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Bev (@guest_1692523)
September 13, 2023 10:56

Update: The bonus offer is now $250 (not $300, even in Incognito) after you spend $3,000 within six months. The first annual fee is still waived.

I thought about doing this and then downgrading the card to the Blue Cash Everyday card, but the terms state that they might take away the statement credit if you do that (I pasted that paragraph below).

Wouldn’t you be better off going for the Blue Cash Everyday card? No $95 annual fee and a $200 bonus after you spend $2,000 in six months.

“If we in our sole discretion determine that you have engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with this offer in any way or that you intend to do so (for example, if you applied for one or more cards to obtain an offer(s) that we did not intend for you; if you cancel or downgrade your account within 12 months after acquiring it; or if you cancel or return purchases you made to meet the Threshold Amount), we may not credit, we may freeze, or we may take away statement credit from your account. “

mangorunner (@guest_1695786)
September 16, 2023 22:21

“Wouldn’t you be better off going for the Blue Cash Everyday card?”

That’s what I would do, Bev.

Brian R
Brian R (@guest_1576406)
March 13, 2023 20:27

Does Amex let you retroactively downgrade the card after 12 months to avoid the $95 fee like Chase?

Miro R
Miro R (@guest_1570409)
March 6, 2023 21:50

I’ve never had the Blue Cash Preferred but I do have an active Blue Cash card. I have never done an upgrade bonus/downgrade. Tried applying and received:

“you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer, intro APRs, and intro plan fees.”

I thought you could receive the SUB for both versions of the card?

Mikey (@guest_1568888)
March 4, 2023 13:44

I’ve upgraded twice in the past and then downgraded back to the regular card after a full year. No hassles. The timing is good now for those pursuing the BCP because there will be no “competition” with the 6% back on groceries from CHASE FREEDOM or DISCOVER when that 5% bonus category ends 3/31.

Matisyahu (@guest_1569240)
March 5, 2023 08:39

Citi Custom Cash, as long as you’re OK with $500/month budget.

Andrew (@guest_1568885)
March 4, 2023 13:42

Can you get this card if you have the Morgan Stanley version? Does anyone know?

chris b
chris b (@guest_1568965)
March 4, 2023 16:19

They’re separate products, you’re GTG to apply and get a SUB for this card. IME.

Alex S
Alex S (@guest_1568840)
March 4, 2023 11:57

Already have BCE. Link comes up as $75 after $1000 for upgrade. Just tried incognito multiple times: $250 after $3000 🙁

Amexfan (@guest_1568912)
March 4, 2023 14:33

I have a link with $300 offer, but sharing is not allowed here.

Panos (@guest_1568806)
March 4, 2023 10:49

Can someone help me understand the language? For the 6% supermarket cashback, it says “Up to $6,000 per year in purchases at U.S. supermarkets.” So is it up to $6,000 maximum cashback for the supermarket category, or for $6000 in supermarket spending = $6000 x 0.06 = $360 maximum cashback?

Joe Bleaux
Joe Bleaux (@guest_1568829)
March 4, 2023 11:33

The latter.

James (@guest_1568374)
March 3, 2023 16:39

Anybody have any success with retention offers on this card recently? I’ve had it about 6 years now, and am 0 for forever.

Another Jeff
Another Jeff (@guest_1568583)
March 3, 2023 22:14

Max 6% then downgrade to no AF. Sock drawer until the next calendar year when there is still enough time within that year for you to max the 6%, then upgrade and max 6%. Max the 6% at the beginning of the 3rd year, then downgrade again.

They often have upgrade offers for the no AF version. At worst you should be paying 1xAF/2yrs.

M (@guest_1568625)
March 3, 2023 23:41

yes, i got a target email for spend $1000 get $75

Raymond (@guest_1568342)
March 3, 2023 15:53

I still don’t understand the value proposition this card has after Citi custom cash. You can hold and churn multiple CC and it’s like 5% versus 6% here. So 1% difference and there is atleast one out of four quarters somebody covers grocery.

James (@guest_1568373)
March 3, 2023 16:37

Actually, it’s more like 5% vs 4.4% once you factor in the annual fee…if you max out the $6000. Still, Amex has a lot of additional value that make the BCP worth it, imo.

Matisyahu (@guest_1568404)
March 3, 2023 17:07

Such as?

James (@guest_1568414)
March 3, 2023 17:16

Amex offers are the most obvious value added. In just my normal spend, I usually don’t have a problem overcoming the AF with just that. The Disney+ credit is another nice feature (at least while I have kids in the house). Though when the BCE was updated I’ve definitely considered downgrading and switching my grocery spend to a card like the Custom Cash. Just saying that value propositions with Amex is never just a simple as comparing straight cashback.

David (@guest_1568501)
March 3, 2023 19:39

I imagine most readers have at least 1 other amex card, so amex offers are not a consideration for keeping the card. You only have 1 amex offers per person and they’re *usually* available on other cards.

Joe Bleaux
Joe Bleaux (@guest_1568833)
March 4, 2023 11:38

I have six AMEX cards, with anywhere from 30 to 160 offers attached to each card. Very few of those offers are duplicated on two or more cards. I would guess no more than a dozen or so.

Amex (@guest_1568494)
March 3, 2023 19:20

BCP has the extra earning categories (gas/transport, streaming) and a few credits, return protection, purchase protection.

Anon (@guest_1568549)
March 3, 2023 20:57

Return protection, purchase protection AND extended warranty. I use BCP for all tech stuff.

Sheriff (@guest_1568317)
March 3, 2023 15:22

Is there a way to know if I’ve ever opened a blue cash preferred cc? I’ve done upgrades from my everyday but unsure if I ever opened the preferred, not sure if I’m already disqualified for a sign up on it due to upgrading.

Johnny (@guest_1568322)
March 3, 2023 15:30

If you google amex application status, you should be able to find a link that will have all of your previous applications.

Sheriff (@guest_1568326)
March 3, 2023 15:33

Wow that’s pretty cool, never applied based on that data, are you aware if I’m elegible to get the bonus if I previously upgraded from my everyday ? Or does that disqualify me,