Posted by William Charles on December 7, 2018
Airline Rewards

Published on December 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Airlines Adds Two Partner Airlines To Online Award Booking (Cape Air and S7 Airlines)

American Airlines has expanded their online award searching and booking. You can now book the following airlines online:

  • Cape Air
  • S7 Airlines

Earlier this year they added Sri Lankan, Qatar, Air Tahiti Nui. Even earlier in the year they added Cathay, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, LATAM & Qatar before that was removed.

Hat tip to TPG

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Stoked to be able to essentially get a free cape air flight now. Saves me from having to rent a car!

Where is Cape Air saving you a rental car, out of curiosity?


St. Louis area

Awesome, finally! DOC twice earlier this year I reported in your comments. I had observed S7 being added for 2-3 days and then taken off. Glad it is permanent now.

For those of us who live on ACK or the Cape, this is HUGE. Fares are often north of $375 for ACK-BOS r/t. 25-minute-in-the-air flight.
Darn, just checked AA site and Cape Air flights aren’t system wide – just STL, TBN, IRK, MVA, OWB.

I did had the same let down. I was really hoping for flights to New England, particularly Rockland.

Thanks DOC for putting them in the headline- any other site would make you click on their story to find out…looking at you, Points Guy.

Cape Air is a great addition, as I fly them occasionally to visit a somewhat remote area where there’s only one commercial airport within 100 miles, and theirs are the only flights in or out.

You Dartmouth folks rejoicing I bet

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