Posted by William Charles on July 12, 2017

Published on July 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Extended] Amazon: Get $30 off $60 by Using 1 Membership Rewards Point [Targeted Offer, Working For People When It Didn’t Before]

This deal is no longer valid, but you can still get $25 off $50 here.

This offer originally had an end date of 7/11, but it’s been extended to 7/31/17. (HT: DD) Also note that some people who weren’t targeted earlier are having luck now. And it might even depend on which platform you use; a friend and multiple readers who couldn’t get it to work on computer were able to get it to work in the app. It can even work if you did the previous $25 deal.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (offer might not show, follow directions below)

  • Link your Amex Membership Rewards account with your Amazon account for Shop-with-Points and receive $30 off a $60+ purchase of anything sold by Amazon with promo code AMEX17PRIME.

Here’s how to get in on this deal:

  1. Add $60 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping card.
  2. Go to your payment options and choose your linked AMEX card with Membership Rewards or link a card now
  3. Pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points; you can use just use one point and pay the rest with the credit card (click ‘choose different amount’ to do this)
  4. Enter the promo code AMEX17PRIME in the box provided on the checkout page
  5. $30 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page.

Code Doesn’t Work?

  • Make sure you’re purchasing items sold and shipped by
  • If you just linked your MR account, wait 24 hours and try using the promo code again; seems it takes a few hours for until the promo code works
  • If it’s still not working, contact Amazon chat about the issue. They will likely tell you to complete your purchase and they will refund you the $30

The Fine Print

  • The promotion will end at 11:59 PT on 7/11/2017
  • To redeem the offer, you must be logged into an account which has been active for 90 days or longer.
  • Offer applies only to the purchase of at least $50 of eligible products, where Membership Rewards points are used for at least a portion of the purchase and the promotion code is entered at checkout. Taxes, gift-wrap, and shipping and handling charges do not apply when determining minimum purchase amount.
  • The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $25 per eligible Membership Rewards enrolled Card.
  • Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twenty four months.
  • Offer does not apply to the purchase of digital content.
  • Offer only applies to eligible products sold by
  • Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
  • Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.
  • Offer is available by invitation only, is non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash, and may not be resold.
  • Promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

Our Verdict

This won’t work for everybody and seems to have replaced the $25 off $50 deal, it’s working for some people even if they have done that deal before.

What to Buy

If you have an item to buy on Amazon that’s the easiest. You can also lock in the $30 off $60 deal on a third-party gift card of your choice, just not on an Amazon gift card.

Here’s the link for all electronically delivered gift cards on Amazon and here’s the link for all physically mailed gift cards on Amazon. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to skip Amazon’s own gift cards.

Sample e-gift card deals to get a $60 gift card for just $30 with this promo: $60 Safeway e-gift$60 AirBnB e-gift$60 Uber e-gift$60 e-gift$60 Whole Foods e-gift$60 Lowes e-gift$60 Netflix e-gift.

Physical gift cards are more difficult because they don’t come in flexible denominations: $50 Southwest gift card$50 Starbucks gift card$50 Staples gift card$50 Sears gift card$50 Whole Foods gift card$50 Nordstrom gift card$50 AirBnB gift card.

Remember To Stack

There are so many other ways to save money on Amazon, so make sure you stack discounts & deals. You can view our complete guide to saving money on Amazon here. This post contains our Amazon affiliate links, I appreciate you using them but keep in mind you could be earning 3x JetBlue points instead.

Hat tip to reader Jochy P

158 Responses to [Expired] [Extended] Amazon: Get $30 off $60 by Using 1 Membership Rewards Point [Targeted Offer, Working For People When It Didn’t Before]

  1. P says:

    Works with amazon gift cards for me.

  2. T says:

    fyi, you can reload your amazon gift card balance, and still use this. that way you can use whatever card you want to reload the balance, and next to nothing will actually be charged to your AMEX card

    • GK says:

      how can you use this promo to reload ?

    • Brian C says:

      How did you do this?

      When i try to reload, it doesnt take me to a traditional checkout screen where i have the option to use a promocode or Amex rewards points.

      I don’t see a way to add this “to the cart” either.

      Please advise what steps you took so we can take advantage of this as well 🙂

    • Chuck says:

      AFAIK, when you use pay with points, the system automatically charges the remainder to that card. So you wouldn’t be able to pay with gc balance.

