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Amazon: Get $25 off $50 by Using 1 Membership Rewards Point [Targeted Offer] – Works If Used Before

Reposting on 4/27/17: Two readers note that you might have to wait a few hours after connecting your MR account to pay-with-points. If you didn’t have success originally when linking your Membership Rewards account to Shop-withPoints, try again now.

It will NOT work again – this is the same offer as from last month when originally posted.

The Offer

Direct link to offer 

  • Link your Amex Membership Rewards account with your Amazon account for Shop-with-Points and receive $25 off a $50+ purchase of anything sold by Amazon with promo code AMEX17EVER.

Here’s how to get in on this deal:

  1. Add $50 or more of eligible products sold and shipped by to your shopping card.
  2. Go to your payment options and choose your linked AMEX card with Membership Rewards or link a card now
  3. Pay for at least a portion of your order with Membership Rewards points; you can use just use one point and pay the rest with the credit card (click ‘choose different amount’ to do this)
  4. Enter the promo code AMEX17EVER in the box provided on the checkout page
  5. $25 of savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page.
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.09.10 PM


Code Doesn’t Work?

  • Make sure you’re purchasing items sold and shipped by
  • If you just linked your MR account, wait 24 hours and try using the promo code again; seems it takes a few hours for until the promo code works
  • If it’s still not working, contact Amazon chat about the issue. They will likely tell you to complete your purchase and they will refund you the $25

The Fine Print

  • The promotion will end at 11:59 PT on 12/31/2017, or until 80,000 customers have redeemed this offer, whichever is earlier. The promotion code will expire concurrently.
  • To redeem the offer, you must be logged into an account which has been active for 90 days or longer.
  • Offer applies only to the purchase of at least $50 of eligible products, where Membership Rewards points are used for at least a portion of the purchase and the promotion code is entered at checkout. Taxes, gift-wrap, and shipping and handling charges do not apply when determining minimum purchase amount.
  • The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $25 per eligible Membership Rewards enrolled Card.
  • Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at in the past twenty four months.
  • Offer does not apply to the purchase of digital content.
  • Offer only applies to eligible products sold by
  • Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
  • Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.
  • Offer is available by invitation only, is non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash, and may not be resold.
  • Promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

Our Verdict

This offer is targeted and won’t work for everyone. There’s also a stated 80,000 person limit on the deal so better try sooner rather than later when it fills up.

The same offer was around last October, and I’m guessing those who’ve already done an MR deal in the past won’t be eligible again, but happy to be proven wrong. it’s working for those who’ve done it in 2016 too.

What to Buy

If you have an item to buy on Amazon that’s the easiest. You can also lock in the $25 off $50 deal on a third-party gift card of your choice, just not on an Amazon gift card.

Here’s the link for all electronically delivered gift cards on Amazon and here’s the link for all physically mailed gift cards on Amazon. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to skip Amazon’s own gift cards.

Sample e-gift card deals to get a $50 gift card for just $25 with this promo: $50 Safeway e-gift$50 AirBnB e-gift$50 Uber e-gift$50 e-gift$50 Whole Foods e-gift$50 Lowes e-gift$50 Netflix e-gift.

Sample physical gift cards: $50 Southwest gift card$50 Starbucks gift card$50 Staples gift card$50 Sears gift card$50 Whole Foods gift card$50 Nordstrom gift card$50 AirBnB gift card.

The links in this post contain our Amazon affiliate link, just bear in mind that you can use Jetblue for 3x instead.

Hat tip to Dansdeals

93 Responses to Amazon: Get $25 off $50 by Using 1 Membership Rewards Point [Targeted Offer] – Works If Used Before

  1. VK says:

    It’s working for me; though I am yet to hit “Place your order”, it seems to allow me to use my frozen Platinum MR points. Any DP on this?

    • Jimbo says:

      Same here. Get it while you can. I used 1 MR point.

    • Cake says:

      If your Frozen AMEX won’t release the points. I’ve been through this the last time and the order will get placed but amazon won’t attempt to get the points from Amex until later and you’ll get a payment issue email

  2. Mark O says:

    Worked on my wife’s account. Used the portal for you guys…thanks for the help. It worked on her account even with my credit card so I don’t think matters as long as the Amazon account is targeted

  3. Jim says:

    Worked for me and I’ve done one of these before (but with a different MR card)

  4. P says:

    Doesn’t work for me even with an account that’s never been liked to a MR card. Grrr, haven’t had any luck with any of these Amazon promos and my last one was in late 2015.

  5. ncsam says:

    Worked for me with the same MR card I’ve used before.

