was $5.29.

Here’s what each order summary looks like:

I also ordered through Ibotta’s portal, which is currently offering 6% cash back on Dash buttons, so that should offset the 6% Pennsylvania tax I was charged.

Not sure if I waited too much for this for whatever reason I tried both buttin press without selecting product and then press button and cancel order , no credit to account.

Where do you see this credit.

I speculated yesterday and confirmed it today there’s a limit of 1 dash promo credit per order so you your next few orders will get a discount $4.99 depending on how many buttons you got

BTW was Googlein around last night and found that you could reprogram the buttons to do a lot of other things like a remote for any wifi enabled switch or doorbell or launch any program or website on your computer without the press of the dash. For those who have patience to play around

How do you know if the credit is available in your account? Treated or the theory but do not see the credit (is it only when placing an order?)

when you place the order, you can see the 4.99 credit for the order.

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