      • legpanda says:

        As long as you have an unredeemed gift card, you can pay with points then enter the gift card at checkout (add gift card or promotional code section) to pay with 1 MR and remaining balance with gc. I was able to do this with the last promo ($25 off $50)

  3. Highsky says:

    Prime only?

  4. David T says:

    I’m on prime and I’m never eligible… :'(

  5. kt says:

    “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”
    maybe because I had this offer earlier this year?

  6. gabriel says:

    bought a sephore 60 $ gc for 29.90 🙂 applied 0.1 $ with amex .. thanks doc

  7. JA says:

    word of warning on contacting CS if the code doesn’t work: I made an order over $50 and tried the AMEX17EVER code, which didn’t work, so I sent a message asking if I could be matched. The next day, beginning at 5:30am, I awake to a live phone call with a heavy Indian accent asking me questions about a code. After I get my bearings from being awoken and realize this is amazon, I decide I’d rather not talk and tell them to call later. I then am bombarded by robot calls for the next 30 minutes, and when I answer, it’s a robo-voice declaring that “this is amazon fire tv customer support, please hold for a service specialist”, which makes zero sense, and when I wait for a live person and ask what’s happening, no one knows. When I hang up, 1 minute later same call, each one leaving me a robot voicemail. Later in the day after 3 rage emails to CS about wtf happened, I get a $10 credit. 0/10 would not recommend.

    TL,DR: amazon CS may or may not bombard you with confusing robo calls at the break of dawn if you contact them about this.

  8. Alberto says:

    Thank you. I tried several times the $25/$50 promo and always said ‘cannot be applied’, now the $30 worked.

  9. Brian C says:

    I have complete the $50 offer previously, and it looks like this will work for me as well (the $60 offer).

    I added 2 dummy items totalling 60, went through the process to change payment info, and when i clicked use payment, it came up with no errors, but i did not see the discount. So i went over to the promo box and AGAIN typed in the AMEX17PRIME code, and THEN it added the discount.

    I am not gonna buy these items, so i hope this wasnt a fluke when i try this later with items i actually want.

    • Brian C says:

      Also, when i clicked the “direct link” i saw NOTHING mentioning the discount, indicating i wasn’t “targeted”. However, i simply followed the steps, and it worked.

      • Tavosa says:

        Looks to be no issue using this after having used the AMEX17EVER, $25 off of $50 last week! I as well did not see an offer on the direct link, just proceed to payments, use $0.01 from AMEX MR (1 point) and then once on the final screen, enter the promo.

        Great news. Just a tiny sad I didn’t use $25 off $50 on my second MR card in time to double up on that either!

        I’d say it’s working for previous users of the $25 off $50 Doc.

        • Brian C says:

          Wait, you can use this on EACH MR card you have!?!?

          I thought it was once per MR account?

          All my amex cards are linked to the same MR account/pool.

          • Tavosa says:

            I personally have two accounts, one with 3 cards (only one is a MR card) and one with a Business rewards gold – unfortunately those are both new accounts so I cannot test this as I don’t yet have 1 MR point lol… but my girlfriend has 1 Premier Rewards Gold card and that is the one I have used to confirm that you can use this $30 off $60 even if you’ve done the $25 off $50.

            I am going to contact Amex and see if they will credit me a few points to my other 2 cards for this promo, or see if Amazon will honor it. Will report back if all goes well with a DP.

    • Felix says:

      I did the dummy thing and it worked, but then I when I came back to make an actual purchase it said I’d already used it.

  10. Peabody says:

    Code did not work for me despite numerous attempts with buying an Echo.

  11. Shannon says:

    In the past none of the Amex codes worked for me. This time it did. I ordered $75 worth of gift cards, Panera and Starbucks, applied .01 and it took $30 off. Thank you!

  12. irshad says:

    Was not targeted for the 25 off 50 few months ago.
    Was able to get this promotion 30 off 60.. sweet deal. Got baby formula at a good discount.. 🙂
    Thank you!!

  13. David says:

    Worked for me with a email-based Whole Foods gift card. Sweet!

  14. Kathy says:

    I put in my American Express card (Membership Reward card) but when I get to checkout, I do not get the option to use any points. This is odd. I am getting an error message that states the promotion code cannot be used for this purchase.