  6. Raymes says:

    I have 3 linked Amex cards to my Amazon account with Pay With Points available as an option. I was only able to use the offer on one of my Amex cards – the other two will say “Promotion cannot be applied to your order” when trying to use them for checkout. Either only one of my Amex cards was targeted, or it’s one per Amazon account and not one per card as it says in the terms. Likely it was only one of my Amex cards targeted for the offer.

  7. Catapult says:

    Super! Bought some restaurant gift cards

  8. Sathesh says:

    It worked for me and I got last years deal as well

  9. Marcus says:

    Was able to use and used an MR shop with points offer in the past (over 1 yr ago)

  10. nonimmigranth1b says:

    bought Netflix $50 gift card for $25. another three months of Netflix free.
    Thanks doc

  11. XH says:

    I did everything I think I needed to do, and when I tried to apply the promo code, it says it can’t be used for my purchase. Does it mean I’m not targeted? (Is there a way to find out if I’m targeted?)

  12. Ramon says:

    Awesome!! It worked for me (done this before). Even combined with Amazon move promo. $100 SW GC for $65 🙂

  13. Nick says:

    You are able to get $25 off $50 and spend 0 MR points, but DON’T DO IT.

    1. Apply $0.01 rewards (1 MR)
    2. Enter promo code
    3. Update MR amount to 0 ($0.00)

    The discount will still be reflected in the order summary, but you will be charged the full amount (happened to me).

    • VK says:

      I just did what you have written. I am not charged “yet”. When did the full charge happen to you?

      • Nick says:

        I used my Amazon balance to pay for a Netflix eGift card. It happened instantly after submitting my order. $50 was deducted from my balance and the discount does not show on the invoice.

        I suggest checking your invoice.

        After placing another order but using 1 MR, it worked (still using Amazon balance).

        • VK says:

          I just checked the invoice.
          $50 Netflix GC- $25 Amex Promo- $25 Audible Promo = $0 Total.

          I think it might not have allowed the MR points because my account is frozen.

  14. R says:

    works with same card again

  15. jcb says:

    Worked for me, bought an email Airbnb giftcard. It says “Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.” so shouldn’t we be able to use it on multiple Amex cards that generate MR? Haven’t been able to a second time, maybe I have to wait 24 hours since MR points are pooled?

    • Chuck says:

      Yeah, sounds like each card will work, but I doubt it will. More likely, it’ll only work if you have two MR cards set up with separate MR accounts (e.g. husband and wife who share an Amazon account).

  16. Adrienne says:

    0 for 3; didn’t work for me so I guess I’m not targeted. Bummer!

  17. Chris says:

    I got in on this offer in 2016 so was not surprised when I got the “can’t apply this code” error when trying here. I know from past experience (two separate times) that even when there are codes still available, sometimes you have to play around with the items you buy and which Amex MR-linked card you use.

  18. tony says:

    used it last year but still working for me now 🙂

  19. Dan says:

    Worked for me with the same card i used last year. Thanks!

  20. Dan says:

    got this on both accounts! Sweet!

  21. Jimbo says:

    Worked for me. Excellent. Used 1 MR point.

  22. JP says:

    These have never worked for me. Tried many amex accounts. 🙁

  23. Frank says:

    Worked for me and I used the equivalent promotion in October too.

  24. Irshad says:

    How do I choose to pay with MR POINTS? I Added stuff to my cart in amazon and chose an amex card as method of payment. How do I choose points? I don’t see such an option in amazon checkout page. Somebody pls advise.
    And when I click the direct link to offer I go to amazon page which has terms and conditions but nothing else. Is it how its supposed to be?

    • Shea Travels says:

      Go to your Amazon account page and look for “Shop with Points”. Sounds like you just need to enroll your card.

  25. June says:

    It worked bought something along with a chipotle giftcard

  26. Shea Travels says:

    No love for me on three separate cards. “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase” is all I see.

  27. Austin Auclair says:

    I have the delta amex would that work with this?

  28. NinjaX says:

    ARGH! wish the error code was more specific. i cant tell what is messing it up. i also get “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase”.

    in case anyone is in similar situation:

    1) Most of my AMEX have been used for this before, but still looks like u can do it.
    2) I still have promo credit all over from many other past deals and i dont think its allowed to stack even if you deselect it. you have to use it all before you get more promo credit. i think. have no clue.
    3) i cant tell if i am targeted or not due to the above. if not targeted then nothing matters.

  29. Yang says:

    I tried my everyday card, but the points option is not showing up? Any ideas?

  30. Laura says:

    No go for me. Got the offer last year.