  15. Travel Griz says:

    Worked like a charm. Picked an egift card for Netflix.

    Only have the Amex everyday card.

  16. chris a says:

    Since Amazon now allows buying other gift cards with Amazon gift card balance, i bought an Amazon gift card so that i can use this Amazon balance to buy future giftcards (like Whole Foods etc.) when they go on sale.

  17. rocco says:

    Which Amazon gift card are you guys buying? Link pls

  18. rocco says:

    Game stop GC can still be used to buy Amazon GC in store?

    • VK says:

      I think it should work. I used it Game Stop GC for the Uber deal, they were allowing to use GC. That was a pretty cool deal.

  19. Jab says:

    Not targeted, as wasn’t to last promo

  20. JJ says:

    it worked for me buying an uber egift card. I first tried buying an amazon egift card and that didn’t work.

  21. JL says:

    I tried enrolling the new Blue Business Plus card as MR card but it won’t let me. Any reason why? I don’t have other amex MR cards unfortunately.

    • Tavosa says:

      Is it give the error that is something like:

      “American Express has informed us you do not have a Membership Rewards account”?

      I just retried and it is now giving me the following error, after it originally gave me the one above for about 3 tries. My 2 other cards work fine.’

      “We’re sorry, but something went wrong while enrolling your rewards account for Shop with Points.”

      DoC, wondering if somehow the Business Plus is not eligible for programs like this. Given the lack of AMEX offers I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • farsighted99 says:

        I got that same error. Meh.

        I used this promo a few months ago, and it looks like I’m blocked from using it this time. Boo hoo.

        However, I got those $10 back from reloading $20 in my amazon account from CVS. So did the other members of my family too.

    • Chuck says:

      It’s possible it’s too new or Amex hasn’t set it up yet for that card. No one has gotten Amex Offers on that card either.

      • Electroman says:

        I have AMEX offers on my Blue for Business, although only a few. The current TurboTax offer is there, for example.

  22. Plungerjoke says:

    Hilarious twist-had long chat with Amazon this am. Just got a response email informing me I’m ineligible and referring me to this very post for details. Haaah

  23. Andy says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Got a $60 AirBnB e-gift card. I could not use any of my Amazon gift balance for the $59.99, but that may be an issue with purchasing gift cards with Amazon gift card balance, regardless of this promotion?

    • Chuck says:

      It’s because you paid with points. The system automatically charges the remainder to your credit card (though the system gives another reason, I believe that is the true reason).

  24. Andy says:

    Sorry, balance was $29.99…not $59.99

  25. T says:

    Worked for me, have never done an Amazon MR offer before. Got a $60 Gamestop e-Gift Card and only used 1 MR point.

    Had to pay with an AmEx card though. Combined this with Jetblue and Drop.

  26. NS says:

    Couldn’t make it work with Amazon GC, so I purchased a $60 Whole Foods GC for $29.99 + 1MR.
    Thanks Doc!

  27. Chuck says:

    Worked for me. $60 AirBnB for $29.99 and an Amex point. I already did the previous $25 promo. This was on a grandfathered Prime sharing account.

  28. Evan says:

    Deal is dead, per Amazon chat rep.

    • Chuck says:

      I did the deal at 3:20pm ET today, that’s around the same time you left that comment. Maybe chat wasn’t informed about this promo.

  29. Victor says:

    Deal is dead?

  30. Thomas says:

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase

  31. The Man says:

    It’s still working as of 5:35pm EST

  32. Roger says:

    The deal is still working as of 18:10 EST. I bought succ a $100 WholeFoods GC for $70.
    You have to wait for a few mins after linking amex.
    Thanks Doc.

  33. JOSH says:

    AMEX17PRIME cannot be applied. Did 50-25 before.

  34. jf says:

    WOW I actually got it!!! SCORE! Got mario odyssey, an anker car charger , and a nyko case for my switch, for $43.67! What a deal! Thanks DOC! And William Charles! And Sirtheta!

  35. Eric says:

    I think I have all of you guys beat. I just paid $19.50 for a $50 Boston Market gc plus a $20 Wendy’s gc.

    There is currently a $50 Boston Market gc on sale for $39.50 on Amazon Lightning Deals. There is plenty of stock left BTW.

    I was worried that this wouldn’t work because it only added up to $59.50. However, the system counted the gc as $50 so it showed $70 as the regular price.

    I still had my $10 Amazon Dash credit from re-loading my Amazon balance at CVS in May or June. $70 – $11.50 for sale on BM GC – $30 for Amex offer – $10 for Amazon Dash credit = $19.50 charged to my Amex.

  36. Jeremy says:

    I can’t get it to work. $60 whole foods gift card with or without my Amazon gift balance.

  37. scott says:

    I did this and it worked, though I’m somewhat confused. I have used my Amex card for this type of deal in the past so I’m surprised it worked. I bought the $50 Boston Market gift card that was on sale for $39 and then added something else. I paid with 1 MR point, but it wouldn’t let me use my Amazon credit to pay for the remaining balance–actually, it would let me but then the $30 off would disappear. Eventually I just paid with the 1 MR point and nothing else and it let me complete the order. I couldn’t tell if it charged any of my credit cards for the balance, so I looked around and found I had a balance of about $22. The main page then had a button with the option to pay the balance with my Amazon credit. I clicked the button and it my credit took care of the balance.

    Anyway, great offer especially when combined with the gift card. Thanks!

  38. Bob says:

    I was able to get a $60 Whole Foods gift card for $30, even though I have done the Membership Rewards promo before. Also, Amazon used my Amazon gift card balance for the remaining $29.99. My Amex was not charged.

  39. artgriego says:

    Are there DP of people getting customer service to refund $30 if the code doesn’t work? I tried chatting them and the guy told me it’s not valid for gift cards…right…

    • Tavosa says:

      My rep offered to do it, but he would not allow it for gift cards or with any other promo credit already on the account (for instance he wouldn’t apply the $30 off to an order with a $5 amazon assistant promo already on it).

      It did seem he would apply the credit to a purchase made without even using a MR card, but I did not complete the order with him (I did a gift card myself, originally I was hoping to double up on the offer), so I cannot confirm that he would have technically applied it to a non MR card, but he sure seemed he was about to.

  40. Fiby says:

    Deal is not dead as of about 12:10 am Friday 7/07 EST. Stacked this with the Boston Market for resale (had to throw in a $25 Chipotle gift card for personal use)

  41. Dave says:

    I got it to work on a Netflix e-GC last night but it didn’t work for my wife or mom this morning. I’m a PRIME member, they’re not.

  42. MoreSun says:

    No go for me. Tried Starbucks & Olive Garden, then a random $60+ item from amazon just to make sure and each time got “the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase” despite selecting pay with points for part of it. I did one of these awhile back but haven’t been able to make one work since.

    • Deborah says:

      No go for me either. Have a linked AMEX card, tried to buy a $60 whole foods gc., used a few MR points, would not apply the discount despite multiple tries. Got the “the promotional code you entered…” .and of course no way to reach customer service via chat.

  43. Aporush82 says:

    Does anyone know if using an authorized user card to pay with Pts allow you to use the promo again if the primarily cardholder already did one?

  44. Fred says:

    My Amazon chat rep just cited another travel blogs post about the promo and how to use. She used it to the point that she actually copied pasted: “If you haven’t already linked your American Express card to your Amazon account, you can do that here.
    Shop at and add $60 worth of products (which must be sold and shipped by to your Shopping card. Many merchant gift cards work as well, so you can go ahead and search for merchant gift cards here.
    On the payment page, select your linked Membership Rewards earning credit card and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Rewards points”. Enter “0.01” to get just 1 point applied. While you can redeem for more points, it is an awful redemption method, and I do not recommend!
    Please follow all of the above instructions.”
    Can’t stop laughing.

  45. Justin says:

    Does “Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card” mean that we can potentially use the card for every unique MR Amex card that we have?

    • sirtheta says:

      no: “Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twenty four months.”

      • Bob says:

        Yet many of us, like me, who have used our AMEX MR cards in the past 24 months before are getting this offer.

  46. adam says:

    Will this work for amex blue cash? If not which amex cards will it work for?

  47. Jason says:

    Just got denied for manual credit with chat agent 3 out of 3 times.

  48. Jags says:

    Worked for me–have used the AMEXxxEVER code before. Thanks!

  49. Steve F says:

    Did not work for mine or my wife’s account. We have used both the AMEX16EVER and AMEX17EVER in the past. I tried with e-gift cards and physical gift cards for various restaurants as well as physical items (books and cameras) sold by LLC. This is definitely a YMMV.