  31. Eli says:

    Didn’t work for me with AMEX Everyday and a $50 Safeway e-gift

  32. RF says:

    I used this on my my and my wifes account, so thanks.

    We both also have authorized user cards for each other. We use that all the time to double up on the Amex offers. But the option to use membership rewards on amazon doesn’t seem to work for authorized user cards. Is anyone aware of a workaround to get that working?

  33. Matt P says:

    Used it the other day. Got a couple restaurant gift cards.

  34. Edward Xi says:

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

  35. AS says:

    Worked for me – wouldn’t allow it on an amazon e-giftcard, but a physical starbucks card worked fine.

  36. dizzy says:

    Yay, used in the last promo and it worked again, 1MR point. I bought a uber GC.

  37. Gwen says:

    Worked for me! I had a bunch of stuff in my amazon cart I was going to buy anyway so this was perfect timing. I accidentally used 10 MR points – instead of 1 oh well.

  38. Peter says:

    Seems like everything I need is sold by a non-amazon seller.

  39. Jon says:

    Worked for me on my AMEX EveryDay card but did not work on my AMEX Platinum.

  40. Jon says:

    Data point: Just got off of live chat with an Amazon rep who said that they have been having issues with the promo codes working:

    “Joan: I checked on this and we have been having issue with customer redeeming the code. You can go ahead and place the order and I will send over for you to be refunded. ”

    I placed the order for a $50 Southwest gift card and provided her with the order number and she said I should see a refund to my AMEX Platinum within 3-5 days.

  41. Darv says:

    I got Amazon customer service on chat and told them I was having trouble getting the promotion to work. They asked me to place the order and if it didn’t work, would refund $25. It didn’t work, and they are going to issue the refund. You might try that if the code doesn’t work for you. I tried using my Amex Plat linked with points.

    • Matt says:

      What chat department did you contact, and how were you able to get them to do that for you? When I tried chatting, they were very unhelpful.

      • Darv says:

        I did whatever I could to get a chat window going…it is quirky to do that without specifying about an order or whatnot. I don’t remember what department. I clicked on the contact us button/link, went from there.

        They ended up giving me a refund on the wrong order, one I placed a month of so ago. Oh well, still $25.

        Thanks DoC for making me aware of this offer!

  42. kerry says:

    Worked for me too. Thanks DOC!

  43. Eric says:

    I tried the chat method as well, and got a very competent rep. He confirmed that my order was eligible but then checked the terms of the offer and asked if I had received an invitation email. When I said I had heard about the offer from a friend, he told me I should expect an email from Amex, and that once I had that email I could try again (at that point you could at least upload a screenshot of the email if the code wasn’t working).

    The rep said that the offer would go out to all Amex MR cardholders, but I’m not convinced he could know that; it’s likely he just wanted me to feel like I could expect the offer in the future so that I would leave happy.

  44. farsighted99 says:

    Okay, it didn’t work on my account (which I use most of the time). However, worked fine on my son’s account. Even when I used my amex card that had MRs. Go figure.

  45. Reuben says:

    Didn’t work for me with AMEX Everyday and a $50 Whole foods card

  46. Chelle says:

    did not work for me

  47. farsighted99 says:

    I think I may have figured out how to get this credit. There is more detail on Dan’s Deals… go to the comment from Anonymous on March 2, at 5:29 pm where that poster got an email from Amazon.

    For me, it was making surety item I was buying was “sold and shipped” by Amazon. I was trying to buy something from another company; didn’t work.

    We used Panera, Darden and Dominos plastic gift cards for our family’s 3 accounts and got $25 off them all.

    Thanks Amazon.

    No Amazon GC’s, only third-party ones sold from Amazon. (If the GC you want to buy says sold from ACI Gift Cards, that will work, since it’s owned by Amazon).

  48. Akshay says:

    Worked for me. I used it last year as well

  49. Chris says:

    Probably worked ONLY with the Plat, NOT with the BRG.
    More interesting, the $25 discount was applied at chekout, just 14 points (like $ 2 cents) – BUT IT makes the default payment that same Amex Card… HOPEFULLY with money and not Points, as I’d be pissed if they went through $64 worth of points at that terrible ratio:

    DP: My Order Confirmation Email Shows: Total Before Tax: $59.00
    Estimated Tax: $4.72 Reward Points: -$0.10 Order Total: $63.62

    The VIEW ORDER Details on Amazon shows:
    Grand Total: $90.72 tax $6.72 – Product was $84 Orig… Nervous.

  50. M. Smith says:

    I had to chat to get the deal as well. Agent was excellent and took $25 off my order no hassle.