  50. The Value Traveler says:

    yep…didnt work for me. they want to see the email I received for this offer.

  51. Jeremy says:

    I chatted after not being able to get the code to work. I now got an email saying I wasn’t targeted. It appears either you got lucky and it worked, or you were targeted. Don’t count on chat working.

  52. Mark says:

    Worked. Make sure it’s sold and shipped by Amazon. I made a mistake the first time trying, and after switching to amazon only product it worked. I remember participating in this offer before and it works this time as well.

  53. Renee says:

    Would not work for Airbnb egift card, as they are sold by Airbnb not amazon but worked otherwise.

  54. Cicero says:

    Seems to be dead. Chatted with CSR and said the 100,000 users have already used this promo.

  55. The Man says:

    Still working as of 11:50pm EST

  56. Richard says:

    Nice! Got the $60 safeway e-gift card for $29.99 plus 1 MR point. Thanks William.

  57. Kat says:

    Think it is dead. Won’t work for me; CSR in chat says it expired yesterday and I can’t even get the offer to come up on the direct link (though it did initially for me).
    CSR gave me a $5 promotional credit, so I’m at least glad I reached out in chat.

  58. Dave C says:

    Worked DoC, thanks! Got a $40 Gap egift card and Dash wand. I’ll end up getting $40 Gap GC and Amazon GC (after registering wand) for $30!

  59. M. Smith says:

    Worked for me on the certified refurbished Echo (full size)! Currently the Deal of the Day at $89.99, minus $30 with the AmEx promo! Under $65 shipped after tax. Even got free same-day delivery.

  60. Felix says:

    FYI, I had previously used the $25 / $50 code a few days ago. Went to test this new code by dropping something over $60 into my cart. Got up to the point of purchase and the code had worked, so I closed the window and came back later to put things I actually wanted in the cart. After I put in the code it said that it had already been used. Lesson: don’t test out the code with random items!

  61. scott says:

    I had a few issues with this promotion. I used the code and it worked, and I got an e-mail showing me the correct charges for the products after the $30 was deducted. I paid for the balance using part of my Amazon gift card credit. But Amazon then charged my Amex card $39.50 on top of what I paid. I called them and got a CSR who was totally clueless. He kept telling me the e-mail I received showed the incorrect price. Then he told me there was no record of my having used an MR points, though the e-mail clearly showed I had. I had to ask for a supervisor who, after a lengthy discussion, finally refunded the Amex charge.

    It worked out in the end, but it was a bit of a hassle.

  62. jcb says:

    Terms and conditions link:

    If you’ve used MR to make a purchase in the last 12 months you aren’t eligible. That’s probably what’s preventing most of us.

  63. Miles Hustler says:

    Used it yesterday for my parents; didn’t work for me and I had gotten the $25 off $50 previously

  64. Brian C says:

    Does anyone know the answer to this…?

    If I used this promotion on an order with free returns, and i return the item, can i then use this promotion again? Or is it burned forever?

    The item i bought is $15 cheaper today on prime day so i wanna do a return and re-order, but not worth it if i lose the $30 off.

    Thanks for any input!

  65. HiYoSilver says:

    “May I ask if you have received an email confirmation with regards to the Promotion?
    Me: No, a friend showed it to me.
    Allen: I see. Thank you for confirming. I have checked and confirmed that there is no email that was sent to you. We occasionally offer promotions to potential customers or to select existing customers, to encourage them to shop at
    The promotion you mentioned was offered by invitation only to a limited group of customers, and is valid only for the e-mail addresses to which it was sent. We regret that we cannot extend this offer to other customers.
    I am sorry for that HiYoSilver. I am afraid that I am unable to honor the promotion. No worries, I will make sure that this will be reported and forwarded on our Internal department so that they’ll be able to check and review the issue and prevent it from happening again.
    In the meantime, is there anything else I can do for you today?”

  66. eclipsor says:

    was able to buy $60 of subway gift cards for $30 thanks to this, just did the $25 one two weeks ago too

  67. Wong says:

    I just did this before the expiry date of July 11th and combined it with the 2,000 MR after $50 on Amazon. Bought $80 worth of stuff for a juicy $25+$30 discount = 68.75% in savings! Freaking awesome. Thanks for the heads-up, DoC.

    The $25 comes from my Schwab card 2000MR * 1.25 bonus.

  68. Benjamin says:

    Wasnt initially targetted but finally worked for me yesterday.

  69. Bungy says:

    Wasn’t targeted at first. then Couldn’t apply MR to an order, used a BRG. Waited it out with a full shopping cart. Still wouldn’t apply.Suddenly targeted (banner at checkout) Finally checked out and used chat with a CSR. They said they would get back to me and the next morning I have $30 in credit.

  70. Austin says:

    Has anyone managed to use it twice on the same Amazon account? Terms say once per Amex MR card but doesn’t seem to work more than once per account.

  71. JonO says:

    THANK YOU for the additional post about checking different platforms!! I tried a dozen times on my PC, only to read this just now and try on the Amazon App. It said the promotion couldn’t be applied, but then I saw it had updated the promotional balance available to $35 ($5 balance from the $25 gift card bonus). You get all of my Amazon affiliate clicks!!

  72. Phill says:

    PSA: Was having mad issues during this original promotion but got it to work this time just fine after the extension….so if it didn’t work the first time it just may now work for ya this go around 😉

  73. Chicagoan33 says:

    Amazing thanks so much Doc I was going to give up as I couldn’t get original to work but tried today on PC, it is not a Prime acct, used 1 point and got $30 discount on Whole Foods e-gift!

  74. Austin says:


    Managed to use this twice, once on a personal account and once on an Amazon Business account just now. Used 2 different cards, too (one biz, one personal).

  75. ben says:

    just used same amex on wife’s account and worked again. I had to use a different web browser to get it to work.

  76. Charlie says:

    Got it to work….Thanks

  77. MRS says:

    Hmm, can’t seem to get this to work. I tried a few browsers, a few different products, a few different amount of MR points. Anyone else having issues?

  78. NPDV says:

    Still not working for me… 🙁

  79. Santosh Purohit says:

    May be its old , but i shared my prime with wife and she became a prime . Then i used the 30 on 60 using her membership rewards …means you can you use two accounts in single prime .

  80. Andrew says:

    On my PC I kept getting this error with gift cards (worked fine with other things): The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    But worked just fine with the Amazon Shopping Android app.

  81. pputo says:

    Doesn’t work. The online chat people kept saying the code has expired.

  82. Winston says:

    DP: have two Amex card sharing the same MR account. Placed an order with one card, succeeded, and tried another card with another amz account, failed many times. After one just worked on laptop. So I guess you can wait for a day or so to see if it’s working.

  83. JulesGA says:

    Nice, I just bought $60 Lowe’s card, used .10 worth of points. We spend mucho $$$ at Lowe’s so I am very happy!

  84. Marianne says:

    Just did this and it worked! I had regular amazon household items i needed. thanks so much!

  85. AL says:

    I used amex17prime the day this came out with no problem. Not prime and not targeted. I then tried my wife’s account and did not work. I have literally tried again once a day since and it finally just worked on my wife’s account. My advice: don’t give up on it.

  86. Richard says:

    Tried 7/12, no dice. On 7/13, it let me apply the code (showed $30 off) on the Choose Payment screen, but progressing to the final review screen it went away. I didn’t pull the trigger for obvious reasons.

    As of now, trying to use the code says “you have used this promotion already” warning, but continues to show the discount on the Choose Payment Method screen. No dice completing an order.

    Online chat was useless, apart from promising to have the marketing team email me back someday. Level 2 phone support from WA claimed that the promotion has hit the 100K limiter.

  87. Lauren Flynn says:

    Thank you so much! I was lazy and hadn’t done the 25/50 promo before so these two stacked and worked like a charm with a $60 Lowes card.
    This is my first time posting but I have been following you for the past year and have been able to go abroad 2x with another 10 day trip scheduled for Japan (all airfare and hotels paid for) based on all of the great deals and tips you post. 🙂

  88. Mikeyeye says:

    I love free money and getting $55.00 for nothing other than having an AMEX is great. Thanks for the heads up!

  89. arun says:

    i got this in 3 amazon account with same card.

    2 accounts- 30$ off
    1 account- 55$ off.

  90. W.E. says:

    Tried it today on two different browsers and it said “The promotional code you entered has expired.” I tried to contact customer service earlier and they were utterly unhelpful.

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