  51. Cytraveler says:

    I got the same thing about the offer cannot be applied to your order. I had over $50 of stuff sold and shipped by Amazon, so I got on chat. They said that it wouldn’t work if I had used MR in the previous 4 months. I did this deal Jan. 7, so I’ll try again mid-May and see if it works then.

  52. Pavel says:

    Datapoint: i wasn’t targeted and when first connected my Amex card and tried to use the code it didn’t work. A day later, it did work like a charm using the card I connected the day before.

    • Nikolai says:

      Same here. Linked my card two days ago and got the error message, even several hours later. Today it worked!

  53. R says:

    no go this time

  54. User says:

    Same here, worked before, not this time.

  55. Chuck says:

    Guys, we noted at the top of the post that this deal will not work again if you’ve used it already in 2017.

    • Durga says:

      Hi Chuck,

      this offer didn’t worked for me. I did found new one for prime members Amazon primenow promo for Amex users.

      I have ordered $20 worth of items for free with $5 tip.

      AMEX20: $20 offer for first time Primenow order with Amex card.

      • Durga says:

        Hi Chuck,

        I think link provided is my order tracking link, can you please delete it.

        once after login into Amazon account try this link

        here is promo details.

        AMEX20 Terms & Conditions
        To redeem:
        1. This is a limited time offer. The promotion will end at the earlier of 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time, April 17, 2018, or the time at which 250,000 customers have redeemed the offer. The promotion code will expire concurrently. Amazon reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time. 2. Offer applies to first-time Prime Now customer orders where an American Express Card is used for the purchase and the promotion code is entered at checkout. 3. Your order must either (1) be at least $20 or (2) meet the minimum order amount in your delivery area, whichever is greater. Taxes, tips, and delivery fees do not apply when determining minimum order amount. 4. The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $20. 5. Offer does not apply to digital content, alcohol, Gift Cards or to orders placed through voice shopping using Alexa, or any Amazon mobile application other than Prime Now. 6. Offer available to Amazon Prime Members and only applies to products purchased through Prime Now that are sold and shipped by the Amazon store. Products sold by third party sellers that are available on Prime Now do not qualify for this promotion. Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address. 7. Delivery fees and taxes may apply to discounted and free promotional items. 8. Offer limited to one per customer, account, and eligible American Express Card. 9. Offer available only to new Amazon Prime Now customers who have an account which has been active for 30 days or longer and who are Card Members or authorized users of an American Express Card which is eligible for Membership Rewards points and was issued in the United States. 10. Offer may not be combined with other offers. 11. Offer is available by invitation only, is non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash, and may not be resold. 12. Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all items in your original order purchased using the promotion code. If any of the items in your original order are subsequently returned, your refund will equal the original price of the product, less the proportional amount of the discount. The total discount on the unreturned amount of your original order will then be less than $20. 13. If any of the products related to your original order are returned, subject to Amazon’s refund policy, you will receive a refund of the card amount first, followed by Membership Rewards points. 14. If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

  56. David says:

    Worked for me on a couple restaurant gc’s 10 seconds after adding my new platinum. Thanks doc!

  57. Frito Pendejo says:

    It didn’t work for me. I tried support chat and they said they’d look into it and get back me in 24hrs. I’ll try again tomorrow

  58. captainsave says:

    Wasnt targeted but got chat rep to manually take off $25

  59. F798 says:

    This deal has been there since January, I think

  60. Couldn’t get the code to work for me….and I haven’t used the offer yet this year. I did however do chat and the offshore agent credited me $25…..but the real beauty was I used whatever credit card…didn’t have to be an AMEX MR card.

  61. P says:

    Didn’t work for 2 amex cards I had on file, but if you request help from chat support they’ll help you have it applied manually if your items are eligible!

  62. MIKE says:

    Worked for me on my PRG AMEX Thanks DOC

  63. cindy says:

    I called and after a few minutes, she didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the code to work and gave me a refund on my card before I even completed the order. YAY!

  64. Jody says:

    Trying to use just one membership rewards point, it told me my purchase was ineligible for the coupon code. I changed number of points to ten (same purchase), then tried applying code again and it worked! I was then able to change number of points back to 1 point and complete transaction.

  65. DH7 says:

    I was targeted and got a little not above my card choice about it, came here to get advice on what cards to buy (went for staples for a 85% resale). Unfortunately it only worked on one of the linked MR cards (I only have one account), as other DPs suggested.

  66. Tavosa says:

    Added card last night, kept giving me error to use points… tried now (24 hours later) and it works! Thanks you all!


    PRG, opened since 10/2016.

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